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Life as a JubJub - Health

by loba_negra


Hey there! Daphli here again. I hope you've been enjoying my series, Life as a JubJub! I've already covered locomotion and hygiene; today I'm going to cover another important aspect of life: health. Generally, JubJubs are a pretty healthy species. Our fuzzy bodies conceal a strong immune system. But, in order to remain healthy, here are some tips!

The first part of health is a healthy diet. Every Neopet needs to eat, and every species has different nutritional needs. JubJubs have pretty basic dietary needs. We're naturally vegetarians (did anyone really think we hunted?) and should try to keep our meat intake down. Not that a treat every now and then can't hurt! Personally, I LOVE hot dogs. Hehe... my doctor says I need to be careful with them, but they're so yummy! Especially with chili and nacho cheese and...

Whoops! Sorry. I guess I got off track. Anyway, back to diet. We should eat lots of vegetables and fruit. Bananas are especially good because they have Vitamin B. Vitamin B is very important for keeping our hair healthy. Given how much of our body consists of it, it's really important to keep it healthy. You can also find Vitamin B in grains and potatoes; even chili peppers have Vitamin B. If none of those appeal to you, you can purchase Vitamin B Tablets. They're orange flavored, and actually taste pretty good. I start every day by taking one with breakfast and washing it down with some orange juice.

While we're on the subject of diet, it's important to make brief mention of hygiene. Make sure to wash your feet before every meal! After all, we don't have hands to hold our food. We use our feet. They get decidedly more dirty than hands, so don't skimp on washing them. For more information on hygiene, check my article Life as a JubJub-Hygiene!

Exercise is also important. You need to keep in shape to stay healthy. Swimming or jogging are the easiest ways for JubJubs to exercise. Personally, I prefer swimming. It's much more relaxing and it's less likely you'll get overheated. Swimming is especially good if you're feeling sore. Unfortunately, it's not always possible or practical to swim. If you don't live near water, you'll have to invest in a pool for your Neohome. The expense, however, is definitely a drawback. Also, fire and magma JubJubs should really avoid water. For them, and for the financially strapped, jogging is easiest. Just make sure to stay properly hydrated and don't let yourself overheat. We tend to get hot faster than other species because of our thick fur.

While we're generally healthy, we are prone to foot problems. Mostly stubbed toes and blisters. Stubbed toes aren't very serious, but they can hurt a lot. If you're not paying attention you can accidentally bash your toe against things, thus stubbing it. There isn't a whole lot you can do to make it feel better. The pain will go away eventually. But, if it doesn't go away for awhile, it could be broken. Make sure to visit the hospital if that's the case. As for blisters, they happen when parts of your feet (well, any part of your body, but they're most common on feet) rub against something enough. They can hurt a lot and sometimes they pop and... well, it's gross. Just trust me on that. If you do get one, cover it with a bandage or something to keep it protected. It will eventually heal itself.

Along the lines of foot diseases, we have Bloaty Feet. Like its name suggests, your feet will get really big. More than just normal JubJub big. The most reliable cure is Magic Smelly Socks. But be careful when trying to purchase them! Some unscrupulous Neopians will try to trick you by selling you their non-magic smelly socks. It can be hard to tell the difference. Just remember, magic smelly socks come in mismatched pairs. One is ALWAYS green and blue, the other is ALWAYS pink and orange. If the socks are any other color, don't even consider buying them. They're fake. Also, Magical Smelly Socks have a very distinct odor. A mix of garlic and asparagus. Now, I've heard rumors that the Brilliant Draik Flower can help cure Bloaty Feet. I'm not sure if this is true. Even if it is, I doubt it will work consistently. Otherwise it would be more well known. While afflicted with a case of Bloaty Feet, you can go about your normal activities until your feet get REALLY big. At that point you should stay in bed until someone gets you a cure.

Another bad disease is the Shock-A-Lots. It makes any Neopets fur very static and will shock those who try and touch them. Since we have so much fur, this is really bad. The best known cure is to wear a pair of Ultra Rubber Gloves until they go away. If you can't afford or find any, just make sure to wear some sort of rubber clothing. It can help keep the static down, but only Ultra Rubber Gloves can cure it. Your family may want to wear rubber, too, in case your case is severe.

And now... the most dreaded disease for JubJubs. Worse than Neomonia and Ugga-Ugga, it's... Fuzzitus. A terrible allergy to fluff. You can clearly see how this could be bad for JubJubs. If around fuzz (not really an "if" for JubJubs) Neopets will get a sore throat, runny nose and eyes, terrible cough, and nearly constant sneezing. It can drain all your energy and make it so you can't even get out of bed! It's HORRID. I had it once when I was little. Fortunately, my mom got a hold of the cure pretty quick. In order to cure it you'll need some Fluff Be Gone. A word of warning: you WILL lose some fur. It's a side effect of the medicine. But, trust me, it'll grow back. Usually pretty quick. And it's totally worth it to cure such a miserable disease. If you REALLY want to keep your fur, you can try the Weak Fuzzitus Cream. It IS NOT guaranteed to work, however. But if you don't want your 'do disturbed, it's worth a shot.

Well, I think that about wraps up this article. Mostly because I can't think of anything else to add... But I think I covered plenty. As always, if you have any questions or comments, be sure to Neomail my owner! She'll make sure all the letters get to me!

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