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Birthday Celebrations!

by pink_rabbit123


So if it is your birthday and you go online on Neopets, you will feel a sensation of delight when the site has a bright quirky background as it celebrates your birthday. What about your neopets? They have birthdays too and it is important to treat them.

Maybe your neopet is 100 days old. Maybe it is 1000. Maybe it is 4000. However many days old your neopet is, maybe it is a number that you should celebrate.

As I was checking my neopet's mood, health and intelligence, I suddenly laid eyes on her age. She was 999 days old. Wow. It seems two minutes ago since my little Usul was created. Time flies when you're having fun playing games, trading and using the Neopets Site. I wanted to do something for her.

As she was 999 days old, that meant I had one day to plan something. To be honest, I had no idea what I was going to do. I could buy a toy and give it to her. I could read her a book. But I wanted to do something more. I decided the best thing would be to ask other fellow Neopians for advice. I viewed the Neoboards and scanned the neoboard index. I couldn't see anything on birthdays. Eventually I decided to click on 'Help.' That is what I needed after all.

I created a topic telling people my neopet was about to be 1000 days old. In an extremely short amount of time, people had already replied. About four posts said, 'Paint her!'

Of course, why didn't I think of that? A helpful Neopian sent me to the Rainbow Pool and I tried out my neopet in different styles. She looked adorable as a baby Usul, but she was 1000 days old. She wasn't a baby anymore. An electric Usul looked powerful and bright, a magma Usul looked eccentric and dangerous, a skunk Usul looked like... a Skunk. But I suddenly realised that I wouldn't be able to afford all these, as much as I wanted to.

I did some research on the Shop Wizard and the Trading Post, and was so happy when I realised my choice was broader than what I first thought. I eventually realised that a Cloud Usul was a gorgeous lilac colour and suited my neopet's personality of soft and sweet, and it suited her. She looked happy.

As I viewed the other posts on the Neoboard, someone else had an excellent idea of sending her to a Neolodge. That is a relaxing way to celebrate a Neopet's birthday. I decided that I would check her in immediately so she was in there in time for her birthday. After all, when your neopet is on holiday, you can still play with them yourself.

I viewed the different options and decided that my neopet deserved to stay in an excellent quality hotel and ended up giving her all the extras as well as an ostentatious five star hotel.

I also bought the cloud paint brush after taking out most of the neopoints in my bank account. But I didn't mind. She was 1000 days old and I wanted to treat her!

As I stared at my neopoints, I realised I'd spent a lot. But I didn't mind. My neopet's mood was delighted, she was bloated after being fed well in the Neolodge and she looked beautiful in her new cloud look.

But you don't have to go to such extremes to celebrate your neopet's birthday. After all, not all users can afford to paint their neopet or send them to a Neolodge. Others can afford to do these things three times over. But all users are different. And neopoints aren't everything. Just because some users are richer than others doesn't mean their neopet will have a better birthday.

You can do other cheap cheerful things. Perhaps buy your neopet a toy and play with them. Maybe you could buy them some new clothes. Or even read them a book. Another idea is that if you don't want to spend neopoints, then earn them! Play your neopet's favourite games! This is a free way to have fun. You could even ask your neofriends to send you a present!

Some petpets aren't too expensive and your neopet can talk to them. I'm sure they'd be delighted to get a new petpet for their birthday!

When it's your birthday, you sometimes want to do something new and exciting.. And it doesn't have to be just your neopet's birthday. It could be your birthday or another special occasion. Maybe your neopet won a battle or an award and you want to treat them. If you want your neopet to do something memorable, then you could explore with them. It is most likely that they have not been to all the places on the Neopian Map, so take them somewhere new! Treat them to a souvenir, even!

These are free ways to celebrate. But remember, don't be afraid to spend your neopoints every once in a while. I always think that it is good to save. But why do I save if I'm not going to use them? I might as well have 0 neopoints if I'm not spending them. Therefore think about whether it is a good idea to empty some of your bank account savings! You can always save up again for your next neopet's birthday!

Not everyone celebrates their neopet's birthday. But doesn't your neopet deserve it? You might as well, as the thought of making your neopet happy surely makes you happy. There are so many things to do in the Neopian world and it is an excellent opportunity to try them! I have learnt from my experience that Neopians are always there to help if you are stuck for ideas and that my neopet is in such a happy mood after celebrating. I also felt a sense of pride as I checked her into the Neolodge and painted her for the first time. It is a great way to feel happy, and I think everyone should celebrate a neopet's birthday! Besides it's only once in a while so why not take time off from doing jobs, quests, and running your shop, and spend your neopoints, play games and chat to your neofriends and petpets instead! After all, it's not every day your neopet is 1000 days old. It's only one day.

Thanks to neopiangenius1, jinglekikizsazsa, and lovevariouscruelties for being excellent neofriends and helping me. :)

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