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Elegant Elephante Wearables for Elephante Day!

by sychologist


Elephante Day is once again upon us, Neopia! I'm sure those of you with Elephantes appreciate them year round, but what better way to celebrate your Elephant on their special day other than buying them a new outfit? Everyone loves a new outfit in their wardrobe, and our beloved Elephantes are no exception. So on this day of celebration, go out with your Elephante and enjoy your free training at Cap'n Threelegs Training Academy, treat them to a nice meal (preferably consisting of peanuts and a LOT of them), and last but not least treat them to a new outfit! In this article, I have provided a number of wonderful Elephante outfits that you can spoil your Elephante with this coming holiday. Of course, these outfits are fabulous all year round Elephante Day or not, so you can treat your Elephantes to one of these outfits on any day of the week. Your Elephante will appreciate it, and you'll be able to take dozens of pictures of them in their new outfit(s)!

(Please note that all of these outfits are priced as of the day I'm writing this article.)

1. Elephante Flapper Outfit

Just as the description states, shake and shimmer all night in this fun dress! That's just what this outfit is, fun, flashy, and cute. This complete and beautiful get-up consists of the Elephante Flapper Dress (40,000 NP), Gloves (5,000 NP), Headband (7,000 NP), Necklace (30,000 NP), and last but not least the Shoes (9,000 NP). Your Elephante will steal the spotlight in this gorgeous flapper-inspired outfit. Feel free to treat them to a concert down at the concert hall in Tyrannia so that they can get their groove on and look fabulous while doing so! Your Elephante will have the spotlight on them while they're dressed in this outfit.

2. Elephante Fortune Teller Outfit

Does your Elephante enjoy telling their friends' and petpets fortunes? Do they love to put on their own magic shows for you? Then this ensemble is absolutely perfect. This complete outfit consists of the Elephante Fortune Teller Belt (5,000 NP), Elephante Fortune Teller Cards (4,000 NP), Elephante Fortune Teller Shirt (60,000 NP), Elephante Fortune Teller Skirt (14,000 NP), Elephante Fortune Teller Vest (49,000 NP), and of course the Elephante Fortune Teller Wig (5,000 NP). Now your Elephante can feel like the gypsy they enjoy pretending to be, and perhaps you can even take them through a stroll of the gypsy camp. You can also surprise them and complete the look by buying them a Crystal Ball Table (200 NP) to play with.

3. Elephante Sushi Chef Outfit

No aspiring young sushi chef can be complete without this outfit in their wardrobe! If your Elephante enjoys preparing and cooking sushi, then this might be a good idea because not only will they feel professional when they do cook, but they'll also look professional doing it. This complete outfit consists of the Elephante Sushi Chef Shirt (30,000 NP), Elephante Sushi Chef Sandals (none on shop wizard - price undetermined), Elephante Sushi Chef Knife (34,000 NP), and the Elephante Sushi Chef Headband (27,000 NP). Now your Elephante can cook for themselves and their petpet in style! You can even bring your Elephante down to the kitchen on Mystery Island afterwards, as I'm sure the head chef would appreciate the help!

4. Dare Devil Elephante Outfit

Is your Elephante adventurous? Do they enjoy exploring all of the mystery worlds that Neopia has to offer? Do they enjoy participating in fights in the Battledome? Then this outfit is absolutely perfect for your young aspiring dare devil! The full costume consists of the Dare Devil Elephante Jacket (7,000 NP), Dare Devil Elephante Shoes (3,000 NP), Dare Devil Elephante Trousers (8,000 NP), Dare Devil Elephante Cape (4,000 NP), and of course the Dare Devil Elephante Helmet (3,500 NP). Now your Elephante can be prepared and go into battle looking just as confident and adventurous as they feel!

5. Elephante Peanut Outfit

Last but not least, we have the peanut ensemble! If you're worried about gathering too many pieces for the other outfits or your Elephante has a tendency to not like looking too flashy, this costume is a wonderful alternative. All Elephantes love peanuts, no doubt about that, and a costume might just be the thing your young Elephante would love on their special day. This costume consists solely of the Elephante Peanut Suit (10,000 NP) and the Elephante Peanut Umbrella (2,000 NP). This is a cute and fun costume for any peanut loving Elephante.. just make sure to provide them with a bag of peanuts so they don't eat their costume or umbrella by accident!

6. Dark Hooded Elephante Outfit

If you don't have a small budget, this is another stellar outfit. This is perfect for your Shadow Elephante, or really, any Elephante of yours that likes a mystery. This outfit screams "mysterious" to anyone that sees your Elephante in it and for good reason. It is top fashion and made of high quality fabrics and you can buy this whole outfit in several parts, consisting of the Dark Hooded Elephante Tunic (89,000 NP), Dark Hooded Elephante Gloves (unpriced unfortunately), Dark Hooded Elephante Cloak (99,999 NP), and the Dark Hooded Elephante Boots (also unpriced according to the shop wizard). Although this is definitely a pricier outfit, it serves to add an air of mystery and elegance to any Elephante going for that look. (Word has it that it also makes your Elephante look slimmer just as wearing black does.)

And there you have it, Neopia. Six of the best and most fun Elephante outfits for Elephante Day. While you give your Elephante their new outfit, you can also celebrate Elephante Day with them by reading them books about their species! Some of the Elephante "top sellers" to consider are The Littlest Elephante (1,000 NP), Elephante and the Peanut (12,000 NP), and for our youngest readers the Squeaky Elephante Book (800 NP).

Have a happy Elephante Day, Neopia!

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