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Create a Brynn, Xandra, or Hanso-Like Neopet

by pikapika19


Most of you probably know Brynn, Hanso, and Xandra from the Faeries' Ruin plot, but have you ever wished Brynn, Hanso, or Xandra could be your neopet? Well, then you've found the right article.

I am going to tell how to make Brynn, Hanso, or Xandra. Your neopet that you're making will NOT be THE same exact one, but you could make it seem that way. So that is why I have written this article to help you create a Brynn, Xandra, and/or Hanso Neopet. I am going to start off by telling you how to make Brynn (the Orange Kougra).

How to Create Brynn:

Step one: Create any color Kougra with Brynn (or Brynneth) in their name and make it a female. (Girl) (Example Name: Brynn_Brightvale or Brynn_of_Brightvale)

Step two: Buy an Orange Kougra Morphing Potion. You could just go out and buy an expensive orange paint brush for around one million neopoints, but wouldn't you rather spend fewer neopoints? You can easily find an orange Kougra morphing potion on the sw (Shop Wizard) or the ssw (Super Shop Wizard). Alas, the Super Shop Wizard is sadly only for premium members. You can find an orange Kougra morphing potion for around 15k (fifteen thousand neopoints), a respectable sum of neopoints, but it's the cheaper alternative of buying an orange paint brush, is it not?

Step three (optional): Buy Brynns Legendary Sword of Wraith Smiting. It's an expensive battledome item, but ONLY get it IF your Brynn is going to be your BD (battledome) pet.

Step four: Customise your Brynn to look like the real Brynn.

The items you need to get to make your orange Kougra to look like Brynn are: Brynns Brightvale Tunic, Side Ponytail Orange Wig* (or if you're running low on neocash, do not have any neocash, or just do not want to purchase any neocash, you can use a sassy fire faerie wig because they both resemble Brynn's orange hair), Kougra Adventurer Boots (these were the only boots that looked like the pair Brynn wears), Brightvale Prison Cell Background (your Brynn can pretend that she locked Hanso up!), Winter Ranger Kougra Sword (yes, this is a wearable item), and Winter Ranger Kougra Trousers. And TA-DA! You have a Kougra you can now pretend is Brynn (or role play as Brynn).

Now on to Hanso. Hanso's one of the LEAST expensive characters to create.

How to Create Hanso:

Step 1: Create a male (boy) BLUE Ixi with Hanso in the name. (Example Name: Hanso_The_Theif.) The personality for your Hanso should be: Likes Hunting for Treasure / When meeting others, run awaaay!

Step two: Buy Hansos Thief Jacket, Khaki Trousers with Cuffs, Hazel Contacts, Ixi Bandit Leather Pouch, and perhaps maybe a wig that looks similar to Hanso's blue hair.

TA-DA! And there you have him; your very own Hanso! Do not paint your Hanso or zap your Hanso. Only paint him if you need to paint him blue again. (You'll only need to repaint him blue if his color gets changed by a random event.)

And last but certainly not least is Xandra! (You do know who Xandra is, right?) She is my favorite character, so I put a lot of effort into this part of the article.

How to Create Xandra:

Step one: Create a female (girl) Xweetok of any color with Xandra in the name. (Do NOT make the name contain Alexandra, Alyxandra, or anything like that because Xandra's name is Xandra, NOT Alyxandra, Alexandra or anything like that.) Her personality should be: Likes reading and learning / When meeting others, she would stand their ground.

Step two: Paint the Xweetok speckled. TNT has stated clearly that Xandra is a speckled Xweetok, so buy yourself a speckled paint brush and paint that Xweetok you just made. A speckled paint brush should cost around 40k (forty thousand neopoints) or below if you're lucky.

Step three: Customise your speckled Xweetok to make her look similar to Xandra. Here are the items you will need when you are customizing your Xandra: Sea Foam Green Wig (this was a prize from JubJub Power Bounce and is currently retired; if you do not have one, go to the NC Mall board and see if someone will do a neocash trade with you so you can get it; it's also the closest thing you can get to Xandra's hair color), Xandras Cunning Disguise (completely optional because remember that Xandra's glasses flipped off her face during the plot and she was only using them as a "cunning" disguise), Gypsy Girl Skirt (it may not look like the EXACT thing, but at least it's the same color), Lavender Lace Jacket (it's the only thing I could find that looks like Xandra's top and can only be gotten from Wonderclaw Royal Machine), Rugged Work Boots or Quest For Knowledge Boots or Embers Boots, Xandras Library Background or Faerielands Destruction Background, and perhaps a sinking Faerieland trinket (or you can use the sinking clouds of Faerieland for a more realistic look).

I've also found the perfect petpet to go with your Xandra pet. If you want to give her a petpet, you should give her a captive shadow wraith.

Here's a book I highly recommend you read to your Xandra pet to make her more like Xandra: Read her the book Harmful Faerie Artifacts and a few other books such as: Evil Spells, Ancient Arcana, Simple Spells, Evil Plots for Beginners, Magic Spells, Playing With Fire, and any other books you'd like her to read. Also get your Xandra pet's intelligence to ultimate genius. (I think you need to have her read 58 or more books to achieve this.) Also, be sure to type on your Xandra pet's pet lookup or petpage that Xandra's name is pronounced ZANN-druh (or instead of saying it is pronounced ZANN-druh, you could say her name's pronounced Zandra).

I also highly recommend that you keep a close eye on your Xandra pet. If her hands start to grow green or if she somehow gets ahold of that dangerous artifact, go RUN to get the REAL Hanso and Brynn!

Well, I hope you found this article helpful because it took me quite a while to write.

Thanks for reading the article and have fun with your neopets! Also keep an eye out for any new articles I may have written.

*This item is gotten from Castle Nox Corridor of Chance which you can only gain access to if you have a Castle Nox Corridor of Chance Key 1-Pack, 10-Pack, or 20-Pack.

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