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How to Make Your Invisible Pet Visible

by qwerty863


One day, as I was innocently chatting on the Neoboards, terror struck my heart.
Something has happened!
Oh no! Where on earth is MayorMayson, you can't find him anywhere!!! Where on Neopia could he be?

Thinking it was simply some silly random event, I ignored it and continued on with my chatting. A few minutes later, I stopped. Why couldn't I see my beloved active pet? I realized the worst had happened; he had turned Invisible. Despite such a horrible thing happening to my once beautiful Purple Flotsam, I made the best of it. I continued to nurture and pamper my pet. Most everyone who passed by turned their nose at his invisibility. I was determined to turn MayorMasyon into an admirable Neopet. Now, as the proud owner of an Invisible Flotsam, I have found some ways to turn your pet into someone who will reap love and attention from all around!

Customizing Your Invisible Pet

Customization is a wonderful way to bring up pets' self-esteem. Not to mention that beautifully customized Neopets turn heads wherever they go! What? Invisible pets can't be beautifully customized? Well, I have news for you. They can! Invisible Kaus and Bruces can be customized normally. Other Invisible Neopets can wear backgrounds, foregrounds, and trinkets. This may not seem like much, but there are many, many snazzy combinations of those items. For example, MayorMayson, my Invisible Flotsam, is currently wearing Rainbow Field of Daisies Background with Magical Watering Can, both from the NC Mall. I am complimented often for his customization, and his background looks nice when I post with him as my active on the Neoboards!

One way to customize their invisible pets with a background that matches their avatar! If I wanted to match my Invisible pet with the Chomby-Colourful avatar, then I would use the Double Rainbow Background. If I wanted to match the Valentine Chia avatar, I would use Dreamy Pink Hearts Background. Fire Painted Background matches the Fire Blumaroo avatar.

Another option is to customize your pet with breath-taking scenery. Pretty Tropical Lagoon Background is a pleasant, summery background that will make one feel like going on vacation to Mystery Island. Rainbow Fountain Background is a very relaxing, tranquil scene that features exactly what it implies--a lovely rainbow fountain.

Would you rather not use NeoCash to customize your invisible pet? There are plenty of backgrounds, foregrounds, and trinkets that can be bought with Neopoints. Pink Polka Dotted Background, for instance, can be bought in shops for around 600 NP. Pair that with Single Grey Flower (Around 150 NP) and Flower Petal Foreground (Around 10,000 NP) and you have a pretty invisible pet to brag about!

Think about what sort of image you want your pet to show. A flower trinket will make a pet seem more delicate and soft, while a sword shows that they are mighty and heroic!

The Gift of Companionship

Every pet deserves a petpet! Perhaps you could paint your Invisible pet's petpet Invisible! Then they could play hide-and-seek! Giving your pet a nice petpet will make them feel loved, and they will enjoy having someone else who is Invisible to relate to and spend time with! Add a petpetpet to make your pet even happier!

Eternal Glory via Trophies

All across Neopia, those shiny trophies won in competitions are coveted. Just because your pet is Invisible doesn't mean he or she can't earn any trophies! Now, the Beauty Contest might be slightly hard to win, but there are still other contests in which you can enter your pet. The Customization Spotlight is a good way for your Invisible pet to earn a trophy. They can also enter the Pet Spotlight! The best way to win these contests with a Invisible pet is to get creative. Tell the tragic story of how your pet got to be Invisible for the Pet Spotlight, or come up with a fabulous design for the Customization Spotlight.

Training your Invisible Neopet

Any pet can be trained! Why are Invisible pets special? Unlike other pets, who can be marveled at simply by being a special color or species, Invisible pets must strive for attention. They must find other ways of making themselves valuable. Training is a way to stun others with your mad battle skills. In addition, your Invisible pet could have an advantage in the Battledome--your opponent will never see them coming!

Fine Dining

Another way to make your Invisible pet stand out is by joining the Gourmet Club! All you need to do is find foods with a rarity index of 90-100 and begin feasting! Fine dining can be costly, but it is definitely another great way to make Invisible pets happy and exquisite. They can earn a trophy from the Gourmet Club as well, and will be known for their fine taste in rare food.

Broadening Your Pet's Intellect

Reading to your pet will make him or her intelligent beyond compare. With so much knowledge, your Invisible pet will become witty and keen in making friends and impressing other Neopets, making it so they are no longer afraid of hearing your Neopet's voice come from seemingly nowhere. As long as the voice sounds intelligent, they are sure to not run in terror! In addition, reading enough books will earn your Neopet a shiny Book Award, making them stand out even more amongst the sea of invisibility!

One of the most unloved pets of all time are the Invisible pets. Making their way into invisibility by paint brush, lab ray, or the dreaded "Oh no! Where has your pet gone?" random event, these pets are often neglected and sometimes even abandoned! Though they can do things that most normal pets can do, they are often looked down upon or ignored all together. Next time you are struck by such a random event, stop to think before you abandon or repaint them. There is still a very wide range of ways to make your Invisible pet fabulous! If you already have an Invisible pet, you can go start to spruce them up!

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