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Attack of the Revenge – Slash those pirates!

by dawwetje


Garin, a pirate at heart, the hero that helped save Maraqua, is starring in this thrilling game. He foolishly crossed sea paths with Captain Scarblade and this fearsome captain is out for revenge. In this game, you control Garin in his effort to save his ship from being taken over by Captain Scarblade and his men. If you have enough skills with your sword, then maybe you can earn yourself a nice trophy. All it takes is a good computer and very quick fingers. So let us talk basics.

You play Garin and you need to slash the bad guys with your sword by using your arrow keys to move and the space bar to swipe your sword. This way you can keep the bad guys off your ship. So let us meet the bad guys.

  • Nathan the Blumaroo – worth 2 points
  • Fred the Tuskaninny –worth 2 points
  • Swabby the Krawk – worth 3 points
  • Benny the Blade the Bruce – worth 3 points
  • Captain Scarblade – worth 5 points
  • The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy – worth 10 points

And here you thought Captain Scarblade was the real bad guy and worth the most points. You were mistaken. Although do not get your hopes up of seeing The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy often. His appearance is rare and that is too bad because he is worth the most points.

Now everything is still easy in the first level. You start out with 5 lives and you just stand near the edge of the ship, swipe your sword, and defeat your enemies. So far, so good, right? Just keep on fighting your enemies until you reach 25 points.

In level 2, a pile of cannon balls and a water bucket are introduced. This will greatly help you get to 75 points, because using either a cannon ball or the water bucket when defeating your enemies doubles the points they are worth. So use the space bar to pick up the cannon ball or the water bucket and use the space bar again to throw it at the bad guy. The rest of this level is still pretty easy.

On to level 3… Now it gets a little harder, because cannons have come into play. And with that your buddy Jacques makes an introduction to the game. He lights the cannons you have filled with a cannon ball… or not. If you did and he lights the cannon, you earn 12 points. If you did not, then the cannon is set on fire. Put down the fire with your water bucket and you earn yourself 5 points. Do not put out the fire and you'll lose that cannon and with that a life. Get 150 points and complete the level. It is also from this level onwards that you can use the available cheat in this game. Type "blackpawkeet" and get an extra life.

From level 4 onward, it's rinse and repeat, though the bad guys appear faster and faster and it gets harder and harder to keep up with all the bad guys and filling your cannons with cannon balls. No real problem should arise until level 8. Try to keep your cannons filled so you earn 12 points each time Jacques sets one on fire. This might mean that you do not have the time to always pick up a cannon ball or the bucket to defeat the bad guys. This does not matter. It is more important to keep your lives than to earn more points in a shorter time if that means you will lose a life because you were too late to defeat one of the deck hands. If this is the case, just use your sword to swipe them.

Each level requires more points to be earned. Whereas in level 1 you only needed 25 points, in level 7 you need to hit 1,000 points. Here is an overview of the score you need to attain each level.

  • Level 1 – 25 points
  • Level 2 – 75 points
  • Level 3 – 150 points
  • Level 4 – 300 points
  • Level 5 – 500 points
  • Level 6 – 750 points
  • Level 7 – 1,000 points
  • Level 8 – 1,500 points
  • Level 9 – 2,000 points

Well, after level 9, who knows? I have never made it that far, sadly. Level 8 is really difficult already and you will find that you have a hard time keeping up with filling all the cannons and also defeating the four bad guys that keep showing up every other second. Just ignore using the cannon balls to destroy the bad guys. Only use them to fill the cannons. You might also want to consider sacrificing a cannon or two to make destroying the deck hands a bit easier. Just let Jacques set fire to the two cannons in the middle and the right, furthest away from the pile of cannon balls. Do not put out the fires. This will make you lose two lives, but also gives you easier access to the enemies, since you can move through destroyed cannons. Filling the cannon on the left should not be a big problem since it is located near the pile of cannon balls. This also means that Jacques will always set fire to that particular cannon. Although using this method makes you lose two lives, not using this method will most likely make you lose even more lives, if not all, unless your fingers are fast as lightning. Hopefully you managed to make it to level 9. If you still have four lives remaining, then you can also sacrifice two or three cannons in this level in order to make this level a little easier to manage. You need to earn 500 points again in this level and without the cannons, this will take more time, but you do have more space to move around.

Hopefully these tips and a lot of practice will make you a champion with the sword and make you win the battle against Captain Scarblade and his deck hands. In addition, you might also win a nice trophy along the way. Good luck swiping your sword and slinging those cannon balls!

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