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Customization for Different Budgets! Magma Edition

by wrangler_05


Hey there! Are you looking for ideas to customize your neopet but a little low on the funds? Or perhaps you have a plethora of neopoints(NP) to spend on your Neopet? Then you have come to the right place! My name is Mayra, also known as Wrangler_05, and I am going to help you find ideas for customizing that Neopet of yours. This week we will be discussing customization of Magma Neopets!

Magma Neopets originate from the Neopian world of Moltara. Within Moltara, we have Moltara City as well as the Moltara Caves. Within the Moltara caves, we have the Magma Pool, where you can hope to catch the guard sleeping and have your Neopet take a dip in the pool.

Recently I was given the opportunity to adopt a Magma JubJub and was having a hard time customizing my new family member. Well, on with the guide we go!

The Backgrounds

Tyrannian Volcano Lair Background

95,000-105,000 NP

Moltara Silhouette Background

70,000-80,000 NP

Dark Cave Background

50,000-60,000 NP

Magma Pool Background

58,000-60,000 NP

Moltara City Background

5000-6000 NP

Backgrounds are very important in customization as they can set the mood in the scenery you are trying to create. Therefore a great background is key in customization! But for those on a budget, do not fear; even on a budget you can still give that pet of yours a dreamy look! On the high end of the Neopian budget, you can customize your pet with the Tyrannian Volcano Lair Background. This Tyrannian background features a volcano with lava, perfect for a Magma pet. This pricey background can cost you between 95,000-105,000 neopoints. Another background is the Moltara Silhouette Background. This background can cost you any where between 70,000-80,000 NP.

Now to save you some more neopoints using the Dark Cave Background given out as a prize during the Atlas of the Ancients plot might be an option for you. This background runs anywhere between 50,000-60,000 Neopoints. Another background for the middle price range is the Magma Pool Background. This particular background can cost you in the price range from 58,000 to 66,000 neopoints. "But Mayra, I am really on a budget!" Do not fear; the Moltara City Background is here! This nifty background featuring Moltara City runs anywhere between 6,000-8,000 neopoints!

Bonus: If the NC Mall customization is your thing, there are three backgrounds I like for magma pets. These are the MME3-B1: Magma Pool Background, the New Years in Moltara Background, and the Moltara Inventor Workshop Background. The MME3-B1: Magma Pool Background and the New Years in Moltara Background are retired NC items, so finding someone to trade with you on the NC Mall board is a must. However, the Moltara Inventor Workshop Background is buyable in the NC Mall for 200 NC.


Bomber Jacket Shrug

100,000 NP

Leather Bodice

20,000 NP

Elegant Gear Boots

5,000 NP

Moltara City has its own clothing and accessory shop known as Cog's Togs. We start at the most costly items and work our way down. Looking quite spiffy, the Bomber Jacket Shrug is sure to make your magma pet quite charming. This jacket's price currently costs between 98,000 to 105,000 NP. On the budget conscious side, the leather bodice is the way to go. This top can cost you around the 20,000 NP range. Cog's Togs currently does not offer bottoms in their selection. For bottoms I recommend looking for species specific bottoms to match. For example the Safari Bruce Trousers that run around 10,000 NP are a good choice! Now do not forget about shoes! Cogs Togs offers the Elegant Gear Boots that run around 5,000 NP.

Bonus: NC Mall shoppers have the option of getting the Moltara Inventor Superpack for 700NC. This superpack offers the Moltara Inventor Background previously discussed, as well as the Moltara Inventor Coat, Moltara Inventor Trousers, and Moltara Inventor Shoes for clothing your pet.

Also, I thought I would mention the Steam Jacket given out during the Atlas of the Ancient plot. Currently the going rate on the trading post is 5.5 million NP. This jacket is very nice but with a hefty price tag!


Accessories can make or break customization. Too many, and your Neopet will look cluttered and other users will not be able to adequately "see" the look you are trying to create. Too few accessories will leave your pet looking bare. Therefore I recommend customizing your pet with 2-3 small accessories or with one really prominent accessory such as a hat. Cog's Togs offers accessories for your Neopet. One pretty accessory that also comes with a high price tag is the Electric Punk Guitar. Currently the price is somewhere between 600,000 NP on the trading post. The Elegant Gear Top Hat is one of my favorite accessories found in Cog's Togs. Found in user shops for around 15,000-22,000 NP, this item is sure to get your Neopet some attention. Other accessories worth mentioning are the Brass Gear Belt (around 1,500 NP) Brass Gear Goggles (around 30,000 NP), Compass Bracelet (around 1,000 NP), Gear Spectacle (around 6,800 NP), and the Respirator Work Mask (around 10,800 NP). So whatever budget you have for your magma Neopet, there are accessories sure to delight you.

Bonus: NC Mall shoppers can get a hold of a Steam Engineered Heart! Very cute accessory that matches the accessories sold in Cog's Togs. It is a retired item, so you will have trade for this item.


Finally, last but definitely not least are trinkets. Trinkets is a category that includes everything that is not a background and not wearable by the Neopet itself. One of my favorite items is the Lava Puddle! This trinket gives your Neopet a puddle of lava to stand in. For the relatively cheap amount of 10,000 NP, your Neopet can have its own lava puddle. If you are in the splurging mood why not go for the Lava Fountain Toy. This toy is a wearable item that can cost you around 60,000 NP.

Bonus: NC Mall shoppers can purchase the Moltara Inventors Work Table for 150 NC.


Well, it looks like you have reached the end of my guide for customization of Magma pets. Remember, this guide was not intended to be a complete guide, as there are too many items to list. Additionally, the Neopian market is always fluctuating so prices listed above may have changed since publication of this article. So get out there and hunt those items to give your pet the perfect look! If you have created a Magma customization with the help of this guide, please neomail me so I can see how my guide has helped you! That is all for now. Please look out for future editions of Customization for different budgets!

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