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Guide to the Battledome Era of Anagram Swords

by lute248


The new era of 2-player Battledoming has forever changed with the addition of the five new Hidden Tower anagram swords last year. One question that would be on every Neopian's mind is which of these swords would be better suited for my new 2-player Battledome set and also how to better strategize myself against defending attacks from these new swords.

Here in this article we take a closer in-depth look at each of these anagram swords and provide a suitability rating for each of these swords in 2-player Battledoming in order to help Neopians make a more informed decision about constructing their new 2-player Battledome set.

The 6 Anagram Swords:

Sword of Skardsen (Also known as Sword of Darkness):

Before the Kelpbeards Trident was introduced, this classic sword has always been the more favored weapon for 1-player Battledoming instead of 2-player mainly for its affordable price and sheer power.

However, nowadays the Sword of Skardsen is susceptible to a number of full dark defense weapons like Ghostkershield, Ring of the Lost and Hansos Charisma Charm.

In my opinion, this makes Sword of Skardsen a less than viable choice for 2-player Battledome set as a result, although it still has its usefulness in the area of surprise attacks.

My rating for this weapon in the category of usefulness in 2-player Battledoming is 4/10.

Sword of Tawre (Also known as Sword of Water):

The introduction of this new sword compared to the other 4 swords has been less receptive and for good reason as the Kelpbeards Trident was released two years earlier before this weapon's release.

Not only is the Kelpbeards Trident 2 million neopoints cheaper in the Hidden Tower, it also deals roughly the same average amount of icon damage as the sword of Tawre.

On top of this, there are many cheap full water defense weapons and reflectors that already exist in the Hidden Tower such as Enchanted Kiko Squeeze Toy, Faerie Tabard, U-Bend of Great Justice to counter mass water weapons like the Sword of Tawre.

I would recommend against owning this weapon as water defense is very common in the Neopian market.

My rating for this weapon in the category of usefulness in 2-player Battledoming is 3/10.

Sword of Ari (Also known as Sword of Air):

The air icon has been the hardest icon to defend against, as full air defense blockers and reflectors sell for a very high price in the Neopian market at the time of writing this article.

The introduction of Sword of Ari has dealt a serious blow on previous mass air weapons such as Pirate Captains Cutlass and Ghostkersword.

However, do take note that in 2-player Battledoming many Battledomers morph their Battledome pets into a Pteri, which offers 40% resistance against air attacks, which makes attacking against a Pteri with two of these sword less effective.

As a result, I would recommend having this weapon as one of your main constants although be wary when you come face to face against a Pteri in the Battledome.

My rating for this weapon in the category of usefulness in 2-player Battledoming is 9/10.

Sword of Thare (Also known as Sword of Earth):

While there are many Earth icon defense shields that can either partially or completely block the earth icon like Leaf Shield, Shield of Pion Troect, Illusens Silver Shield and the faerie ability Burrow, I still recommend this sword as a back-up constant weapon, especially if you want to stack up your icon types with the other anagram swords so as to catch your opponent off guard, as many Battledomers would be unprepared of the earthly attacks.

However, Scorchios are also fairly popular species for 2-player Battledoming as they have 30% resistance against Earth attacks; in which case, it's best that you switch to the other anagram swords if you come face to face with a Scorchio.

My rating for this weapon in the category of usefulness in 2-player Battledoming is 8/10.

Sword of Thigl (Also known as Sword of Light):

Initially it was a very popular mass light weapon upon its release, as there weren't a lot of affordable or reliable full light defense weapons like the Pirate Captains Hat, which is semi-breakable in the Battledome, and Jhudoras Bewitched Ring, which cannot be unequipped.

However, the release of the Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield, which fully blocks light, has dealt a serious blow for this weapon as 2-player Battledomers have become more cautious about buying this weapon for their 2-player Battledome set.

But I still recommend this weapon for the purpose of stacking up a variety of icon types like Ghostkerbomb and Sword of Thare in order to still deal a heavy blow on the your opponent when he attempts to use the faerie ability Burrow or Sink.

My rating for this weapon in the category of usefulness in 2-player Battledoming is 7/10.

Sword of Reif (Also known as Sword Of Fire)

The mass fire weapons like Portable Kiln have been favored greatly among 2-player Battledomers for its ability to get past the Ghostkershield defenses.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise the Sword of Reif was very well received by the Battledome population upon its release.

However, this weapon still has its vulnerabilities against fire reflectors like Clawed Shield and is also fully blocked by the faerie abilities Burrow and Sink.

It is also good to take note that some Neopet species such as the Poogle and Scorchio both have a 10% fire resistance, thus making Sword of Reif slightly less effective against these pet species.

When combined with Sword of Ari, the fire and air combination is very hard to block fully with defense weapons alone and has gained popularity among the 2-player Battledome strategies.

My rating for this weapon in the category of usefulness in 2-player Battledoming is 9/10.

Based on the in-depth analysis and comparison between the suitability rating, the top 3 choices to include in your 2-player Battledome set are Sword of Ari, Sword of Reif and Sword of Thare. However, the other 3 anagram swords can also be well suited in your Battledome set as a backup weapon in order to give your opponent a surprising and unexpected attack.

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