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What to Get the Ten Kinds of Neopian

by puufuu


The Avatar Collector

Have they got the Packrat avatar yet? If not, this one's simple – just send them tons and tons of weird junk that they'll never have heard of and you can pick up for a few measly neopoints. If they have it, get them talking about what avatars they're working towards. If they're going for any Stamp Collector avatars, you can help them reach that goal by getting them a few new ones for their collection. A pinata is a great gift for anyone who hasn't got the Pinatas and Candy avatar. If they have all the item-related avatars, don't fret – they might be working towards some of the battledome avatars, in which case codestones will be the perfect gift.

The Battledomer

Don't even bother trying to get them weapons unless you're another battledomer and you have the know-how. Weapons are hugely expensive, they probably have the weapons they want and the majority of weapons aren't actually that great in the battledome. Help them train instead by getting them codestones or bottled faeries.

The Gallery Enthusiast

Does your friend have a gallery they're trying to perfect? Have a look on their user look-up and check it out. A lot of people even include wishlists for things that their gallery is missing, which is excellent for when you're trying to figure out what to get them. If you have any mutual friends, you might want to check that you're not going to buy them the same thing, though! If there is no wishlist, try and find similar galleries for inspiration or search for relevant words in the shop wizard or trading post.

The Newbie

This friend is new to Neopets and all it has to offer. Why don't you get them interested in something they've never considered before, like building up their pets' intelligence, training them at the battledome or trying for the gourmet food club? Getting them a range of little presents to give them a taster of the wide variety of things to do in Neopia will surely enrich their Neopets experience. Alternatively, you could help them out with one of their bigger goals that seems impossible for them right now but seems easy to you, with all your Neopets know-how. There might be a petpet they're dreaming of or a paint brush that always seems too far out of reach.

The Oldbie

This person has been playing Neopets since it began, back when you had to walk uphill both ways to get to the games. They're probably quite wealthy, have a lot of the things they want, and might be a little reluctant to try the new-fangled-whatchamacallit. Remind them of the old days with some retro looking items like Drawing Pencil, Cheese Sandwich, My First Book and Billy Blue Hat. Or, if you're growing a little tired of their stories, which always seem to begin with, "In my day...", get them a Handful of Humbugs.

The Gamer

This one is a little trickier. You can't exactly get them a game, since Neopets provides all of those for free! What you can do, though, is get them an item that relates to their favourite games. For example, if they're a fan of Hannah and her adventures, there are plenty of items to choose from – Hannah lunchboxes, Hannah costumes, even Hannah cupcakes! If they can't get enough of Hasee Bounce, you could get them an Orange Hasee Plushie or maybe some doughnutfruit!

The Customiser

This Neopian is very fashion conscious and always wants their pets to look their absolute best. This might seem hopeless at first, especially if you can't access the NC Mall, but fret not! One of the secrets to great customisation is variety and having lots and lots of options. Extend your Neofriend's options by getting them lots of new trinkets, backgrounds and accessories. They don't have to be expensive – you can get a lot of things for not very many Neopoints – but your friend will be able to do something fabulous with them. Alternatively, they might have been whining for months that they want such and such an item. You can always get them it. They might want to reconsider their whining when they find out everyone's bought them the same thing!

The Stamp Collector

You'd think this one would be simple. You would be rather wrong. Almost everyone buys the cheapest stamps in the set first, so the ones your friend is hankering for will probably cost enough to drain your entire bank account. Unless you're rich, in which case, hi. Let's be friends. So what do you do? You might want to consider getting them something stamp related but not actually a stamp, like the Usuki Stamp Set, a Grape Gummy Stamp or a Stamp Chair, so they can enjoy their hobby even more. Alternatively, you could try to draw your own stamp, claim it's super-ultra-mega rare and that's why they've never heard of it, and bask in their awe.

The Person Who Has Everything

This person seems to have all the money in Neopia and all the things to go with it. Somehow, you're still friends with them in spite (or perhaps because) of this. It does, however, make buying gifts a little trickier. You could save and save and save for something that you're sure they will love, give it to them and get told they already have six rotting in their shed. So what do you get them, assuming you still want to be friends after this hypothetical scenario? Caviar. Or rather, a Caviar Sandwich, since they can probably afford their own real Black or Golden Caviar. Or, I don't know, asparagus. That's what rich people eat, right?

The 'Oh My Golly Gosh It's the Month of GIVING' Person

This person quite rightly absolutely loves the month of Giving and everything that comes with it. They probably did all their present shopping months ago, have decorated their Neohomes in honour of the month and wakes up early every day just to check the Advent Calendar. This person isn't bothered about the cost of the gift or anything like that, just that it's the month of Celebrating, you guys! Keep their festive spirits high by sending them little treats like candy canes, gingerbread, stockings and crackers throughout the month.

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