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Top 10 Locations to Build Your Neohome

by mercy_angel


With 19 locations across Neopia to choose from, deciding on the perfect place to settle down with your Neopets can be a difficult decision. The decision will be a permanent one, after all. ;) So, how do you decide? You look at the benefits of each location of course! In this article, I'm going to explore the benefits of the top 10 locations to build a Neohome according to current real estate trends for you.

10) Terror Mountain

(Current # of homes: 409,000+)

If you love cold weather and the sight of snow, then Terror Mountain is the place for you. It's a winter wonderland covered with fresh blankets of snow on a daily basis and the best thing is there's no need to worry about having to mow the lawn if you live here, since there is no lawn! The only thing you will have to worry about is shovelling the driveway. All that shovelling will surely work up an appetite, so why not treat yourself to a tasty treat? Terror Mountain is the home of the best ice cream and slushie shops in Neopia. If those don't tickle your taste buds, then maybe a delicious negg from the Neggery will. Terror Mountain would also be perfect for bargain hunters, since it's the home of the famous Garage Sale.

Celebrity neighbours include: Mika & Carassa, Taelia the Snow Faerie, Snowager, Kari the Negg Faerie

9) Maraqua

(Current # of homes: 409,000+)

Maraqua barely edged out Terror Mountain for spot number 9 on this list. For those who enjoy spending hours in the water, you might want to consider settling down here. Maraqua is not only visually stunning to look at with all those brightly coloured fishes and corals, it is also a very soothing atmosphere to live in. What can be better than falling asleep to the sound of the ocean at night? During your waking hours, you can pass the time fishing at the Underwater Fishing Cavern or exploring the ancient ruins. The greatest thing about living in Maraqua would probably be the fine dining at The Kelp. There's no need to worry about what to cook for dinner when you have Neopia's finest restaurant right in your neighbourhood. There's also no need for umbrellas here since you're surrounded by water no matter what the weather is above ground.

Celebrity neighbours include: Sea Slug (he's not really the neighbourly type so best to avoid him at all costs), King Kelpbeard

8) Darigan Citadel

(Current # of homes: 429,000+)

If all things evil and purple put a smile on your face, then Darigan Citadel is the perfect place for you. Being a part of this neighbourhood means you don't have to worry about your neighbours thinking you're a bad person for pulling pranks on others. Everyone living here has been there and done that already. Plotting comes as second nature for those residing here, so you better just watch your back if you ever decide to move here. Building a fence around your property might not be such a bad idea, either. You might also want to invest in building a pool, or at least some air conditioning, since Darigan Citadel can get extremely hot.

Celebrity neighbour includes: Lord Kass

7) Haunted Woods

(Current # of homes: 432,000+)

If Halloween is your favourite day of the year, then Haunted Woods would be a suitable place for you to build your Neohome. The residents here celebrate Halloween every day. Walking down the street dressed up in a costume won't get you strange stares from your neighbours, but not wearing one might. Haunted Woods is also a great place for those who are kids at heart, because it is home to the Deserted Fairground, which features many beloved games such as Coconut Shy, Test Your Strength and Bagatelle. Every day is a good day for the fair since the temperature here is never too hot or too cold. Just don't mention anything about the games being rigged; otherwise you might be chased out of the Haunted Woods by an angry mob carrying torches and pitchforks.

Celebrity neighbours include: Edna, Brain Tree, Esophagor, Hubrid Nox

6) Lutari Island

(Current # of homes: 434,000+)

If privacy is important to you and your Neopets, then you might want to consider living on Lutari Island. Year round it is covered with a mysterious fog that makes it difficult for prying neighbours to snoop around where they aren't wanted. Lutari Island also gives you the best of both worlds: land and water. The island itself is dominated with luscious greenery, which contributes to the privacy factor, but it's also surrounded by water on all sides. When you can't stand the blistering heat anymore, just pick a spot and dive into the clear blue water and go for a swim. You can also seek shelter under one of the many trees Lutari Island has to offer.

Celebrity neighbours include: Unknown! The celebrities of this island enjoy their anonymity.

5) Mystery Island

(Current # of homes: 595,000+)

Continuing the trend, another island makes its way into the top 10 Neohome Location list. This time it's Mystery Island. If you enjoy the carefree island lifestyle, then making your home here won't be such a bad idea. Mystery Island is the home of one of the most well known beaches in Neopia, Mynci Beach. Don't let the name fool you, this beach isn't just for Myncies. It's for everyone who enjoys a good game of volleyball or for those who enjoy a lazy day lounging in the sun. Just don't forget to apply sunscreen before leaving the house; Mystery Island is famous for its blistering temperatures. BDers should definitely consider living here since Mystery Island boasts not one, but two schools for training your pets. One is easy to find, but the other is a mystery to those who aren't strong enough to endure the vigorous courses.

Celebrity neighbour includes: Island Mystic, Tombola Guy, Ryshu the Nimmo

4) Shenkuu

(Current # of homes: 658,000+)

If you've always wanted to live amongst the ninjas and be just like them, then there's no better place to live than Shenkuu. Here, you can train alongside the best of the best. If becoming a ninja is not for you, then maybe becoming a healer is more your style. Living in Shenkuu means you would be living alongside Neopia's best healers. The healers here use only the finest ingredients found in nature so you know it has to be good! Knowledge seekers would also find living in Shenkuu to their liking since this is the hometown of the wise old Gnorbu and his lunar temple. He's always looking for apprentices to help him track the movement of Kreludor. Just be warned, though; it can get extremely cold in Shenkuu during the night.

Celebrity neighbours include: Princess Lunara

3) Altador

(Current # of homes: 753,000+)

If you're a history buff, then consider living in Altador. This place has a fascinating history that is bound to intrigue you and your Neopets. From the Altadorian Archives to the Hall of Heroes, each step you take makes you feel as though you've travelled back to a time when King Altador and his council ruled. The seaside view isn't bad either. Sports fanatics would also feel right at home here in Altador, since it houses the Colosseum for the yearly Altador Cup. Compared to some of the other places on this list, the weather here is considered quite mild.

Celebrity neighbours include: Finneus the Lenny, King Altador, Jerdana

2) Neopia Central

(Current # of homes: 1,242,000+)

If you enjoy the city life, then Neopia Central is the place of residence for you. Like most cities, Neopia Central has a bit of everything for everyone. For those who enjoy the fine arts, there's an amazing art gallery housed here. After enjoying the arts, you can hop on over to the coffee shop to grab a hot cup of java before making your way to the Plaza or Bazaar for a much needed shopping spree. Don't worry if you go broke from all that shopping; your pets won't go hungry, because Neopia Central is the home of the wonderful Soup Faerie who will make sure your pets are well fed. If after all that shopping your pet starts to feel ill, then head on over to the only hospital in Neopia, which is located in this very neighbourhood! If all this isn't enough to convince you to settle down in Neopia Central, then spend a night in the Neolodge to see what life could be if you lived here permanently.

Celebrity neighbours include: the Soup Faerie, Money Tree, Kauvara, Wishing Well (my personal favourite)

1) Faerieland

(Current # of homes: 1,592,000+)

Have you always wanted to live on the clouds and wake up to a rainbow every morning? If the answer is yes, then Faerieland would be the perfect place for your Neohome. You'll literally be floating on cloud 9 here. Like Terror Mountain, there is no lawn here for you or your Neopets to mow. You'll be surrounded by fluffy white cloud everywhere! People who are hard working would enjoy living here since Faerieland has the only employment agency in Neopia. If working isn't to your taste, then consider spending a day watching the Poogle races at the tracks, a day exploring the Faerie Caverns, or a day helping the Faeries with one of their many quests. If you get bored of those, just lie back, look up and watch the clouds as they journey across the sky. Just make sure to apply sunscreen first because living here means you're extremely close to the sun.

Celebrity neighbours include: Fyora the Faerie Queen, Jhudora the Dark Faerie, Fountain Faerie, Nereid the Water Faerie

I hope you found this article helpful with your Neohome making decision. If none of the top 10 locations seem to suit you and your Neopets, then maybe consider the other 9 locations available (Tyrannia, Lost Desert, Meridell, Roo Island, Brightvale, Kiko Lake, Krawk Island, Kreludor, or Virtupets Space Station). Make sure that you don't make the decision in haste because once you sign the contract with the realtor, there's no going back. Not even Lawyerbot would be able to work his magic and get you out of that iron clad contract. Anyways, happy house hunting! :)

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