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Your Usul's Closet

by pinkpaint


Your Usul is a demanding and fashionable pet who deserves nothing less than the best compilation of Paintbrush, Neopoint and Neocash Wearables to fill his or her closet. This is a short guide that aims to help boost, refresh or kick start your Usul's closet. The main focus here will be on Paint Brush and Neocash Wearables, but remember, there are thousands of Neocash items available that any species can buy and wear, so please don't forget about those!

Bows. Yes, bows.

Now I know what you're thinking. Bows? What's so special about those?

What's so special about them? Easily answered. They come in an amazing array of colours and go with almost any and every outfit imaginable! Who doesn't love that?

Every time you create an Usul from the Create-a-Pet screen, whether they are male or female, red, yellow, green or blue, you will receive a bow and a pair of headbands (these are wrapped around your Usul's ears). The colour of your bow and headbands will depend and correspond with whatever colour Usul you create.

Now, Usul lovers across Neopia should know that boy and girl Usuls alike adore their bows, so don't feel discouraged about making your Usul male. He will look just as pretty in his bow and headbands as a female Usul does.

Customizing fanatics should already be aware that these bows and headbands are removable, so if your boy Usul doesn't like his bows for some strange reason, he can take them off if he wants to. Simply customize and remove them.

For those bow lovers like my Usul Frey, she cannot get enough of them! In fact, it is Frey's dream to one day own each and every Usul Paint brush bow there is!

The following is a short list of some must have bows:

Cloud, Striped OR Electric Usul Bow: These are all blue. Their shades differ a little, but I think they are similar enough to get away with just having one set of these. Use these for winter or spring themed outfits and your Usul will adore them.

Faerie OR Pink Usul Bow: Either of these pink bows will look marvelous with party dresses, Usuki themed looks or feminine costumes. Again, one or the other would be a great addition to your Usul's closet.

Christmas, Gold or Jelly Usul Bow: These are golden-yellow in colour and look great with a range of different outfits. Yellow is a fairly gender neutral colour too, so for that very masculine Usul boy these might be just the thing you need to ease him into wearing bows.

Ghost OR Grey Usul Bow: The ghost bow has a tinge of teal to it but both of these go nicely with darker outfits and can be dressed up or down for casual or formal looks. Again these are fairly gender neutral so great for that picky boy of yours too!

Mystery Island or Orange Bow: Both of these are brownish-orangish in hue and go great with adventure outfits and tribal themes.

Rainbow Usul Bow: Because this bow is made up of many colours it goes with many colours too. Not to mention it looks fab with any backgrounds or trinkets that feature rainbows! An absolute must have.

Silver Usul Bow: Frey likes to wear her silver bow with her royal girl clothes; she's not much of a gold-lover and silver is the next best thing. This one is pretty versatile, though; it's like a paler version of the Grey Usul Bow.

Shadow Usul Bow: This is another really versatile bow; after all, everything goes with Shadow!

Spotted Usul Bow: Don't let its name fool you. This bow isn't spotted at all! In fact it is a creamy/white coloured bow and looks great with tons of outfits, just like the shadow and silver ones.

Zombie Usul Bow: This bow isn't as versatile as some of the others, but it does make for great story and character material. If your Usul is wearing this bow, perhaps they are about to go from rags to riches with a royal paint brush?

This idea actually leads us into the next group of Usul wearables I'm here to discuss. Paint brush clothes! Okay, so technically the bows and headbands do count as paint brush clothes, but I'm talking about the more specific clothing that comes from some of the paint brushes available for your Usul. My favorites are:

Christmas Paint Brush Clothes: By painting your Usul Christmas, you will snag yourself a nifty Usul Elf Hat along with the Christmas Usul Bow we discussed earlier! Nice, two Pteris with one stone!

Halloween Paint Brush: If you paint your Usul with this devilish brush, be prepared to receive a sweet treat for Halloween! Similar to the Halloween Shoyru outfit, this paint brush will give your Usul their very own little devil costume, perfect for Halloween or all year round if you prefer!

Royal Paint Brush: Don't get this paint brush confused with the Usuki Paint Brush! This one will give your Usul a very pretty little princess outfit, complete with pointing hat and streamers or alternatively an adorable little king's outfit, fit for well, a king! Crown included!

Usuki Paint Brush: Now this one is one of my favorites! This paint brush will turn your Usul into an Usuki doll! How awesome is that? If you paint a female Usul you will have the Usuki dress added to your closet, but be warned if you repaint your Usul you do not get to keep the wig/hair from the female Usuki paint. If you paint your male Usul, however, you will receive a pair of cute little boots, a musketeer outfit and hat as well! Don't worry about repainting your Usuki boy; the hair/wig is part of the hat so you can always use it after repainting!

Pirate Paint Brush: I really love the paint brush clothes that come from painting your Usul pirate. You'll get a pirate hook, hat and shirt from this brush. Pretty arrrrgh-some, I mean awesome, if you ask me!

Lost Desert Paint Brush: This is one of Frey's faves. Painting your Usul with this brush will give you a cute Sakhmet style wig, tunic, sandals and a nifty as can be walking stick! Frey tends just to use the walking stick (she's lazy, not old) but she loves the sandals too!

These are just a few of the paint jobs that will get you some nice clothes to play around with. There are a few others, but I won't go into detail about them all here. Keep in mind that these paint brushes can be expensive and do certainly add up when you spend your neopoints on them one after the other, but remember, your Usul is totally and utterly worth it!

If you can't afford to cross-paint or repaint, but you'd like to spoil your Usul there is another way...

Usul Specific Neopoint Wearables! Yaaaaay!

Okay so like the paint brush clothes there are oodles of nice wearables available for purchase from the Shop Wizard, Auction House, Neopian Shops and on the Trade Posts. Sometimes you can find whole species specific outfit sets on the TP at discounted prices, so be sure to check there for a bargain before you buy each piece individually!

Here is are three of my favorites to give you an idea of what's out there:

Usul Ski Outfit: This outfit is perfect for the Usul Skiing Season! The pieces include- Usul Ski Ear Warmers, Usul Ski Goggles, Usul Ski Mittens, Usul Ski Poles, Usul Ski Suit and Usul Skis.

Usul Sailor Outfit: For your little sailor is this adorable blue, red and white outfit! The pieces include- Usul Sailor Hat, Usul Sailor Jacket and Usul Sailor Trousers (which have little shoes attached to them!).

Usul Red Winter Outfit: Fit for an ice queen, this outfit will keep your little princess warm all year round! Pieces include- Usul Red Winter Hat (which has a wig attached!) and Usul Red Winter Jacket.

Alrighty, so we've covered Usul Bows, Usul Paint Brush Clothing and Usul Specific Neopoint Wearables. I hope this article has given you a better understanding of the vast array of customization options available to you and your Usul. Remember, you don't have to wear sets of clothing together; mix and match it up! Let your Usul wear her Royal Girl hat out skiing or perhaps let your Sailor Usul wear a musketeers outfit if you like! Don't forget to throw in a few other neopoint and neocash wearables to jazz it up a bit and most importantly don't forget to have fun!

Note: No Pteris were harmed in the making of this article!

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