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The Secrets Behind Governor Gavril McGill

by kaddiez


Note to Readers: This is a 100% bias free article. Enjoy!

Months ago, back in July, a very memorable event happened. A giant squid emerged from the depths of the unknown, wrapped its enormous tentacles around Krawk Island and pulled it down into the sea, jump starting the search for the missing land. At least, with everything that was seen, that is assumed to be what happened. The squid is a very possible suspect for the whole event unfolding; it just randomly arose from the water to bring about undeserved pain to the island's inhabitants— squids are just evil like that, aren't they?

Now that Krawk Island is back on its feet and running, it seems that the whole incident is all but forgotten—exactly what the island's Governor wanted all along. Yes, Gavril McGill, the green Krawk that mysteriously showed up after the crisis began is now in control of the whole place. With the amazing prizes that he handed out for aiding in the search, it seems that that lowly bribe has won almost everyone over. All has been forgiven; his eerie cabin, suspicious dialogue, and his little pet Warf that seemed all too content. Have we really all overlooked the prime suspect, he who is Gavril McGill?

1. Mysterious Foreshadowing – When tentacles appeared on the map of Neopia, that was all too much of a warning. Why no one in Krawk Island thought it necessary to evacuate is a mystery to everyone, except of course Gavril McGill. Knowing him, he had probably convinced all of Krawk Island that there was no need for alarm and to just stay put. Of course, a few days later they were all dragged into oblivion. All that remained of the once flourishing isle was a lone piece of dirt and a dingy, little shack. When travelers decided to enter, they came upon Gavril and his only companion, a pirate Warf. At the time, no one knew of this doubtful Krawk's origin and how he had come to be the sole survivor of this calamity.

2. Odd Slip-Ups – As any evil mastermind, Gavril does have his faults. What these include are accidentally hinting to all of Neopia that he wants to take control of Krawk Island, become the new ruler and that he was responsible for the island's destruction in the first place, even claiming he was very busy and such. What is there to do in a deserted shack, exactly? A direct quote from Gavril McGill has him asking us if we were, "Back from a long day of roundin' up me -- I mean, Krawk Island's islets?" Even TNT hinted of his underlying agenda. Gavril, we are on to your plan and it's not going to work—wait, it has already worked? Well, then.

3. That Weird Warf – Besides Gavril McGill's obvious creepiness, there's just something peculiar about that pet Warf of his. It just sits there with his mouth open, staring through that eye patch of his. Even after all these odd habits, the Warf still managed to get a whole town named after him, which is more than I could say for myself. It's very possible that Gavril simply asked his pet what to name the city, and being a Warf, the only thing it really could say is Warf, thus the name Warf Wharf emerged. Where the spelling variation came from is a mystery almost as quizzical as Gavril, himself.

4. Becoming Governor – After hiding in the shadows for however long, (probably) releasing a squid onto the unsuspecting populace of Krawk Island and reemerging as a hero, it seems that all of Gavril McGill's work has come to fruition. All the foreshadowing has led to the subsequent end, his rise as the Governor of Krawk Island. Fit with a lavish mansion (it's anything but humble description obviously written by Gavril) to accompany his grand title, just imagine the audacity of becoming the Governor of a land you helped destroy. Why is it that a man everyone was so suspicious of just moments before is all of a sudden revered? Is it because of the avatar that was offered, the stamp, or any of other neat items that were handed out? That doesn't matter now, what is really jarring is that Governor McGill is free to do as he pleases with all of Krawk Island at his beck and call.

5. Anchor Management – The poor squid, who was just another victim of that Krawk's manipulation, is now being attacked on a daily basis. That's right, people are willingly shooting cannons into the squid's face and why? Because Gavril told them to! Does anyone ever stop to consider if what they are doing is cruel or even called for? No, of course not, everyone is much too busy vying for a Pirate Paint Brush or any of the other enticements placed by Governor McGill.

6. Keep-Out! – After all was said and done and even if Gavril McGill is evil... which he is, there is no denying Krawk Island's revamp truly is a sight to behold. There's a new, dainty town, long sand beaches, beautiful ocean views and—a deserted island? Ah, yes, this isle could be the last remaining shred of physical evidence that Gavril is wicked, so naturally such proof would be kept away from the public. Anyone that has ever seen this place has to ask questions, though. Why is no one allowed on this emerging islet? Why would a governor be alright with such a thing surrounding his county? No one can be sure, as anyone that has tried to journey to its shores is instead greeted with a bold 'Keep Out!' sign. Whatever lies inside, Gavril McGill is intent on keeping it a secret.

With this concrete evidence *cough* it's impossible to deny Gavril McGill's guiltiness, but these, I'm afraid, are just a few of his many offences. The Governor says he's against the Smuggler's shady dealings, yet their once secret Cove is now publicly on display for anyone who passes by the isle to see. Besides Gavril's protests, no action is taken, even though their location is now common knowledge; perhaps he has an agreement going on with the wary organization?

There is something going on with the Governor. He should be stopped before it gets out of hand. Save the squid, I say, and down with Gavril McGill!

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