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Become a Champion at Chia Bomber 2!

by piximon990


Good day, students! Welcome to Chia Bomber 101! My name is Babywolf1007, but please, call me Prof. 1007. You're here because you're brave enough to accept the mission with Geoffrey Chia and take down those nasty Chia Bombers (with an awesome reward of a secret avatar at the end). It's a tough task, but with my guidance, I am confident that you will prevail and drive those Bombers away!

Before you jump right into the game, we should go over the basics. The goal of the game is to shoot at every Chia Bomber you find and drive them away from town. You do this with the controls:


Arrow Keys: allows you to move around the field

Spacebar: shoots out water balloons

M Key: sets down mines underneath you (You are only allowed 5 mines per level)

The mines that you lay down are green and can never hurt you. But be careful! The red mines are the Chia Bomber's and they can make you lose a life, which you want to avoid. ;) Each Bomber has up to 3 mines of his own, but luckily, they don't understand their value so the mines are not normally used.

Also, your watergun shooter is an automatic, so you can hold your spacebar down, but you can only have 1 water balloon on the field at a time. What does this mean? Precisely that you have to wait until the previous one explodes into a wall, rock, or Bomber before you can shoot again. This can sometimes cause problems if you shoot too soon and the water balloon passes the Bomber before he turns the corner. When the Bomber does turn the corner, you better hope that water balloon blew up already, or it's time to run for your life!

There are 12 levels, and it gets harder as they progress. Stronger Bombers come into play as you continue your mission, and it takes longer to take them out.

Colored Bombers

There are 5 different colored bombers that you will have to face, and each has different amount of life ranging from 1-5:

Green Bomber: 1 life (disappears after 1 hit)

Blue Bomber: 2 lives (disappears after 2 hits)

Yellow Bomber: 3 lives (disappears after 3 hits)

Red Bomber: 4 lives (disappears after 4 hits)

Black Bomber: 5 lives (disappears after 5 hits)

Get an Extra life!

During any point in the game, you can type geoffrey and get an extra life to help you in your quest for victory. Better use it! It's quite handy.

That's pretty much the gist of it! Any questions? No? Then let's head over to the Game Room and try out what we've learned! :)

Say, you're not too shabby for a beginner! But I see those Bombers still get the best of you. Never fear, I'm here to help!

The Quick Strategy

When I was a young lad, I was told a simple way to face the Chia Bombers: if you hold down the right arrow key on the main menu and then press 'start', Geoffrey will start in the top left corner instead of the usual bottom left corner. By starting up there, you can run in and spray all the Bombers on the opposite side for a quick and easy victory. If you want to continue to start in top left corner on the next level, you have to end the previous level in the top row and hold the right arrow key plus the spacebar after you kill the last bomber.

If you're a risk taker, this might be the strategy for you. But I was never quick on my feet, sadly. And when my friends told me this way, I remember going cross-eyed and falling over (don't believe them if they tell you that I fainted).

So, I found my own way to beat the game! And it's so easy, a Tyrannian Scorchio could do it!

The Foolproof Strategy

For this strategy, always start in the bottom left corner (the default spot). There are 5 options that the mines can go:

Place the mines down from top to bottom so you don't run into any Bombers. Always stay in the corner and focus on either the left lane, or the bottom lane. It's as simple as that! The mines will be a fortress for you, and you can take out the Bombers slowly but surely until there's 1 or 2 left. When you feel confident, you can run out of the corner, and shoot down the ones that are left and move on to the next level. Rinse and Repeat.

You should be advised, however, if a Bomber lays down his own mine on the field, it will delete one of your five. What a terrible waste… So, instead, I like to only set 3 at a time like you can see here, and then if they blow up, just replace them with the 2 that I have left:

Of course there are other formations that you can use as well like a diagonal line of protection:

Or a side wall of protection while you focus on the left lane:

Switch it up however you like! In the end, the key thing to remember is to have that line of mines so the Bombers can't rush you at once.

Also, class, be aware of where Geoffrey is standing here:

The right side is being protected by the rock so that if a bomber comes charging down the bottom row and shoots, the mudball will miss. Let the mine take care of him after that, especially if there is another Bomber above you that's attacking.

If a Bomber is running at you, don't run away!! Fight him head on: your water balloon will destroy his mud ball and then you can spray the Bomber with more shots by just holding the spacebar down.

Sounds pretty simple, right? Good! You have now finished the course. And it's time for my nap. What do you expect? I'm an old man! I have taught you everything I know and everything needed to beat all 12 levels of Chia Bomber 2.

But remember: practice make perfect! And before you go off and strive to become Champion of the game, let me leave you with these heart-filled words of encouragement: YOU GET AN AVATAR AFTER BEATING THE GAME! That should encourage you to keep going, I think. :)

Note: After losing or completing the game, you are awarded 3 points for each Bomber you shoot and 2 points for each Bomber destroyed by a mine. These bonuses should allow you to get the avatar once you beat level 12.

*Salutes* Good luck!

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