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Sick of the Spooks?

by neom_777


The spooky season has come round again, along with all the silliness it brings. On the 31st day of the month of Collecting, Halloween fever takes over Neopia. Creepy vampires and zombies go looking for treats while witches and wizards play tricks on unsuspecting pets. Fairies and princesses frolic alongside mummies and clowns. For many young pets, it is one of the most eagerly awaited days of the year.

But perhaps you are not one of those neopets. Maybe the very thought of venturing into a night full of ghouls and sorcerers fills you with dread. You may be too stringy to even contemplate giving sweets away, and bemoaning the wasted time spent removing toilet paper from your neohome. Or perhaps you simply wish everyone would stop ringing the doorbell and would leave you in peace. If this is the case, then this is the guide for you. Written below is a list of all the essentials you'll need to sit out the spooky season.


Finding somewhere to bunker down is essential if you wish to avoid Halloween. While it can be your neohome or even the hotel, better options would be an attic, basement or large closet. Ensure that you can barricade yourself within yet make a quick getaway if the perimeter is breached.


If a suitable hideaway is nowhere to be found, a holiday for the holiday is the next best option. While the spooky season centres around the Haunted Woods, it is celebrated in most parts of Neovia. The best place to go is Happy Valley below Terror Mountain. However if you are not a fan of Christmas either, you might want to avoid the snow. Kreludor and Maraqua are other options, as not many trick-or-treaters venture to these lands.


You might have to stay hidden for quite a while. Thus take plenty of food supplies with you. Something to drink is also a good idea.


It would be best to keep your identity a secret, particularly if you are a known scaredy-cat. A full body disguise would be ideal, but if you're desperate a mask will do. Try to get one that fits the season so that you blend in better. Full face masks like the Esophagor Mask, Jack-o-Lantern Mask and Mutant Tenna Mask are good; the Gobbler Mask is not.


If you are going to hide out for a while, you need to keep yourself occupied. A large book makes a great distraction and also can be used as a weapon. Current popular reads include Mynci Defender Book, A Shoyru's Guide to Neopia on a Budget and Fun Lava Facts. Alternatives would be a pack of cards, pen and writing pad or some knitting.


I'm not talking about your sweet little Angelpuss or adorable Miamouse. What better protection against would-be trick-or-treaters than a ferocious petpet? Loyal ones like the Werhond and Zomutt are preferable.


Is your repulsion to Halloween a family matter? Perhaps your siblings or owner are obsessed with all things frightening. To avoid being dragged from house to house, get some bandages from the pharmacy. Wrap them around your arm or leg. Moan whenever your family is in the vicinity. When they ask what's the matter, explain that you tripped down the stairs or lost a fight in the Battledome (or just barely won a fight if pride is an issue). Due to your injury, you will be unable to participate in trick-or-treating. If you fear you may be put on candy dispensing duty, put on ultra rubber gloves and claim you're suffering from Shock-a-Lots. You wouldn't want to accidently zap anyone, would you?


Are you sick of the listening to the shrill screams of young neopets? Don't Bother Me Earmuffs will block out any and all disturbing sounds.


I can hear your indignant cries already. No, candy is not a necessity, but it can be extremely useful. If there is a breach in your defences and you are suddenly onset with rapid sugar-crazed pets, you're going to need a distraction.


Lighting tends to fail at some point on Halloween. A Techo Torch or an Altadorian Torch will ensure you won't get stuck in the dark. It is advised that you do not get a Flaming Torch. Not only are they rather expensive, they can easily be knocked over or doused with water.

Water gun

While not essential, cold water is very effective in dispelling unwanted tricksters. Be sure to keep it close at hand, however, so that you don't end up as the one soaking wet. If you have good aim, you can also stock up on water balloons.


Nothing makes the time fly by or quells the deepest fear than a friend. If you know of a fellow Neopian who is equally unenthused with Halloween, invite them over to your hideout.

Tin Foil Hat

If zombies are a common occurrence in your neighbourhood, you should already have such a hat tucked away somewhere. If you are inexperienced with encounters of the undead, I would suggest investing in one right away. Zombies are out in force during Halloween, and they're not always after candy.


Similar to zombies, vampires will be more active during Halloween. While the majority will be ordinary pets playing dress-up, you can never be too careful. And true vampire trick-or-treaters will know to cower in the face of garlic. If you eat or wear some bulbs on a string they will not come anywhere near you. Nor will anyone else for that matter.


While you may not be hiding out at your neohome, it may still be the target of tricksters. You should remove any breakable ornaments indoors. Keep your gate closed too. For extra protection, place potted Spiky Bushes around as deterrents. Large Thorn Growth works as well, but it will make it a lot harder for you to get back inside.

So there you have it. Just by following this guide you can avoid the spooky season altogether. Thank you for reading, and have a Happy Hall-I mean a totally non-creepy ordinary night.

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