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Candy Corn: The Versatile Holiday Treat

by sonny_iz_cute


The Halloween season is upon us again, and nothing says Halloween better than that little yellow, orange and white candy we all start to crave once the leaves begin to fall. That's right, Candy Corn! The candy with no expiration date, as TNT calls it, is a favorite among Neopians and Neopets alike, and lucky for all you candy corn fans out there, there's more ways to enjoy this triangular treat than by continually filling your inventory with 50 pieces of Candy Corn Classic.

Our clever friends of the Neopian world have come up with several different ways to fill your candy corn cravings and satisfy even the pickiest sweet tooth.

Candy Corn Fizzy Drink

For those who are always on the go, carrying around handfuls of candy corn classic while you browse for that perfect Halloween Costume can be a difficult task. You need one hand to carry your corn, one hand to put it in your mouth, not to mention you need to search through all those spooky costumes and without a free hand, that's a difficult thing to do, and what about when you need to get yourself a drink too? You'd have to be a Maraquan Acara or Mutant Krawk to successfully conquer that sort of balancing act. Well, lucky for you, the Halloween Bruce at the Spooky Foods shop as the perfect solution for you, Candy Corn Fizzy Drink. What once required several hands to properly consume, now only requires one and is inside the convenience of an aluminum can – carbonation and all!

Candy Corn Latte

The next candy corn creation I present to you is the ever popular Candy Corn Latte. Now I know what you're thinking, candy corn in coffee... what a genius idea! That's right, down with those ridiculous haters. Not to mention this particular sweet treat is a gourmet food, so you know it must be good. So next time you've stayed up too late voting for the customization spotlight, stop into the Coffee Cave in Tyrannia on your way back and grab yourself a Candy Corn Latte instead of that boring coffee stuff you always resort to. Your sweet tooth will thank you later.

Candy Corn Stuffed Pumpkin

For the more adventurous Neopians out there, I give to you the Candy Corn Stuffed Pumpkin. This creative concoction of both pumpkin and candy corn is a true Halloween Treat. I dare any candy corn fan to stop into the Spooky Foods shop and not buy yourself one of these, that is, if you can find them, of course. As you can imagine, combining the two greatest Halloween traditions into one tends to go pretty quickly.

Seasonal Candy Corn

We can all agree that candy corn is strictly a Halloween specialty, right? Wrong! Candy corn is for any time of the year, and Seasonal Candy Corn is the perfect addition to any Neopet's stocking. The traditional orange, yellow and white candy take on the Christmas colors with this seasonal treat, and they even taste like pine trees. Nothing says Happy Holidays like a good pine tree in your mouth.

Candy Corn Lights

You may not be aware, but candy corn is no longer just for eating. What was once nothing more than a tasty Halloween treat can now be hung from your Neohome ceiling with the ever popular Candy Corn Lights. These tiny candies on a string add a festive cheer to even the blandest of rooms and are the perfect accessory for any candy corn fan. (The Candy Corn Lights are only in Classic Neohomes and do not work in Neohomes 2.0).

Silly Candy Corn Hat

Wearables are all the rage now-a-days and a true candy corn fan wouldn't be caught dead without a Silly Candy Corn Hat in their closet. Your pets' favorite candy can now also be their favorite accessory with cute, but slightly silly hat. Now this isn't the most attractive hat, but it's still a must have for any candy corn lover. The hardcore candy corn fans wear it proudly, no matter how silly they might look.

Baby Candy Corn Hat

Do your little ones feel left out of the candy corn hat fun? Well, if you've got a little cash on you (150 NC to be exact), the NC Mall has just the item for you, the Baby Candy Corn Hat. Definitely more attractive than the Silly Candy Corn Hat, the Baby Candy Corn Hat sports three little buttons on the front and an adorable white puff on the top. The perfect accessory to keep your tiny candy lover warm as the temperature begins dropping.

Stale Candy Blade

I bet you didn't know you could also use your favorite treat as a weapon in the Battledome as well. Well, now you do! With the Stale Candy Blade from the Haunted Weaponry shop, your Neopet can storm the grounds of the Battledome with the coolest and not to mention the sweetest weapon out there. Now don't let the name of this unique weapon scare you; we all know candy corn doesn't actually ever go bad.

Recycled Candy Corn

Want proof that these little candies never actually go bad? Try some Recycled Candy Corn. Don't let the slight discoloration scare you; it actually tastes just as fresh as when you opened up a new bag of Candy Corn Classic, honest and at a third of the price too. So if you find yourself on a tight budget, but are still craving the deliciousness of candy corn, you know where to turn. Trust me, you won't taste a difference.

Now these are just a few of the candy corn alternatives to keep your cravings under control this holiday. And unless you're walking around with the Candy Corn Stuffed Pumpkin, there's not sharing required. I would, however, keep an eye out for that Pant Devil. I hear he too is a big candy corn fan. So have a happy Halloween and make sure you don't forget to schedule that appointment with your dentist you've been putting off for months.

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