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Halloween: The Aftermath

by vampiroteuthus


The parties are over, leaving a scattering of black and orange confetti across the floor. Deflating balloons drift slowly earthward, coming to rest on chairs and couches and in the empty punch bowl. The costumed children have all gone to bed, with visions of their bulging sacks of candy still in their heads. Tomorrow you have to put away the decorations, or risk strange looks from the neighbors over the Carnival of Terror Clown Gnomes still haunting your yard. Besides, you think that the Very Angry Pumpkin in the corner has been watching you... You will sleep much better once it has been packed back into a box in the closet.

As you climb into bed, your eye falls onto this year's Halloween costume, tossed carelessly onto a chair. All of the time, effort, and Neopoints that you put into making it... it's a shame to let it all go to waste. As you drift off to sleep, you wonder if there isn't some other use for all those wearables...

Wonder no more! Here is a list of the top eleven ways to use your Halloween costume the other 364 days of the year.

1. 404 Shirt: For Halloween, you dressed up as a site error. Perhaps more frustrating than frightening, this creative costume is nonetheless effective, and comes with the added bonus of being easy to reuse. Keep it handy in the closet for the next time the site goes down, then hit the streets to show off your Neopets spirit!

2. Gavel: This prop from a judge costume will help you make a point. A few bangs from your gavel will quiet a crowded room, alert friends that you have something to say, or just give your every word an extra air of authority. Also can be used to bang on the doors of deaf friends, or those who seem to have been avoiding you lately... With a gavel in your hand, you will never be ignored again!

3. Respirator Work Mask: Perfect for any costume involving a nuclear disaster of a zombie-creating virus, this mask instantly transforms into a practical construction accessory. Keep sawdust and loose plaster from getting in your nose and making you sneeze. The Respirator Work Mask will also come in handy during your Halloween cleanup, especially if you've left your pumpkins out in the sun too long.

4. Dr. Sloth Beanie: We all know that someday Dr. Sloth will return to take over Neopia. Instead of stockpiling canned food in your basement, why not prepare to live a fulfilling life under the new dictator? Just add an "I love Sloth" T-shirt and Dr. Sloth will recognize you as a loyal supporter. You can then safely make a new life for yourself as a minion in Sloth's army.

5. Scary Witch Mask: Yes, Halloween is the special day designated for scaring people. But who doesn't love a good laugh now and then? Put on the Scary Witch Mask, jump out of the bushes or a closet, and watch your friends' scream. Can also be done with Spooky Skull Mask, or any other suitably scary disguise. Warning: using this trick too often will make it lose its effect, and will also result in some very unhappy friends....

6. Bloodshot Eye Contacts: Have you ever needed to take a day off work? Just not in the mood to leave the house? It used to be that faking a cough was the best way to play sick, but now that you have a pair of Bloodshot Eye Contacts lying around, why not use them to look truly ill? With eyes like this, no one will doubt your "I have Neomonia" story again!

7. Purse of Despair: Suitably dark and creepy to accessorize any costume, the Purse of Despair has many other uses. On the holiday itself, it can carry tubes of paint to touch up your zombie makeup or even store your candy haul. Afterwards, it can be used as any other purse, holding Neopoints, snacks, and all your old receipts from Kauvara's Magic Shop. Always stylish and functional, this is a bag for every occasion!

8. Novelty Glasses: Who doesn't want a little privacy now and then? Keep these glasses in your pocket, and from now on you will be able to choose who recognizes you. No more awkward conversations with acquaintances whose names you can't remember. No more being limited by past reputations. Novelty Glasses are also very useful for those trying to avoid the law, such as bank robbers and litter bugs.

9. Evil Twin Goatee: Who hasn't dreamed of having a secret life? With the Evil Twin Goatee, you can be freed from your boring, everyday routine with no fear of consequences. If someone recognizes you, you can simply blame it on your evil twin. And if you've ever dreamed of stardom, now is the time to try out for the part of the hero in the newest soap opera. Your removable facial hair prepares you to play any plot twist!

10. Tin Foil Hat: A very versatile costume component. Tin foil can be bent into almost any shape, and is an abundant and inexpensive material. After the holiday, it can be used to wrap food to keep it fresh. Or, even more useful, it can be kept in hat form and used to prevent alien mind control. You never know what is lurking among the stars....

11. Halloween Paint Brush: It takes a real dedication to paint yourself for your favorite holiday. Halloween Paint Brushes aren't cheap, so unless you invented ice cream or inherited millions from some eccentric relative, chances are you can't afford to paint yourself a different color every day of the year. In that case, your best option is to move to the Haunted Woods, where the Halloween spirit is alive all year round. In the Haunted Woods, your Halloween costume will never go out of season!

And if all else fails, save that costume for next year. Wear it as is, or tweak a few items to create a new look. If anyone mentions that you've worn it before, just tell them that you're dressed as yourself from one year ago!

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