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13 Spooky Savings!

by antarticrose


Tired of spending thousands upon thousands of neopoints over Halloween? Wish you could keep your pets and your bank balance happy? Well, I certainly did. So after what felt like the nineteen-hundred-millionth time my pets asked to celebrate Halloween with a huge party, lots of treats and plenty of costumes, I decided that there must be a way to have both a fun, extravagant Halloween and a healthy abundance of Neopoints. After all, it only happens once a year; why should we have to spend so much on so little? After this revelation, I, your loyal writer, travelled out into Neopia to find the thirteen greatest Halloween bargains just for you. And thirteen definitely isn't an unlucky number in this case- all thirteen of these magnificent, Halloween-y treats and tricks are all priced at or under 300 NP so that you don't have to worry about your bank account bleeding dry. (Haha, get it? Bleeding dry! Oh, never mind.)

13. Traditional Bone Throne - Approx.* 1 NP

This creepy chair may be just the thing for a Spooky house party! Sure, it may hurt your guests' bottoms, but it'll be worth it to create a frightening, scary mood that's sure to entertain and terrify! Or, if that doesn't work out, it can always double up as a chew toy for your pet Gelert. Just make sure you sand down the pointy bits first so no one gets hurt!

12. Pumpkin Spice Soap – Approx.* 20 NP

What better way to get squeaky clean on Halloween than with this pumpkin-scented soap? Scrumptious and hygienic, you'll smell like the Halloween Spirit for less than 20 Neopoints - how's that for a spicy deal?

11. Raisins -

Want to give those trick-or-treaters something healthy for once? Contribute to society with dried fruits! Never mind those odd looks. They're probably just impressed by the very fitting orange and yellow stripy box the raisins are packed in! (I know I was.)

10. Cauldron Table - Approx.* 13 NP

Inviting guests over this Halloween, but don't have a lot of Neopoints to spend on decorating? This table will make your Neohome look very spooky, just what you need for those Halloween Fright Nights. And after Halloween you can always take the glass top off and use it as a big soup pot at Christmas time – two holiday accessories for the very low price of one!

9. Evil Twin Goatee - Approx.* 70 NP

A great inexpensive alternative to all those costly Halloween costumes pets are buying nowadays. Just pop on one of these and voilà! Instant evil disguise. No one will recognize you now - but if they do, you can always blame your evil twin!

8. Spooky Shutter - Approx.* 1 NP

Don't want to give any of your hard-earned Neopoints or items to those pesky trick-or-treaters? Then these shutters are for you! Not only can you keep an eye on your prized gnomes without being spotted, you can make your house look dark and mysterious - that'll scare them off your lawn for sure.

7. Squirty Selket Toy - Approx.* 50 NP

Well, they did say trick OR treat, right? Be individual and play a prank on them! Squirting this Selket toy may not make you the most popular person on the block, but you'll definitely have fun whilst doing it.

6. Almost Gummy Rat (Grape) - Approx.* 10 NP

Combine the best of both trick and treat with this Almost Gummy Rat; great for scaring young and old Neopets alike! Just place in a lucky dip bag and ask them to close their eyes before choosing a treat – instant hilarity will ensue. And best of all it can be eaten afterwards as a yummy, squidgy treat!

5. Pumpkin Lip Gloss - Approx.* 5 NP

Get into the holiday spirit with this pumpkin-flavored lip gloss! Whoever said orange lips weren't cool? Don't eat it, though; it might smell yummy but I can promise you, it's really not.

4. Geraptiku Punch - Approx.* 1 NP

Well, what else are you going to sip over Halloween? Legend has it that this punch was what the ancient Geraptikus celebrated Halloween with. Relive history and drink some on Halloween Eve! Don't worry; I'm sure it's a fake skull. Sort of.

3. Dark Red Spooky Candle - Approx.* 90 NP

This Candle is perfect for telling scary stories around at night - and best of all, it never runs out! Candles are a Halloween must-have, and at 70 NP this blood-red candle is definitely the one to choose for that creepy, atmospheric glow...

2. Pumpkin Lid Hat -Approx.* 70 NP

Chin not big enough for the evil twin goatee? Pets complaining about wearing the same costume as each other? Got a JubJub or a Kiko? Then the pumpkin lid hat is for you! Make your pet look like a giant pumpkin over Halloween - they're sure to love the attention!

1. Halloween Ruki Tales - Approx.* 300 NP

Telling Spooky stories in the dark with your friends is what Halloween is all about, right? Reading stories from this book is sure to frighten - and impress - your Neofriends; and at 300 NP it'll impress your wallet as well.

Look how much you have left to spend on... well, whatever you like, really! That Draik egg you've been saving up for, a paint brush, a new bed for your Neohome... the list goes on and on! You've barely been set back 1300 NP for the entire Halloween festivities and all of these Halloween goodies are sure to amaze your pets, your neighbours, your Neofriends and most importantly the Green Skeith who works at the National Neopian Bank. I told you thirteen was a lucky number, didn't I?

I hope that your Halloween is a good one, whether you're having a big party or just scaring those bothersome young Neopets of your lawn: Have a Happy Halloween, everybody!

*Disclaimer: All approx. prices are just that, an approximation. I, Antarticrose, am not responsible for any deviation of the price of any of the products named. All item prices were checked on the 22/10/11 and may vary from the price on this date.

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