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Ten Villains To Look Out For This Halloween

by kaddiez


For the more light-hearted, Halloween is simply a joyous time of year to dress up and collect candy from neighbours and friends, alike, uttering the phrase, "Trick-or-Treat!" in return for a handful of sweets. That would be, if you were an innocent, kind Neopian. For those with darker thoughts in mind, the month of collecting's end brings more sinister plans to fruition; especially in the thickets of Haunted Woods, where evil and gloomy are just staples of everyday life. Beware of these wicked harbingers, who'll bring an extra dash of malevolence to this night of spook and horrors.

10. The Esophagor –The infamous Esophagor is known for his massive appetite and being a greedy individual, or thing... it's hard to tell, really. On Halloween, this is his day for feasting. After a young Neopian's night of gathering hard-earned candy, the Esophagor will be after it-- all of it. He will stop asking for one measly doughnut or a gummy or two, no, on Halloween that would be just child's play. He knows what is in your bag and the Esophagor has no qualms going after it, heck, he would even eat you! Be prepared to forfeit your bag of candy or Brain Tree's quest. The choice is yours.

9. Meuka – One has to wonder what would cause a Meerca to transform into a living lump of snot. At this point, it is really hard to put Meuka at fault, for what would become of you if you were to be turned into a pile of mucus? On Halloween, do not be surprised if children run away crying, covered in clumps of green goo. If that starts happening, you should start running too. Meuka won't be too far behind, ready to spray any unsuspecting Neopet that he happens to come by.

8. Eliv Thade – On Halloween night, it is not unlikely that a happy-go-lucky, trick-or-treater will make their way by the Castle of Eliv Thade, mistaking it as a very well done haunted house. If that of course were to happen, they would not emerge happy-go-lucky; if they are lucky and happen to get out of there at all, expect their morale to fall to zero and hold a very dark view on the world for the rest of their days. Inside his castle, Eliv Thade will force you to—solve anagrams. Yes, anagrams. Eliv Thade shows once again why he is not to be trifled with.

7. Mr. Krawley – Ever since the Tale of Woe and its subsequent outcome, no one really knows where Mr. Krawley has disappeared to. Whether he will ever show up again is debatable, but what better time is there to curse others than on Halloween, where everyone will be accepting foods and objects from others. Though, please be advised to not accept any strange concoctions being handed out by eerily dressed Krawks, no matter how delicious or bubbly they look.

6. Balthazar – The world-renowned faerie hunter, who has probably made millions through faerie bottles (that people like you buy; shame on you), has bigger and better ideas this Halloween. He's decided that his bottle faerie business has slowed down quite a bit, so Balthazar is changing things up. This season, look out for his new creation: bottled children. Yes, the great, terrorizing Lupe will now be capturing young Neopians that are foolish enough to walk to his door and putting them in oversized bottles. Will they sell? No one really knows. The real question is, how did he come up with this idea?

5. Count Von Roo – Opposed to every other day of the year, on Halloween the Count will be awake all day long. This means that you may challenge him to Deadly Dice or battle him in the battledome any time. This seemingly genuine act of kindness by the Count may seem innocent at first, but it has a deep, underlying meaning. If you've ever noticed, Deadly Dice is rigged on Halloween. You will not win. It's a genius plot to drain all Neopets of their levels, because unlike most other counts, Count Von Roo does not feed on blood, he feeds on levels. Whether you believe this or not, go ahead and challenge him to a game and see the outcome for yourself.

4. The Brain Tree – Never has learning been so evil. His quests seem fair enough at first, asking for knowledge in exchange for Neopoints and items, but it's obvious that the Esophagor and the Brain Tree are in on it together. Working together, the two will make it almost impossible to finish any quests, so do not take one expecting to complete it. On Halloween, he probably won't be doing much of anything, as he is just a tree and thus can't really move. Even so, those who wonder past his branches seem to disappear...

3. Edna – On what is seemingly her favorite day, Edna is just as bitter ever. If you had some sort of epiphany that she would somehow give you better prizes, or dare-say the avatar, on this special occasion, you'd do good to get those thoughts out of your head. If it's even possible, somehow she seems to give out even worse prizes and this time they come with an extra loud cackle. If those rotten eyeballs get you down, fear not! You can spend all day beating her down in the battledome where she will be readily available.

2. Hubrid Nox's Ghost – After that embarrassing incident last year that left Hubrid Nox a mere empty shell of his former self, he now wanders the world as a ghost. For any other time of the year, being a ghost would just be very out of place and awkward to say the least, but on Halloween it's a dream. Expect him to be hiding in the shadows scaring people and entering costume contests while wining them all. Rumors say that they plan on turning his castle into a Halloween attraction. Something to look forward to, along with seeing your favorite super-villain reanimated.

1. Meepits – Do not be fooled by their pink fur and wide cute eyes. It is safe to say that these petpets hold more danger to Neopia than all the above villains combined. On Halloween, it's impossible to know what these seemingly-loveable critters will be up to, but whatever it is, it'll be just as evil as all those other things they've done, like... Well, you get the point. Beware!

So, there you have they you have it! Look out for these evil dwellers of Neopia, but do not let their petty plans ruin this frivolous day. Enjoy a night of tricking or treating, people scaring, and costume wearing. Have a happy Halloween, everyone!

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