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14 Petpets to Avoid Being Tricked By On Halloween

by dogs_can_bark


With the festivities of Halloween approaching, thoughts of costumes and mouth watering candy have probably already started to enter your minds. But remember, this special day brings out some rather scary creatures and they all want sweets too. If you're worried about possible candy thieves or mischief makers this Halloween, why not read through this list below of the top fourteen Petpets you're advised to stay clear of during your spooky celebrations.

14. Ghost Harris

Despite looking spooky, it's important to remember that ghosts can't harm you. They can, however, eat the contents of your goodie bag, so remember to watch out for them. If you see a ghost Petpet that you think wants your candy, avoiding them is your best option. Remember they can phase through your goodie bag, straight to your sweets. Ghost Harrises tend to be the biggest tricksters. They like to swoop down from the trees, so keep your eyes peeled.

13. Halloween Snowbunny

Yes, it's adorable. But a bite from this Snowbunny could mean you won't be eating that Garlic Pizza you had planned for the night. Carry a Garlic item with you to avoid the sneaky bite of these little Petpets and save your yummy dinner plans.

12. Halloween Gallion

Afraid your washing has suddenly come to life and is chasing you? Don't throw your sweets at it till it stops following you. It's most likely a Gallion dressed as a ghost. If so, your best form of attack is to have a Gallant Gallions Comic handy at all times. Any Gallion is sure to want to stop their candy pursuit to read a little about the adventures of such an awesome hero.

11. Mutant Rock

Why anyone picks up one of these on Halloween is rather questionable. But it does still happen, especially around Ye Olde Fishing Vortex. What looks a little like a Mossy Rock Wearable is actually a highly disgusting Petpet. Touching one of these Petpets will have you covered in warts instantly. Then how will you collect candy without infecting all your treats? Don't pick up Rocks covered in green stuff if you want to be sure you can handle your candy safely.

10. Halloween Geb

Don't be fooled! It's becoming quite common for poor Halloween participants to come home after a tiring night of candy collecting, only to find a plump Candy Corn Classic look-alike sitting in their sweets bag under a pile of wrappers. If you're concerned your Candy Corn may be a fake, it's advised you look for signs of movement or arms. Should your candy have either or both of these traits, do not add it to your goodie bag!

9. Mutant Fir

These little guys like to play pranks on people who are game enough to enter the Haunted Woods on Halloween. Since they look like tree trunks they can cause quite a fright if they sneak up on you. Remember if you do get a shock in the woods, screaming is fine; just don't drop your candy bag when you run away or you'll have to start again.

8. Halloween Triffin

Sneaky critters, they wait at the doors of houses for your arrival. Although they do a good job of lighting your way, they have a habit of giving in to the call of sweets. Whilst you're focused on knocking at the door of lolly givers, they subtly try and pinch some of your tasty earnings. Beware! If the lantern at the door seems rather furry, it's probably not a pumpkin and your candy could be in trouble.

7. Mutant Frowny

Since most can't avoid the temptation of eating a little of their candy before they get home, every little bit counts. So when you find a basically whole, but partially melted ice-cream on the ground, the sheer urge one gets to eat it is understandable. But take a closer look. What you thought was a rare find to help keep you from spoiling your loot, could be a trickster waiting to spoil your night. One taste of this Petpet and I assure you, you're not going to be able to get the taste of rotting socks out of your mouth for a while. Yuck!

6. Jinjah

Unless you want to waste all your energy trying to catch what you thought was a Gingerbread Mynci, because it's running off with the giant bag of lollies that you worked your heart out to collect, look twice. If it has red eyes, it's not the treat you thought it was. Also, think about it, Gingerbread is for Christmas, not Halloween. Wait till December to be safe of a candy thief you'll never catch.

5. Halloween Tenna

Yes, you may have just found a Untarnished Apple, possibly someone's Apple Bobbing prize. But then again, it could also be a sneaky petpet looking to scare you, so you drop your goodie bag and run. Eyes are a big give-away. Apples don't have eyes.

4. Halloween Rock

Graveyards are an essential part of Halloween; just make sure it's an actual Graveyard and not a Halloween Rock party instead. You don't want to spoil others' celebrations by accident, nor do you want to have to pay the price for disturbing a Rock party with all your treats.

3. Mutant Yullie

Because they have a small resemblance to Hot Cheese Croissants, these Petpets can cause quite a lot of chaos. It's advised that you stick to common candy, and not go for a heated pastry. What you thought were steam lines could be stink lines.

2. Halloween Pfish

It's not a Mummified Pepper, it's a Pfish in bandages. You can do better than mummified food anyway, so don't pick one of these up and add it to your goodie bag by accident.

1. Meepit

You wont mistake this little guy as food or a spooky decoration, but they'll be out there. These Petpets are built on chaos and Halloween is the perfect cover to play some tricks. Plus, the bonus of getting your hard earned candy is only an incentive to them. BEWARE! If you see a Meepit in any colour, RUN!!!

So now you know what Petpets you should definitely be weary of this Halloween. Have fun, collect lots of delicious sweets and fully enjoy your celebrations, just remember not to be tricked by look-alikes and mischievous Petpets.

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