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Halloween in the Haunted Woods

by kila__94


With Halloween coming up, everyone's going to be getting ready for the spooky holiday, and naturally, the Haunted Woods will be packed. However, most Neopians are unaware of how they affect the residents of the Haunted Woods this time of year. As a resident of the Haunted Woods, I am conducting a report on the complications the holiday causes for our chilling woods.

I began with the Deserted Fairground. According to Sidney, "Children really are quite sssssstupid thissssss time of year. They are more likely to sssssstay in the fairground after midnight, which any senssssible person knowssssss issss almossssst certain death, or worssse. We warn them, but our warningsssss only excite them."

It is well known in the Haunted Woods that people who stay in the Fairgrounds for too long at night are never seen again. However, it is possible some Neopians outside of the Haunted Woods are less familiar with this fact, and are thereby less cautious.

Some local businesses seem to have complaints as well. The Wheel of Misfortune attendant complained that, "The rest of the month, there are more customers and business. On Halloween, hardly anyone visits the wheel, because they are too busy trick or treating. Well, there's plenty of treats and... TRICKS... at the wheel as well." He refused to explain further, rather sure it would be bad for business to do so.

I tried to interview Eliv Thade, but I could not understand a word he said, and decided to work on my anagram solving skills. Eventually I dug out my anagram solving machine, and was able to understand his words.

"Trick or treaters always disturb me. Whenever I try to scare them away, they comment on what a great costume I am wearing, and how well I speak in anagrams... about eighty percent of the time they will eventually realize I really am Eliv Thade and run screaming into the night, which I find rather amusing."

The ghost in the almost abandoned attic doesn't seem to mind. "More people visit me, which is always a welcomed comfort."

Indeed, many people benefit from Halloween, such as Bart's apple bobbing, the Crumpet Monger makes Neopoints selling baked treats for Halloween parties, the Esophagor eats candy that children drop, and the Haunted House receives more visits. Edna also finds more people who are willing to complete her quests.

"Last year I did that special trick or treat event, and business boomed. It was great!" she says, while mixing a strange looking brew with what appear to be limbs- hopefully fake limbs- of some sort.

However, let's not forget the parts of Halloween everyone hates: the tricksters. No one in the Haunted Woods seems to hate it more than the Brain Tree.

"Last year, I was completely covered in toilet paper, eggs, and so forth, along with my brainless relatives scattered around the rest of the Haunted Woods. What did we ever do to those little unintelligent brats?"

The little mutant Blumaroo from "FETCH!" also suffers from the wrath of the tricksters. "They throw stuff at me," he said, before completely ignoring us while looking for an item he was ordered to get.

Also, according to the PPL, "Many Meepits bite Neopians who come too close to their burrows, and Neopians often kick them in response. Spyders are also often squashed, and ghostkerchiefs hit by young spooked Neopians, smudgeys mistaken for mud puddles, werhonds biting Neopians- the list goes on and on."

Also, many naughty Trick or Treaters seem to disappear.

"We all know Old Lady Doppel has something to do with it," one resident (who chose to remain anonymous) remarked. "But no one can prove that she's even real. More commonly known as Mrs. Doppelganger, it's said she preys on misbehaving trick o' treaters but-" She looked around nervously, looked straight at one house for a full minute, then said that she couldn't stick around.

Nobody is sure if the story is true or not, but no one wants to misbehave enough to find out. Another resident remarked, "I remember t'ree years ago it was, I had to warn some wee kids about going into a house. Dey should'a' known better. Where w'ar' their parents, me wonders?"

Apparently, many kids have been entering The Meepit Oaks Sanitorium for the Psychologically Fragile after the Tale of Woe plot, for reasons such as dares, and to get a scare.

"Ever since the tale of woe plot, children have found confidence to go into such dangerous areas, but during the plot, areas such as these were kept on constant watch," said plot attorney Janea Carlotta, who handles complaints made against plots. "But now that the plot's over, it's not guarded much, and Neopians who go in are at more risk."

But of all the people I've spoken to, Magax seemed the most stressed, due to Neopians visiting the graveyards all the time.

"It's hard to tell the difference between a real ghost and a ghost-painted Neopet. There have been many injuries the past few years, especially among Scorchios, JubJubs, and Cybunnies. I'm hoping with Hubrid Nox's death, the numbers of these injuries will go down, since there are less hostile ghosts in the graveyard. However, there are still plenty other ghosts in the graveyard."

According to Magax, although Hubrid Nox can't raise more ghosts, for obvious reasons, on Halloween, several dozen ghosts rise for the occasion, and sometimes attack the living who disrespect the graves.

"Some Neopians take their children to the graveyard and allow them to play on the tombstones. Not only can a tombstone fall over and crush the child -since they are all old- but their actions can upset the residents of the graveyard. Most Neopians outside the Haunted Woods think these are just ghost stories, but any Haunted Woods resident should know better by now. If you come into the graveyard, you must be respectful."

Plus, let's not forget during The Tale of Woe plot.

"We're still cleaning up after that," complained Magax "I'd like to know whose idea it was to just start digging up graves for the plot," Magax added bitterly, his paw glowing with green energy.

Plus the Operation: Petpet Park plot...

"MORE graves dug up! What is it with Neopians and digging up graves?!? They weren't technically buried! The petpets were trapped in a mausoleum," says Magax. "Plot sites, unfortunately, are popular tourist areas, and since the graveyard was involved in two plots- well, you get the idea," he added as he rolled his eyes. "I just wish people would shut up about Hubrid Nox. It's over, please do not tempt his spirit. One kid came in with an Ouija board- one of those things used to 'talk' to the dead- and tried to talk to a spirit. Does he WANT to be haunted for all eternity? Spirits started coming out of it, so I had to destroy it!" It is quite evident that Magax suffers from a lot of stress this time of year.

It is also quite easy for Neopians to get lost in the Haunted Woods. The Neopian pound reports several children who had to have temporary stay until reunited with loved ones.

As you can see, Neopians flocking to the Haunted Woods have many positive and negative effects on the area. It can be stressful on some- especially Magax- and dangerous for ignorant tourists. However, it also helps some people's businesses. At any rate, it is best to avoid dangerous spots, and stressing Magax out.

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