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Wearables You Must Have for Halloween

by 5966001


With Halloween coming up, more and more owners are scrambling to find the perfect outfit for their pet. It's time to find some spooky wearables to get your pet into the mood of trick-or-treating and other festivities. Of the thousands of neopoint wearables released, there are a select few that are perfectly made for Halloween. You don't need a Halloween pet to show off your Halloween spirit! In this article I will list the best of the best spooky wearables that neopoints can buy (ordered by price for your convenience)!

1. Haunted Trees Background

Approximate Cost: Free from the Burger King toy promotion in September, 2008

This, by far, is my favorite spooky background. Why? It's free! Not only that, with the low-lying mist and the shadowy trees, it makes a perfect, spooky setting for your neopet. Watch out! A ghost might jump out at any moment from behind one of those trees! If you still haven't redeemed the code for this prize, you can still do so, so hurry up and get it along with other nice backgrounds that you can use after Halloween!

2. Holiday Ghost Marshmallow Garland

Approximate Cost: 1,500 NP

Need some ghostly companions? These cheerfully spooky pals will accompany your pet on its candy hoarding mission! The glow emanating from these ghosts make your neopet look more lively, and it fills up some of the empty space above your neopet's head. Though it is somewhat spooky, it is recommended for a cuter neopet and outfit.

3. Giant Moach Costume

Approximate Cost: 3,200 NP

Eek! Giant oversized bugs! Have your neopet scare its friends with this frightening costume! Made to look like the ghastly counterpart of one of our favorite petpetpets, this costume covers your pet's entire body, making it look exactly like a big, scary, real bug! Although this costume is fairly common, is great for trick-or-treaters on a budget or too lazy to come up with their own costumes.

4. Inside a Jack-o-Lantern Background

Approximate Cost: 10,000 NP

Jack-o-Lanterns are one of the main symbols of Halloween, and how can you express your Halloween love better than with this awesome background? This background is also a great choice for brightly colored pets, or for those pets too afraid to step outside into the dark world. The somewhat bright lights flickering inside this giant pumpkin really do make a costume shine. Oh, what's a better place to hide if you want to ambush or surprise your friends? Make sure your pet is okay with stepping on the mushy pumpkin rinds!

5. Scary Witch Mask

Approximate Cost: 16,000 NP

Personally, I believe that witches, with their various gruesome curses and spells, are the scariest beings of the Halloween realm. This mask does a great job of enhancing that idea. It even comes with the signature wart on the nose! Hide behind this mask and no one can guess who your pet is, that is, if anyone stays long enough to try to guess.

6. Jack-O-Lantern Mask

Approximate Cost: 27,000 NP

The pumpkin has come to life! Dress up your pet as one of the most loved vegetable (or fruit) of this month, and get a good scare out of it! Not made from real pumpkins thankfully, so it's alright to put this on your pet's face. This mask is highly recommended to go with the Inside a Jack-o-Lantern Background.

7. Ednas Shadow Background

Approximate Cost: 30,000 NP

Is there a creepier setting than standing in the room of a witch with a bubbling cauldron of glowing green goo? This background will make the more timid pets shy away from your scary, if not awesome-looking, pet. (Or is that because of the rancid smell coming from that cauldron? What in Neopia did Edna put in there!) This background is the best choice for any pet sporting a witch's costume. Oh, and beware of the lurking shadow.

8. Edna Costume Hat

Approximate Cost: 70,000 NP

One of the most popular things to be on this day of haunting is a witch. No witch costume is complete without the trademark pointy witch hat, though. It even comes with cute- err, I mean creepy green ears. This item will look perfect with the Scary Witch Mask and Ednas Shadow Background.

9. Malicious Dark Faeries Background

Approximate Cost: 72,000 NP

Incoming Dark Faeries! Duck! Though this background is more expensive than the rest, the glowing eyes of the trees and flitting dark faeries really create a good scene to be in, making it fairly popular. The nice mixture of dark colors creates a beautiful customization when paired with good wearables.

10. Ghostly Torch

Approximate Cost: 75,000 NP

Is your pet afraid of the dark? Tell it to bring this Ghostly Torch along! The flickering blue flame will cast an eerie glow to illuminate your pet's path. This item is one of the best hand-held items release with Halloween charm. It also adds a little light and life to the customization to make it even more interesting! Make sure it isn't afraid of fire either.

11. Jack-O-Lantern Pail

Approximate Cost: 98,000 NP

Now you got some candy! Yay! Oh wait, where are you going to put all of it? Huh? Nooo! Don't stuff them all into your mouth! Here, take this Jack-O-Lantern Pail. Not only is it a great place to store your candy as you walk door to door, this bright little bucket also makes your pet look more eager to go trick-or-treating, even when it's days away!

12. Looming Balthazar Shadow

Approximate Cost: 100,000 NP

You haven't seen Balthazar around here, have you? *shifty eyes* Wait, what's that behind you? Aaaaahhhhh! Whew, just a shadow, and a very frightening shadow indeed! This shadow goes behind your pet and in front of your background. A prize from beating AAA in the Daily Dare, this lurking shadow is fairly popular, especially among Lupes since it makes them look like they have a second, more evil and cunning personality. Looks like something other than your pet will be making your competition scamper away!

13. Cover of Darkness Foreground

Approximate Cost: 110,000 NP

Pets that are painted bright colors such as Faerie would be a hassle when it comes to choosing a dark, scary costume. You can tone down the colors using the Cover of Darkness Foreground. A prize from the Game Master Challenge, this wearable is a must have for any spooky outfit. It really brings out the ominous characteristics of Darigan and Halloween pets as well.

14. Malevolent Tombstones

Approximate Cost: 200,000 NP

I wanted to have 13 wearables in my article, but although this one is quite expensive, it is so good that I just had to add it. Those tombstones never fail to cause my heart to quiver. This foreground item is one of the most popular spooky wearable, and unlike most restockable wearables, its value seems to be rising in price. Surrounded by these ghastly pals, no one will ever question how your neopet's customization is. You'll never know when these guys will turn on you, though... This item is usually paired with the Malicious Dark Faeries background since they make a nice and interesting combo. The combo is also often seen with the Ghostly Torch. I've used those three items in my Halloween Xweetok's customization, and I have to say, it looks great!

Now that you have a basic idea of some of the many awesome spooky wearables, it is up to you to pick out the best outfit to match your pet! Have a happy Halloween!

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