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Living with a Zombie!, Again!

by tweakley

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Stories from the Outsyder Fringe: Time & Punishment
The latest spooky story from Outsyder! Time can't be rewound, but if it can? One learns that time is a harsh mistress...

by outsyder


Ten Villains To Look Out For This Halloween
Beware of these wicked harbingers, who'll bring an extra dash of malevolence to this night of spook and horrors.

by kaddiez


The Unfortunate Reality of Test Your Strength
Happy Halloween!

by qelato


Chronicles of a Caped Crusader: Morphica Begins - Part Seven
"Judge Hog, how good of you to save us the trouble of finding you ourselves. You should have listened to Morphica. Really, I was hoping that you would be a little smarter than this."

by kristykimmy

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