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Top 10 Spooky Places Outside of the Haunted Woods!

by bioboy1


It's getting to be that time of year again when the ghouls and goblins come back out to spook and frighten us. If you're anything like me, you want to know where to go for the best thrill out there... but maybe you're bored of the old clichéd Haunted Woods scenes... maybe Mr. Chuckles has lost his luster, or you know your way through the Haunted House like the back of your hand and quite possibly the Esophagor quests are less than appealing? Well, look no further, I've got what you're looking for in these locations below. Now presenting the top 10 spooks outside the Haunted Woods and a brief summary of the myths surrounding them:

10. Faerie Caverns- You'd never think that anything scary could come from the land of faeries, but remember, these caverns border under the Haunted Woods, and with the magic pouring into it from Faerieland, all sorts of creatures can be found down there, including mutated bearogs, poisonous scarabs, and a legend of a new kind of faerie that has been nicknamed the scary faerie. It's said to have huge leathery wings, large fingers that end in long claws and horns that spiral from its head. So next time you're down there, be aware or the scary faerie may get you...

9. Maraquan Ruins- Once a rich vibrant community, it fell to rubble when attacked by pirates from the surface. Now many legends surround the area including a monstrous snail, and evil witches known as the Drenched. Many have gone missing while trying to explore the ruins, despite the large amount of traffic coming and going from the underwater fishing cavern! One thing is for sure down there; if you decide to go wandering around down there, you're doing so at your own risk!

8. Lost Desert Wasteland- Just outside of Sakhmet is a lot of sand. Sand for miles. But what you don't see past the horizon is the desert wasteland. It's also known as the borderlands between the Haunted Woods and the Lost Desert. Now bear with me, I know at first glance it seems harmless enough, but be out there after dark and strange things will happen. Some call them the moon's mirage, but others know it as the mummy's graveyard. Get caught by one of those mummies and you may find yourself getting all wrapped up!

7. The Crypt of Von Roo- Do I really need to explain this one? Or do we pretty much all know how it works? Well, for those who don't, Von Roo is an evil Blumaroo that wants to steal your pets' levels... but did you know there's more? Aside from leveling up, the guy has to eat.... and some say he feeds on pets that win against him too many times. Apparently he thinks it will bring him better luck; guess only he will ever know... but be careful and maybe bring some garlic with you next time you go!

6. Geraptiku Ruins- Well, what isn't scary about this place!? There are skulls galore and plenty of shadows. They say that the place is abandoned, but it makes you wonder, who keeps up with the shops? And on top of that are reports of a ghost Hissi deep within the temple. Make sure you keep an eye out for it because it's certainly keeping an eye on you!

5. Restive Tomb- High upon the cliffs outside Altador is a tomb full of the deceased of the city... Many say late at night you can here crying coming from little Juliana deep within the tomb, but the creepiest of all are the reports of jelly manifestation... I know, jelly isn't the most horrifying thing ever... but just think about how hard it would be to escape its gelatinous hold! Did I mention the jelly is acidic and slowly dissolves anything it is able to absorb? It may be a good idea to keep some bandages on you (its only weakness).

4. Bridge to Shenkuu- Leading to the entrance of Shenkuu is an old rope bridge covered in deep fog. The people of this trading port say you should never cross it when the fog is too thick to see the other side, or you'll never make it off the bridge, but instead will be doomed to try and spend eternity finding a way off the bridge. On days when the fog is thick, you'll sometimes see camps of people waiting for it to clear up, adding belief to this story.

3. Forgotten Ski Lodge- High up on top of the peak of Terror Mountain lies what's left of an old ski resort where sixteen staff members unfortunately were murdered (only to miraculously recover and get back to work asap). Some say Sloth was behind the dastardly plot; other say it was cabin fever. One thing is for sure... it's an evil place indeed.

2. Lair of the Beast- This one is a surefire way to have the goosebumps scared right out of ya! This cavern will truly test even the most burly of pets, and push them to their limits, for deep inside lies... the Beast. If you see the Beast, make sure you run as fast as you can and don't look back until you can no longer feel its cold breath on your back. Even then, you aren't free of the danger!

1. Krawk Island's (supposedly Haunted) Lighthouse- This legend is relatively new, but the pirates say that when the island was split up, it didn't have a lighthouse, yet suddenly a piece of the island was returned with a light house on it.... Nobody is sure where it came from, but the stories surrounding it are more than a neopoint a dozen. Everything from shadow wraiths to hunting grounds for the Drenched to a mysterious sea monster said to appear from the sea and make itself appear to those who have feelings of extreme guilt. This place has made its way to the number one spot for how easily it has found its place in infamy!

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