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A Few Trophies To Occupy You on Reset Night

by nayana852


Do you ever look at a user lookup and, with wonder tinged with a bit of envy, think to yourself, "Wow, he has so many trophies! I wish I could be that good"? I certainly have! And that motivated me to practice and become better at games myself. My improvement was slow but steady, time-consuming but rewarding. In this guide, I hope to teach some of the tricks I have learned over the years. Although some of them are based on common sense, they are nonetheless useful.

1. Meepit VS. Feepit

  • Goal Score- 3300+
  • Difficulty Rating- Easy
  • Time Needed- 40 minutes

Introduction and Instructions-

Because this game awards an avatar, most Neopians have played it before and are therefore familiar with the rules and controls. Here's a quick refresher. You are a Feepit (fluffy, cute, blue and white Petpet that I still need to buy for my Ghost Lupe) on a mission to destroy Meepits (not-so-fluffy, usually pink, petpets that I will never buy for my Ghost Lupe). Why must you destroy Meepits? Because Meepits are responsible for so much of Neopia's dark side! For example, is the website lagging? It's the Meepits. Are you getting junk when you do your dailies? It's the Meepits! Did you miss a Draik in the pound? A Meepit probably got it. Did Dr. Sloth steal your Plushie Paint Brush? A Meepit probably told him to (Just kidding. That was Sloth acting on his own accord. But you get the idea). That, in a nutshell, is why your job is so important! You can tail whip with the "X" key, punch with the "Z" key, and block with the "C" key. Additionally, performing punch-tail whip-punch-tail whip in that order or tail whip-punch-tail whip-punch will ensue a devastating combo attack. You must beat the regular Blue Meepit, Dung Meepit, Faerie Meepit, Tyrannian Meepit, and Fire Meepit in order to complete the game.

Key to Scoring High and Securing a Trophy-

Now that the long-winded introduction is over, let's get to the important part. TROPHYYYY. YAY! Think back to when you got the avatar. Remember what you did? If not, here's a reminder. You beat your opponent to within an inch of its life, and then you let it overwhelm you twice in each round. Then you won the next three rounds to win the fight and proceeded to do the same to your next opponent. Well, in order to get a trophy, you must do something very similar. Prepare a combo attack (without letting any of the individual attacks done before the combo harm the Meepit). Unleash it, and then perform an additional one. And then more. For a total of 5 combos. Then let your opponent beat you. Do the same thing in the next round. Start the third round in the same way, but instead of letting your opponent beat you, prepare a sixth combo attack. Before pressing the last key to unleash the combo, however, jump in the air towards your opponent. Press the key in midair so the combo is done from the sky. If done correctly, you should receive a point bonus and get over 120 points for only that round. In my experiences, the point bonus averages out to be about 125 points a round between the 5 opponents. Using the same method in the fourth and fifth round, finish the fight. For the first opponent, you should have 95 points each for your two losses and about 125 for each win, giving you roughly 565 points for the round. Additionally, you get 100 points for finishing the round, for a grand total of 665. Using this method for each of the five opponents should award roughly 3325 points for the game. This is plenty for a Bronze trophy on reset night (the first of every month) and, if you have luck with the combos, maybe you'll even score high enough for a Silver one.

2. The Buzzer Game

  • Goal Score- 425
  • Difficulty Rating- Easy to Medium
  • Time Needed- 15 to 90 Minutes

Introduction and Instructions-

The legendary Techo Master is training you to achieve your maximum potential. I know you might think this guy is a joke. Truth is, he is not. Want proof? Okay! Well, for one thing, he runs a training school that trains pets all the way up to level 250. Yeah, that's pretty high! In another example, the Techo Master card in the game "Dueling Decks" has an attack of 15 and intelligence of 140! That's nothing to scoff at, guys. For a final piece of evidence, try battling him in the Battledome! Did you win? If not, I told you so. ;) If you did somehow manage to win, battle him again. Keep battling him again every time you win, and I promise you that, at some point, the Techo Master will beat you. He's just that good. ;) Now that we've established that the Techo Master has something to teach all of us, let's go over the controls of this game. There is a wire. If you touch it, you lose a life. There are 15 levels. Completing each level gives points. Some levels give more points than others. Speed also gives points.

Key to Scoring High and Securing a Trophy-

First, some general guidelines.

a. Turn the sound off. Why add an additional distraction when a couple clicks can take it away?

b. Type "cheese" as soon as you click on the beginning of the wire on level 1. Now you can see the mouse and will have a reference for the rest of the game!

c. Zoom in as much as possible. Bigger wire =more room to make mistakes= less chance of error.

d. Use a laptop touchpad. It's slower, but I find it's easier to control than a mouse.

Now the other stuff.

Since this is a low scoring game, every point counts. Therefore, you need to rack up as many speed bonuses as possible in the early levels. Focus on speed above all else. If you lose a life, restart the game. Hopefully, you can get time bonuses of about 10 points each for the first three levels. This is the cushion that will get you a trophy range score. Starting at level 4, take as much time as needed. Focus on nothing except finishing the level. Don't look at the Techo Master, and do not let your mind wander. After each level, drink some water or take a break if you need to. Sometimes, when you lose a life in the later levels, the bonus clock does not run when you restart the level. This gives you a chance to get the full amount of speed bonus points. Take advantage of this by making sure you've lost the maximum number of lives (without losing the game) by the time you finish level 15. Once again, this game is focus more than anything. Depending on you, it could take 15 minutes or 90 minutes to get a trophy on reset night.

3. Bilge Dice

  • Goal Score- 7990
  • Difficulty Rating- Easy to Medium
  • Time Needed- 45 minutes

Introduction and Instructions-

You are against three pirates. You must keep a 1 and a 4 to qualify for the game. Your score is the total of the other four numbers you keep. You must keep one number each round. You must score higher than the other three pirates to win. You can bet 10, 50, 100, 200, 500, and 1000 Neopoints. Your winnings are 4X your bet. Bet in a way so that you win 7990 Neopoints. For example, best case scenario is betting 10 NP and losing. Then betting 1000 NP and losing. Then betting and winning 1000 NP three times in a row. However, chances are you'll have to make your own path to 7990.

Key to Scoring 7990 and Securing a Trophy-

You must start playing this game right as soon as scores reset. Yes, that means 12:10 AM NST. This is because your goal is to score 7990 before many other people do. There's really not much to say about this game. Score 7990. If you win with a score of 24, there is a random chance that you will get your bet amount as a bonus, so it is actually possible to score up to 8990 on reset night (you'll need 8990 for a Gold Trophy. I didn't bother trying for that). Don't be afraid to take risks, but at the same time, don't take too many. This is about luck and speed! So I wish you both.


In this guide, I was hoping to cover the basics and strategy for Meepit VS Feepit, The Buzzer Game, and Bilge Dice. I tried to make it as clear as possible. Nonetheless some of it is difficult to understand until you try it. Don't give up, and if you have any questions, there are wonderful people on the Avatar Chat and Games Chat (me included :D) who would be delighted to help. Good luck!

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