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Great Colors For Even the Widest Skeith

by movie138music


Dedicated to Gawly, who will always have the heart of a Skeith burning within him.

Skeiths. The poor things are always looked down on with disdain at best and outright cruelty at most. They come from the same proud, fiery line as the (in my opinion) far overused Draiks, and are closely related to the cheerful middling Scorchios. Why are they so not loved?

It’s the chubs, obviously. People see the wide stomachs and immediately decide that Skeiths aren’t worth their time. Folks, don’t judge a Skeith by his middle. You’ll be making a dire mistake.

Of course, many of you will indeed judge a Skeith by his or her outer covering (or not, in the case of the transparent). In that case, there are plenty of fine colors to choose from out there by the Rainbow Pool, colors which are too often passed over and forgotten. There is absolutely no excuse for this evil. You’ll agree too, once you see this asplodingly awesome collection of Skeith looks.


The unbreakable rule of babyness is that if it’s a baby, it gets at least a six on the cuteness scale. The Baby Skeith scores a 7.5 in my book, which is pretty good considering the Lutari, which to most people (I find their eyes adorable) ranks at 6.000000001. This Skeith obviously is far more woobie-ish. His enormous eyes are fixed offscreen at some treat placed far away, and it’s probably just luck that his star-and-moon clothes (if you don’t like it, take it off!) aren’t already covered in food stains. His tiny tail has little round spikes jutting out from it, and his little fangs are just beginning to appear. If you don’t find this the least bit cute, you don’t deserve to get your free copy of the NT every Friday. Hmph.


He joined the dark side, and his waistline is an obvious result of the cookies. This guy has artful black spots patterned all over his skin, glowing red eyes that are all the rage in the Citadel this season, and of course the huge fangs curling from his curved bottom lip. Even his wings somehow look awesome. Well, at least more awesome than the horned abomination that is the Darigan Draik—no offense to you Draiks out there. We in the dark side need all the minions we can get.


Like I said above, red eyes are totally in. This Skeith appears to be missing pupils as well, which just adds to the Frankenstein charm. He’s covered in ominous patches—probably from being an avid risk-taker—and the torn green vest wouldn’t have looked out of place at a rock concert. And don’t forget the long vertical stitch running down his middle: it’s probably to keep all of yesterday’s dinner locked firmly inside of his guts.


This Skeith is the thinnest of the bunch, which admittedly isn’t saying much. The fangs are back, but they’ve got more of a happy, rounded feel, kind of like my front teeth. The spots are back, bordering his underbelly and giving a bit of watery pizzazz to the typical formula. Instead of the red eyes, his are a deep-sea blue, showing his individuality. That and the long, finlike tail and wings, of course. Add that to those long catfish whiskers, the pointy ears and the soft forest green scales, and you’ve got one unique Maraquan.


In alphabet order it comes right after Maraquan, but don’t think the Mutant Skeith looks any less cool. He has a vaguely old-style, UC look about him, with his pose and art style. Some would disparage this. But don’t tell that to this Skeith: he’s got a strange yellow glint in his otherwise completely black sockets, and he looks hungry too. Again. Maybe to appease him, you might mention the pure coolness of those sweeping tentacle ears and the rows of dangerous spikes marching down his back (even his wings have spikes). Just two more reasons to pull out that lab ray, eh?


It would seem to most that fatness and a tight pair of striped trousers didn’t make the perfect fit. But this Skeith proves otherwise: he even makes fluffy medieval collars look like the next big thing. The cardigan look isn’t often seen in royal circles either, and it adds a streak of personality to his outfit. Of course, the fancy little crown and the shiny gold buttons don’t hurt either. In fact, the only thing anyone could rightly complain about is the white color. I agree that it looks rather bland, but there’s a simple solution: cross-paint! It’s quite popular among all royals to repaint and keep the clothes, and with the right paint job it won’t ever fail you.


This isn’t even debatable. The Transparent Skeith was the very first pet to debut with this look, and by far it remains the best (except, perhaps, for the Wocky). Now you can finally see all those sweets he was snacking on three days ago. And, at last, Neopia’s top scientists can find out just how a Skeith’s spine can support two hundred pounds of blubber without showing so much as a crack. Those neat little teeth must have been doing a lot of crunching. Hey, speaking of facial features, aren’t they super... awesome? (Looks like I’m running out of words to describe the coolness.) The eyes in the skull are just as creepy as you would expect them to be, and the nose is neatly tapered to a point. I don’t think the Wocky looks half as cool—after all, it has thick black eyebrows hovering over its forehead.


Most Tyrannians look flat-out brain-dead, and with the Skeith’s typical roundness, it’s not a pretty picture to many Neopians. But the Tyrannian Skeith isn’t all that scary. Take the color scheme. The dark brown mixes very nicely with the lighter sandy brown of the hexagon-like spatters (obviously looking very snazzy), as well as the silver color on his claws and wings. The fangs are now even more numerous than they were on the ol’ Darigan a few sections up, and they’re big enough to cover up parts of his intimidating yellow eyes. Once again: snazzy.

And that final word concludes my article, and in fact sums it up completely. Skeiths are indeed extremely snazzy, and they’re a much more interesting alternative to Draiks, which these days seem to be everywhere. Take a trip to the lab ray or the Rainbow Pool, and see what comes of it. And don’t forget to replenish your food supplies. Often.

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