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My 10 Favorite Draik Colors

by 1engel


It is Draik Day – finally. So let me assume for a moment that due to this special day, Draiks can be created. Wouldn't that be gorgeous? And let us just imply that you are one of the lucky ones who got a Draik – what color would you paint it? There are 50 colors out there available for a Draik. And here are my personal Top 10.

10. Camouflage

A bit special – I have to admit, but still in my top 10. I just like the look of it. However - painting your Draik camouflage and playing hide and seek – well – that might not be a good idea since you will have serious trouble finding it again!

Do you like this color too? You are lucky – a Camouflage Paintbrush is not very expensive. They go for ~85.000 NP. Really a deal for such a lovely color!

9. Grey

I really love Grey pets – and a Draik is no exception. You might argue that it is a rather plain color, but I think that is exactly the loveliness about it. Grey pets are easy to customize and they also give you an Avatar. A Grey Draik is even a double avatar pet – so I can do nothing else but recommend you this color, although it is a bit expensive. You can easily pay 3.500.000 NP for a Grey Paint Brush. But I think it is well spent money.

8. Spotted

Yet another very nice color for your new Draik. All these cute little brown dots everywhere. There are even some at the ears – and one just below the nose. You simply have to love your Spotted Draik. Are you interested? Just browse a little bit at the Trading Post – you will get your Spotted Paint Brush for ~1.500.000 NP. I really think it is worth saving up for this beautiful color.

7. Chocolate

Yummy! Whenever I see a Chocolate painted pet, I feel a sudden pang of hunger for chocolate. There is absolutely no way for you to escape the charm of a Chocolate Draik. Just take a look at that very tasty looking head – A single cherry on top of whipped cream. And all the chocolate sauce everywhere...

The big drawback with Chocolate it that it is a Lab-only color. There is no Paint Brush, no Morphing Potion to turn your pet into that color. Not even a Chocolate Draik Egg is available. You can get it only by zapping it with the Lab Ray. But be aware if you choose to do so – serious damage may happen to your pet during zapping. You might even end up with a Green Uni instead of the desired Chocolate Draik.

6. Maractite

Maractite is still a quite new color and you have to admit – it is just adorable. All these beautiful ornaments everywhere – I think all of your neofriends will be jealous of your new Maractite Draik It goes really well with backgrounds including water – for example the Waterfall Diving Background, the Water Lily Pond Background, the Underwater Shipwreck Background or the Underwater Background, to name just a few. There are plenty more lovely backgrounds out there – I am convinced you will find the perfect Background soon! You have lots of time searching for the perfect outfit of your new Maractite Draik while you save the ~ 4.000.000 NP that a Maractite Paint Brush will cost you.

5. Faerie

Yet another gorgeous color – especially for a Draik. It is easy to customize and there are dozens of faerie petpets out there to keep your Draik company. I think a Faerie Gruslen, a Faerie Gallion, a Faerie Sauropod or a Faerie Hegelob would be perfect. You are not convinced? No problem – there are currently 121 petpets in Neopia that can be painted Faerie – I'm sure you will find your personal favorite soon enough. In case you plan to paint your Draik with a Faerie Paint Brush – now is a good time to buy one. They have seriously deflated since Faerie Paint Brushes have been released as a prize for the participation in the “Ruin of the Faerieland”. And maybe, just maybe you are even lucky enough to trade for a unconverted Faerie Draik. I have heard rumors that there are still some out there in Neopia. Good luck finding them!

4. Maraquan

Have you ever seen a Maraquan Draik? No? You really missed something. They are among the most beautiful pets in Neopia. Maraquan Draiks go really well with all kind of (under)water backgrounds and their coloring is just amazing. It reminds me of spotted Koi – yet another pet/color combo I really like. You could attach a Maraquan Snowickle to keep your Draik happy. I think these two are a perfect match. Have you fallen in love with the Maraquan Draik now? I can really understand that! The bad news is that a Maraquan Paint Brush is really on the expensive side. You will have to pay ~9.000.000 NP in order to paint your Draik with this nice color. But again I think it is really worth the effort of saving that much NP.

3. Pirate

Now we enter the Top 3. A Pirate Draik would be awesome. You can make up really nice characters for your Pirate Draik. Just imagine a daring Pirate that sails all of Neopia's seas – forever looking for a hidden treasure or his great love. Or something completely different. It is totally up to you. Just do not forget to attach a Pirate Kadoatie or a Pirate Meowclops or any other one of the available 67 Pirate petpets. It can be very lonely aboard a pirate ship. But please be prepared. This is another color on the expensive side of painting your pet. You should be ready to spend at least 3.500.000 NP for a Pirate Paint Brush. But I think your neopoints are well invested if you choose to paint your Draik Pirate.

2. Plushie

All plushie pets are just adorable. And so are Plushie Draiks. Have you ever noticed the cute little patch in the left ear? All these lovely little stitchings. Whenever I see a Plushie Draik, I want to cuddle it and never let go. I am sure you feel the same! Maybe you are lucky enough to own one of the unconverted Plushie Draiks that can still be found in Neopia. Otherwise you have to spend about 8.000.000 NP or even more for a Plushie Paint Brush. But personally I think it is well worth it. I have to emphasize it again – amazing color for a Draik!

1. Mutant

Would you have guessed that? Mutant is my favorite color for a Draik. I love everything about the art and if I ever own a Draik, it will be a Mutant Draik. Unfortunately, a pet can become mutant only by the Lab Ray (which is very risky, as I already mentioned) or via a Transmogrification Potion. Since the Transmogrification Potions are only available as a random event, they are really expensive. I think I should start saving now the 15.000.000 - 20.000.000 NP that I need for my Draik to become Mutant. *gone playing games to save up the Neopoints*

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