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Owning a Draik

by mythem


Also by babygirl122187

Draik Day is here! Get out your crazy hats and party blowers! It’s time to start the cele- Wait! Did you just say that you don’t have a Draik? Well, you’ve stumbled across the right page.

We know that owning a Draik may seem like an impossible dream for some Neopians. As Draiks (and Krawks) are Restricted, meaning that they cannot be created on their Neopet days like their Limited Edition cousins, they are the rarest pets in Neopia. This rare nature also makes them the most coveted pets to own. Therefore, they cost much more than the average Neopet, and owning one becomes a symbol of one’s wealth or dedication to their pets.

Upon their discovery, most new Neopians will exclaim: “15 MILLION Neopoints?! Really?” But their bafflement is soon replaced with the yearning for such beautiful creatures – and if there were a list, Draiks would surely earn first place. With their streamlined bodies fit for hours of flight upon graceful wings, large and luxurious eyes to convey even the slightest passing emotion, and dexterous tails able to do everything from fiercely whipping their opponents in the Battledome to gently caressing their Petpets during story time – what isn’t to love? (That is, other than their initial cost.)

First of all, there are three main ways you can get a Draik – by hatching, morphing, or trading. If you have less than four pets, you might consider hatching a brand new Draik; otherwise, you should consider morphing one of your existing pets or trading for someone else’s Draik. But how do you know which method is right for you?

The first method, hatching a new Draik, requires that you bring a Draik Egg to the Draik Nest. There, you can choose to hatch your egg and name your new Neopet. But first, you must get a Draik Egg. They restock in the Meridell Food shop – but be wary! Many weathered restockers may be found there, and the Eggs appear only rarely – or can be bought on the Trading Post or at the Auction House for around 15 million Neopoints.

The second method, morphing one of your existing pets, requires that you use a Draik Morphing or Transmogrification Potion on one of your pets. Morphing Potions restock in the Magic Shop – where the competition may be even fiercer! – and Transmogrification Potions can only be found through Random Events. So, once again you might want to look into buying one of these from another Neopian.

If your account is over three years old, you may also be able to find a Draik Egg or Morphing Potion in the Almost Abandoned Attic, but if you’ve had no luck in the Meridell Food Shop or Magic Shop, you’d best avoid this place like the Return of Dr. Sloth.

The third method, trading for someone else’s Draik, requires that you either own a pet that a trader is looking for or you write an application to adopt one. In each case, you will once again find fierce competition from other Neopians – but unlike the first two methods, your success cannot be guaranteed.

Therefore, in order to avoid the chaotic struggles of restocking or pet trading, we suggest that you save your Neopoints to buy a Draik Egg, Morphing Potion, or Transmogrification Potion. “But, how do you save up so many Neopoints?” you ask. Well, there are plenty of fabulous saving guides around! I’ll leave you to peruse them to find the strategy which works best for you. But remember, in order to “save”, you have to stop “spending”. This might seem obvious, but it gets quite difficult at times. It may mean putting off one or all of your other goals, passing up that brand new must-have item, or even stopping your gift-giving (don’t worry! If your Neofriends are worth having, they will accept your decision gracefully).

Now then, what do you do once you have hatched, morphed, or traded for a dashing young (or old) Draik? It is time to dress them up, of course! For the female Draiks, there are some very elegant selections of to choose from. The Red Draik Gown is perfect for those ruffle-lovers seeking a fun yet appealing look. The dress matches perfectly with several themes including (but not limited to) Pirate, Halloween, or simply that day-to-day look. The Charming Pink Draik Gown is another fine option; the exquisite name says it all - this gown is one of the prettiest dresses around. Ruffles and flowers and bows! Oh my! This dress is perfect for those special occasions or for those who enjoy the more girly items.

Male Draiks also have some very nice options to choose from. Your Draik would surely love the Draik Space outfit! This outfit consists of a jacket, helmet, slacks, and boots. Put these on your Draik and get ready to fly to the moon and back! Or maybe just to your refrigerator, but don’t tell your Draik that. After all, who does not enjoy pretending to fly to space? (Is that a Meepit up there??) If you’d prefer to steer clear of that spaceship and random pink “rocks” (did it just blink?) we have another adventurous selection. The Draik Archer costume is a fine choice. Complete with a hat, tunic, trousers, boots, and a quiver, it is sure to make your new Draik look dashing.

Once your Draik is looking rather spiffy, it is time to start the celebration! What better way to start celebrating then with a grand ole gift opening? You didn’t forget to buy your Draik a present, did you? Of course not! Your Draik will simply love their new Draik Claw Back Scratcher! What? Not the present they were hoping for? No matter. The Wind-Up Blue Draik Toy or Draik Bean Bag Tic-Tac-Toe will keep your Draik entertained for hours. (You may want to let your Draik win as it is their special day.)

Once your Draik has won their seventy-third game in a row, it is time to stop for a quick snack. Your Draik will simply love a nice cold Draik Snowcone. To fill that sweet tooth we also suggest a yummy Chocolate Draik Lollypop. These Lollypops are extra special as they were created just for Draik Day!

With a belly is full of sugary goodness, perhaps you’d best spend that extra energy wandering around Neopia before your Draik bounds just a bit too-excitedly around your Neohome! Some “Escape from Meridell Castle” will satisfy your pet’s urge to run, lunge, and jump into the air. Guide the Draik to the top and through the doors, pass those spikes and enemies, and collect the stars for tons of points - maybe even enough for a spiffy new Draik avatar!

Once you are gamed out for the day, it may be a good idea to go for some light shopping. Is your Draik a Battledomer? Perhaps stop at Battle Magic and pick up a shiny new Silver Draik Sword. But don’t rush into the Battledome with just a sword. Stopping at Defence Magic might be a good idea and if you are lucky you can snatch up Full Draik Amour!

Not into the Battledome? Luckily there are many other shops to visit. Why not pay the Magical Bookshop a visit and pick up a copy of Draik Legends or Daring Draiks to read before bedtime? We are sure they are sick of listening to you read Hatching A Draik Egg every night, especially considering that you know exactly how to do that very thing now!

Once you are ready to call it a night, don’t forget to pick up a Basket of Baked Draik Goodies for the day and perhaps a Draik-related totem. A Shenkuu Draik Stamp would be a great addition to your stamp collection and a Draik Skeleton (TCG) would be another great memorabilia, but we have heard they are quite difficult to find.

Now that you are home, it’s time for the most important part of the day! After all, no special day is complete without a delicious cake! After lighting all the candles in a tasty Chocolatey Banana Draik Cake, make a wish! (Especially if that wish is for another Draik to join your family.)

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