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Becoming a Dashing Draik

by blackfriar


Also by kirsty_to_stay

Draiks are by far the most desired and exclusive pets in all of Neopia. These Dragon like Neopets first graced the scene way back during the month of Relaxing, Y4. Since then they have been a fond favourite of those who know the secret ways of obtaining such a Neopet. Unlike most other species, Draiks can only be created by use of a Draik Egg or Draik Morphing Potion. Typically (at the time of writing) these cost upwards of 16 million neopoints, so are out of the grasp of the average Neopian. However, for those lucky enough to be able to afford one, what then? Do you leave it in its normal colour or do you go one step further and make it stand out from the crowd? This guide will guide (pun intended) you on how to customise your Draik into being the most elegant, the most dashing, the most fantabulous pet ever!

The 70k-er

You don’t have to be rolling in the neopoints to give your Draik a makeover, as this outfit demonstrates. A reminder of Meridell, the birthplace of the Draik species, is brought by a “Ye Olde Petpets Stall Background”. Not only does it show your allegiance to the land, but also those many hours spent restocking to get a Vullard. A memory best repressed, perhaps, but for such a bargain there should be no complaining! By dressing as a woodchopper, you can mix with the locals and really feel like you belong in the medieval realm. Do this with a Pile of Logs Foreground, Straw Hat, Basic White Shirt and Khaki Trousers. Just be careful that you don’t get collared into starring in Top Chop because this outfit will make you look like a pro! Don a second hand pair of Draik Archer Boots (there should be plenty going due to massive cutbacks in the Meridell army since Kass was defeated) to complete the look and you are set to go.

Price breakdown:

Ye Olde Petpets Stall Background – 15,000

Pile of Logs Foreground – 12,000

Draik Archer Boots – 3,000

Khaki Trousers – 400

Basic White Shirt – 200

Straw Hat – 35,000

Total: 65,600

The Three Quarter of a Million Wonder

Several words spring to mind with this outfit; dapper and dashing. Poets agree there are few things more splendid than alliteration, so a dapper, dashing Draik is the way to go for those more literary minded folk! A Black Derby set at a jaunty angle shows that you are so engrossed in thought you don’t care to set it straight. If other Neopets can’t see your inner torment on that alone, boost this image by donning Mysterious Draik Trousers and a Mysterious Draik Jacket. This should prove to them just how deep and brooding you actually are. Demonstrate your individuality by stuffing your feet into some Elegant Gear Boots which, if you buff them enough, give you something to reflect on both as an image and mentally. What aspiring artist of a slim volume wouldn’t want to twirl a AAA Host Cane? Lastly, but not least, a Nighttime in Brightvale Background to complete the look. The day is for those manual labourer sorts, not a writer of your calibre. The stars and the moon give ample inspiration for those sonnets you adore to compose.

Price breakdown:

Nighttime in Brightvale Background - 37,000 NP

Black Derby - 90,000 NP

Elegant Gear Boots - 4,000 NP

AAA Host Cane - 8,000 NP

Mysterious Draik Trousers - 200,000 NP

Mysterious Draik Jacket - 400,000 NP

Total: 739,000 NP

The You-Don’t-Even-Want-To-Know-er

As the most expensive pets, it is only fitting that there should be an expensive outfit for them! Your Draik can be the lady of the manor when wearing a Charming Pink Draik Gown. Male Neopets, fear not! No one will ever know, and even if they did, they will appreciate the hefty price tag you will have paid for such a classy number. One cannot get more elegant than the pairing of an Elegant Draik Hat and Elegant Pink Draik Fan, for remember that well known Shenkuuian saying; Two ‘elegant’s give you twice the elegance! As summer draws to a close, garden parties are rife amongst the aristocracy. Stay in the ‘in’ crowd by hosting your own with a Perfect Gazebo Background and Spring Flowers Foreground. Not only will the topiary speak for itself, your friends will be agog as to why you spent so many Neopoints on a foreground. ‘Why?’ they will ask, ‘Why?’ Just remember to have a good answer prepared! Keep your hands perfectly clean and free from grime you may get shaking hands of any Meridell peasant who may be loitering at your garden party by wearing a pair of dazzling white pair of Deluxe Polarchuck Costume Gloves. Alternatively they can be used in a shooing motion. The choice, as always, remains yours! Finish the look off with a Silver Dubloon Necklace to show that, despite being a class above the rest, you can still make cheap items look good. Bear in mind this outfit may be a pipe dream for many Neopians, so try not to be too disheartened when you venture onto the Neoboards to find the prices for the items mentioned.

Price breakdown:

Charming Pink Draik Gown - Price on enquiry.

Elegant Pink Draik Fan - Price on enquiry.

Elegant Draik Hat - Price on enquiry.

Silver Dubloon Necklace - 45,000 NP

Deluxe Polarchuck Costume Gloves - Price on enquiry.

Perfect Gazebo Background - Price on enquiry.

Spring Flowers Foreground - Price on enquiry.

Total: No really, you don’t want to know.

The NC Addict

Prove your devotion to your Draik by purchasing some Neocash and splashing out on this autumn get-up. On the way home from the annual Meridellian Draik Day Party leaves be a-falling with an Autumn in Meridell Background. Wind your way through the cobbled streets taking in the smells and gorgeous tones of orange and red. Match this by putting on an Autumn Faerie Dress and Pumpkin Faerie Wig. Whilst the colours may match the foliage, the soft sheen of the dress feels nothing like a leaf against your skin (plus a reduced risk of Spyders hiding inside!) No Draik costume would be right without an Autumn Faerie Cape. This may take some persuading from the Autumn Faerie herself as she only comes out but a few months a year, so work on your sweet talking! With a pair of Woodland Archer Shoes you will make light work of the piles of fallen leaves as they are specifically designed to withstand scuffing, jumping and arching. Yes, that is a real word. Finally, make sure you can guide yourself home with a Glowing Handheld Candle. But please be careful not to drop it; dried flora is highly flammable!

NC Items:

Autumn in Meridell Background

Autumn Faerie Cape

Autumn Faerie Dress

Pumpkin Faerie Wig

Woodland Archer Shoes

Glowing Handheld Candle

So there we have it; four brilliant outfits for four different occasions, in four different price brackets. All you need now is four Draiks! Enjoy your Draik Day!

N.B.: All prices were correct at the time of writing. For NC item values, please ask your local NC expert.

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