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15 Things Your Draik Will Appreciate

by roversydneygirl


It’s Draik Day! Today we have the joy of celebrating those expensive Neopets that empty our wallets and make us spend endless hours at the Medieval Foods shop, waiting for that one restock that contains those special eggs...! But even the most precious and already very celebrated Neopets need a day, and this one is the Draiks. As for items that bring out their glory and their expensive side, here are 15! Enjoy!

1. Amazing Draik Cracker

The truly amazing Draik cracker! Just crack it open, and enjoy! Inside, you’ll find three awesome toys! Just be careful, they roll, rip, and pop away REALLY easily, so keep an eye on them. For 45,000 Neopoints, this is not a cheap item, but we’re sure you can come up with the cash with a little hard work.

2. Zombie Draik Egg, Darigan Draik Egg, etc.

Alright, this next thing is very special. It’s your only way to get a Draik, besides waiting for hours and hours for one to pop up at the pound. Now, these things are in the most expensive item in all of Neopia category, but it would be so worth it to flaunt the Draik in your enemy's face. So, if you’ve got the neopoints, spacing anywhere from 14,500,000 to 20 million, you can get the Draik. Just be ready to sit at a food shop for a while, and spice up your typing skills while you wait, because Draik eggs go FAST!

3. Draik Bean Bag Tic-Tac-Toe

Why is this specifically Draik bean bag tic-tac-toe, Neopia may never know. But, what we Neopians do know; this is a Draik item and this is Draik Day. We’ll accept it anyway (cool rhyme XD)! This set comes with five red bean bags, five blue bean bags, a tic-tac-toe playing board, and six easy-flip, x-and-o, letter play sheets made out of real rubber! Exciting, we know. And for only 1,900 NP, what a cool, easy-buy toy!

4. Draik Soup, Draik Steak, Chocolate Draik Wing, etc.

Yes, maybe we shouldn’t talk about these ones on Draik Day; let’s just hope these products were made with artificial Draik... But we can only hope! For now, let’s focus on the fact that some of the items in this cruel section are pretty cheap, so they... um... won’t taste very good. They cost anywhere between 100 and 300,000 neopoints, so unless you’re very mean to precious delicacies like Draiks, I would suggest you don’t buy these!

5. Orange Draik Stamp

This is one of the cheapest items in all of Neopia; chances are you already have it in your album. At 1 NP, these do not sell fast in user shops, yet they are so cheap. Most users respect the 1 neopoint price; others will try and sell it to you higher. You will always find one of these stamps for 1 NP, so make sure you buy it at that price before any other price. This is also perfect for pack ratters!

6. Autumnal Draik Scrapbook

Ah, a nice scrapbook. And it includes Draiks, too! Perfect for the upcoming season, this scrapbook holds memories of past autumns and past Draik Days. Maybe you’ll have a few more pictures to add after this year’s Draik Day! Keep this scrapbook in a safe spot and your camera at hand, so you can quickly snap those memories and always have a special spot to remember them. For 800,000 neopoints, it’s not gonna be cheap to remember those great times, but it will be worth it once you do have it.

7. Popular Draik Names

This is the best book for your Draik’s name. There could be NO other book good for finding that perfect name! Your Draik will literally fit into the popular crowd when you give him or her one of these names! So, for just 2,300 neopoints, your Draik is famous! Written by Pop U. Lardraik.

8. Full Draik Armour

This is the way to go if you have a special Battledome Draik. This full body armour protects EVERYTHING from your Draik's tail to his wings. It is hand made out of pure steel to fit your Draik. You can find at a hefty price of 7 million NP. Yes, again, very expensive Draik stuff here. But Draiks are worth it, right?

9. Reject Wind-Up Baby Draik and Reject Wind Up Maraquan Draik

These toys may be rejects, but they are still SUPER CUTE! Look at those eyes; how could you resist? They both do a great job at resembling the actual real Draik form, and they both, well, maybe they don’t work very well, but they are rejects. Both of them cost only 100 neopoints, so with an easy swing at Fashion Fever and then a trip to the Shop Wizard you’ve got both.

10. Snap Draik

A lovely red and green flower for your Neohome. This Snap Draik is perfect for any room and any home. You don’t need fancy furniture or even a Draik for this flower to look good in your Neohome. For 15,000 neopoints, it definitely is not a reject. So I’d start saving up.

11. Hatching A Draik Egg

Well, obviously, if you’re gonna hatch one, you gotta know how to do it! This book will teach you the ups and downs, the dos and don’ts, the this and thats of Draik egg hatching. It only costs 1,000 NP, and it’s written by the famous D. Raik. When have his books ever been that cheap? And it contains a pop-out on each page for fun! Enjoy!

12. Stone Draik Shield

This is one easy buy shield! At 940 neopoints, it is SURE to make your Draik look like it’s ready to fight. Just to warn you, though, this shield is made with graham crackers, not stones. This is perfect for the hungry opponent as you can trick him with the food, though; just make sure your Draik isn’t hungry when going into battle, or else you will have no protection!

13. Stealthy Draik Clothing Set (Headscarf, Shirt and Sash, Shoes, Sword, and Trousers)

This set is sure to make a point when you show off your Draik. The sword is naturally pointy, and never dulls. You’ll find that the clothes are sweat proof AND air conditioned! You and your Draik will both feel cool. Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any parts of you, your neopet, or anyone or anything else getting stuck in the air vent. We are also not responsible for any body parts or objects cut (off) by the sword. By the way, the prices on these items are anywhere from 65,000 NP to 95,000 NP to an unknown amount.

14. Summertime Draik Mirror and Brush

This pretty pink brush-mirror combo is perfect for that popular girl Draik. Maybe your Draik is out at the park and she falls down? She’s not hurt, but her hair is all messed up. She can just take out her brush and mirror and the hair problem is gone! This also works at the mall, the movies, her friend’s house, and everywhere else your special-and stylish-neopet is. But for 800,000 NP, your princess Draik will have to be really good and help you save up!

15. Vinyl Darigan Draik Toy

‘Cool! Your own vinyl Draik toy! And it’s Darigan, too! You are so lucky!’ This is everything your Draik's friends will say when he or she receives this. For just 125,000 NP, your Draik will have endless hours of fun, and endless amounts of friends! Your Draik will feel so lucky and you’ll feel great that you made them glad.

There you have it, 15 things your Draik will dearly love. Best luck finding these items, and especially the Draik eggs. We hope you have a great Draik Day!

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