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Twelve Must Have NP Wearables

by 7splat52


It can take years to build up the perfect closet. In the four years since customization was brought to Neopia, thousands and thousands of wearables have been released. As a result, die-hard customizers have been forced to find room for excess clothing in their SDBs, or else wade through hundreds of dresses and backgrounds whenever they change their Neopets' outfits. However, there are, of course, essentials that should always reside front and center in your closet. Whether you're new to customization, or you've been at it for years, these are twenty wearables you'll use every time you dress your pets.

1. Stately Tree Background- 2,500 NP

This looks perfect on any outdoor background! If there's too much empty space next to your pet, grab an (inexpensive) Stately Tree Foreground to complete the look. This foreground not only provides a nice tree to shade your pet, but light wriggles through the canopy of the tree and speckles the background for a beautiful effect. Pair with the Double Rainbow Background, or, if you're on a budget, the gorgeous Grassy Meadow Background.

2. Hubrid Nox Mustache - 1,500 NP

I love this thing! You can add it to almost any outfit for a masculine, or (depending on how you use it), sinister effect. I use this frequently because my Xweetok likes to dress up like a pirate, but it's wonderful with all manner of spooky backgrounds. I, personally, own a Hubrid Nox Collectors Cape (amazing layering piece, if you have Neocash to trade for it) and love the way the two look together, even if the outfit isn't Nox-themed. However, this can be used in all sorts of outfits. With a smarmy monocle and a nice top hat, your pet will look ready for a night on the town.

3. Flower Petal Foreground - 12,000

The ultimate in femininity, these large pastel-colored tulips will look great on any outdoor background. This looks especially wonderful on pets with pinks, purples and blues in their fur.

4. Magical Wand of Magicalness - 3,500 NP

But it's just so... magical! :P This is the epitome of wand-ness, I assure you. Your pet doesn't even have to be wearing a magical-themed outfit to wear this! My pets sometimes just like to have a wand in their hands, and how cool would everyone think your pet is if they wore this to school? This looks especially cool if your pet is wearing something that shimmers, or something like the Stately Tree Foreground that dapples the outfit with light.

5. Cover of Darkness Foreground - 120,000 NP

Personally, I won this from the Games Master Challenge. If you didn't participate, know that this doesn't come cheap, but everyone needs some sort of foggy foreground in their closet.This is well worth the 100,000 Neopoints, as it truly is one of the most versatile pieces in the list. This adds a touch of the ominous to pretty much every single outfit you could ever come up with. Just make sure to include in your outfit a background with darker colors, like A Grey Day Background, Bogshot Background, Bone Vault Background, Haunted Trees Background (this is a great background that is, by the way, free from the Burger King Promotion)-- trust me, this is fabulous. I use it frequently with my Xweetok's pirate outfit because, without it, there would be too much empty space. (This is great if you need to fill up some space to the right and left of your Neopet.)

6. Grassy Meadow Background - 300 NP

One of my favorite backgrounds ever! Look at the lush green grass, and the immense mountains in the background-- with such a low price, anyone can buy it. This will definitely be the core of many of your outfits, especially in spring and summer. And maybe fall and winter, just because it's so pretty! Pair with the Flower Petal Foreground and your pet will look darling.

7. Faerieland Garden Background - free from the Burger King Promotion

The Burger King Promotion gives out beautiful backgrounds! This background is fabulous because it could be inside or outside since the garden has a wall around it. I'm sure we all have cutesy hair bows and girly dresses for our female Neopets, and this works with many of them. The colors are beautiful, especially with the soft hues of a baby or faerie Neopet's fur.

8. Altador Cup Wig - 40,000 NP

Well worth the price tag! Get this if you're looking for something edgy. This blue wig will definitely make a fashion statement. The ribbon makes it cute without being over-the-top girly, and it really does look great on every single Neopet. Wigs are versatile pieces, so this (albeit unusual) wig looks adorable with any dress in your closet.

9. Wax Lips - 4,000 NP

I'm still waiting for the day that cosmetics from the Grooming Parlour become wearable, and until then, these are the closest we have to lipstick. It does look a little... off on some Neopets. But on species like the Draik, Cybunny and Poogle, it looks great. This can obviously work with many pieces, as it's an accessory, not the focus of the whole outfit.

10. Haunted Trees Background - Free from the Burger King Promotion

Another beautiful background! It features deep bluish-black colored trees surrounded by thick mist. This is great for Neopets, especially males, who are looking for less feminine clothing. This is such a pretty and versatile background! If you have a Caged Skeleton from the recent Krawk Island event, it definitely adds a spooky effect. You can really put together some great ensembles with this; it really is one of the prettiest Neopoint backgrounds out there.

11. Cloudy Sky Background - 1 NP

These clouds really do seem to have silver linings-- this background is literally radiant! This is the one piece in the list that's either free if you win it from Key Quest, or dirt cheap on the Shop Wizard. This is amazing with baby Neopets, especially when put together with a Moon and Stars Crib (if you have Neocash on hand). This also works perfectly with the magical Wand of Magicalness, and pretty much everything else in your closet. If you don't already own one of these, I suggest that you hurry to the Shop Wizard right now. ;)

12. White Top Chop Trousers - 1,500 NP

It amazes me how many of us allow our Neopets to go pant-less. Even I'm guilty of participating in this disturbing trend. Thankfully, TNT has noticed and has begun to release new varieties of trousers. I'd add those hardy blue trousers that were just released, but since the majority of us can't restock (myself included), this is the next best thing. Please, Neopia. I advise you and your Neopets: wear pants.

Have you been enlightened yet? :P If you're looking to build a closet, almost all of my wearables are from site events, so make sure to participate when you can. And if you hold onto them until they inflate, they make nice investments that you can sell to buy shiny new backgrounds. Or you can greedily hoard all your precious wearables forever and ever. I would do the latter.

You don't need Neocash to have a great closet. You just need to know what to buy! :)

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