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Dressing Your Mutant - 25 Wearables You Should Know

by agedbeauty


Also by sinistrous


... did we scare you?

What? We didn’t? Hold on, let’s try again.




Still nothing?

Well, darn. Apparently, you like mutants. I guess that’s why you decided to read this article! Well, no matter. We may not have scared you with mutants, but we can at least give you some ideas to dress your mutants with!

You may think mutants are un-customizable because they can’t wear regular clothing, right? Well – wrong! Sure, they can’t wear most clothing items. They’re mutants, after all, and regular clothing doesn’t account for bigger bodies or extra arms... or heads. But Fuz (sinistrous) and I have scoured Neopia to bring you the best wearables for your mutants, so read on!

1. Mutant Chia Gnome

Origin: Neopoint (r79)

Cost: 3,000 NP

Notes: Mutants don’t have to be ugly and scary! If you like the softer side of mutants, this gnome is pretty adorable. The economical cost is purely bonus in our opinions – this little trinket is just too cute! (Honestly, we think you can use it for non-mutants, too!)

2. Creepy Trap Door

Origin: Neocash

Cost: n/a

Notes: Thump... thump... thump... what was that sound?! What’s under that trap door?! We’re sure we don’t know, but it’s pretty creepy looking whatever it is. Creepy – and perfect for that dark mutant look! We particularly like this with mutant Kyrii, but it’s pretty spiffy for any mutant.

3. Baby Giant Moach

Origin: Neocash

Cost: n/a

Notes: Okay, this Moach isn’t technically a mutant, but it sure looks mutated to us with its giant size! With its irresistible brand of ugly-cuteness (cute ugliness?), this little trinket fits in well with any mutant!

4. Bucket Of Fish

Origin: Neocash

Cost: n/a

Notes: Still haven’t found the right trinket for your mutant’s customization? Well, perhaps they’re hungry! What could be better than a bucket of fish for those hungry fish? Nothing! (Oh yes... we went there!)

5. Radioactive Toxic Shroom

Origin: Neocash

Cost: n/a

Notes: There’s just something about radioactive items and mutants that works together for customization. Whether you’re trying to insinuate a dark history for your pet or create questions about his or her origin, this trinket might just be the perfect fit.

6. Toxic Waste Barrel

Origin: Neopoint (r88)

Cost: 40,000 NP

Notes: If scary mushrooms aren’t your cup of tea, the Toxic Waste Barrel might be a suitable alternative if you really want that toxic look! We thought this was a super-creative wearable when it came out, and what better use than to provide the perfect setting for your mutant pets?

7. Wind-Up Mutant Petpets

Origin: Neocash

Cost: n/a

Notes: Like attracts like, and for the same reasons people like to put mutant petpets with mutant neopets, we like these Wind-Up Mutant Petpets for mutant customizations. Sort of cute, sort of creepy, these add some oomph to any mutant’s customization.

8. Thorny Vine Garland

Origin: Neopoint (r101)

Cost: 1,000 NP

Notes: Prickly. Spiny. Intimidating. With a pet like that, you need a garland that matches! Oh, did you think we were describing this garland? Well, they work for it too – it’s great for that dark jungle look, so if your mutant pet doesn’t like urban settings, this is a great detail for his or her customization.

9. Toxic Spill Foreground

Origin: Neocash

Cost: n/a

Notes: Honestly, this is pretty similar to the Toxic Waste Barrel. But if you like animation in your customization (and who doesn’t!), the Toxic Spill Foreground is a really nice touch.

10. Old Cobwebs Foreground

Origin: Neopoint (r73)

Cost: 95,000 NP

Notes: This wearable can help create a spooky, decrepit looking customization. For mutants especially, we think this is pretty perfect for creating that dark look in an abandoned area.

11. A Rolling Fog

Origin: Neocash

Cost: n/a

Notes: What was that sound – who’s out there?! If your mutant pet is hiding in this rolling fog, it will make it easy for them to sneak up on anyone – you, your neofriends, your other friend, a tasty meal... uh, maybe skip that last one. Better not give them any ideas...

12. Cover of Darkness Foreground

Origin: Neopoint (r101)

Cost: 250,000

Notes: What’s better than hiding in fog? Hiding in shadows! If your mutant has a darker bent, Cover of Darkness is the perfect touch for their customization.

13. Darkness Attacks

Origin: Neocash

Cost: n/a

Notes: Even better than the Cover of Darkness foreground for your mutant pet is the Cover of Darkness Foreground paired with Darkness Attacks! Paired these really give a customization the look of monsters in the darkness, and we love this look for our mutants.

14. Snot Garland

Origin: Neopoint (r101)

Cost: 300 NP

Notes: Is your mutant oozing all over your neohome, or do you just want it to look like they are? Then you can’t go wrong with the Snot Garland, and for only a pittance, this cheap wearable will do the trick quite nicely.

15. Snot Cobweb

Origin: Neopoint (r101)

Cost: 20,000 NP

Notes: Can’t decide if your mutant looks better with mucus or with cobwebs? Why pick one when the Snot Cobweb lets your pet achieve both!

16. Splattering Snot Garland

Origin: Neocash

Cost: n/a

Notes: Icky, this snot garland actually drips! But that actually works pretty well for mutants, especially those poor mutant Gnorbus!

17. MME9-B: Slimed Trail Foreground

Origin: Neocash

Cost: n/a

Notes: Personally, we prefer this way for our mutant pets to mark their territories. It’s much more mutant-like, and while find trails of slime around the neohome isn’t great, it’s much better than finding random Piles of Dung!

18. Haunted Trees Background

Origin: Neopoint (r101)

Cost: free!

Notes: Where do YOUR mutants like to hang out? Personally, ours love the Haunted Trees Background. It’s dark and spooky and pairs well with almost any of the trinkets that theme best with mutants, and best of all, this one is free!

19. Malicious Dark Faeries Background

Origin: Neopoint (r80)

Cost: 45,000 NP

Notes: The darkly muted pastels and general atmosphere of this background make it a perfect choice for spooky pets – but we like it even better for mutants.

20. Dark Cave Background

Origin: Neopoint (r101)

Cost: 60,000 NP

Notes: What’s hiding in that cave?! Oh, it’s just your mutant neopet. Well, that’s okay, we think they look pretty fab at the entrance of a creepy dark cave – especially when we’re running the other way and they stay put!

21. Bone Vault Background

Origin: Neopoint (r78)

Cost: 1 NP

Notes: At 1 NP, this is only the second cheapest background on this list, but it’s a great choice for mutant pets – particularly the browner ones, like Gelerts. And since it’s Editorial recommended, who could disagree with that recommendation? This pair of authors can’t! *rubber-stamps it and moves on*

22. Gross Food Buffet Background

Origin: Neocash

Cost: 10 NP

Notes: Mmm, if the Bucket of Fish isn’t what your mutant neopet wanted to eat, maybe they’ll like this gross food! We don’t, but... we’re not mutants! (We think.)

23. Mutating Background

Origin: Neocash

Cost: n/a

Notes: If your mutant neopet needs a background as different as they are, the Mutating Background is an easy win. It’s practically made for them, and as a bonus, it pairs perfectly with any of the snot wearables or toxic wearables!

24. Mutant Spring Headband

Origin: Neocash

Cost: n/a

Notes: Look, it’s one of the pieces of clothing mutants can actually wear! The Mutant Spring Headband is pretty cute, and we highly recommend it for the more feminine mutant.

25. Elegant Mutant Cape

Origin: Neocash

Cost: n/a

Notes: What’s a mutant without a cape? Uh... we’re sure we don’t know, because mutants with a cape are awfully cool. We like this cape a lot – we wish WE could wear it! (disclaimer: Fuz doesn’t actually wish this, but Asellus sure does.)

Well, what are you waiting for? We’ve given you lots of ideas – go dress up your mutants!

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