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Top 10 Cutest Neopets in Neopia

by angieandanne


Have you decided to trade for or adopt a new neopet, but you're not sure which neopet to choose? Perhaps you would like to choose a neopet that pleases your neofriends. Or perhaps you would like a new playmate for the neopets that you already have, but you're not sure which one they would get along with best. Or maybe you just want to make every Neopian who stumbles across your user lookup go "D'awwww" at the sight of your neopets.

Whatever the case, this article is for you! I have come up with a . . . *cue drumroll* . . . list of the TOP 10 CUTEST NEOPETS IN NEOPIA! *dramatic applause* Since EVERYBODY absolutely ADORES cute neopets, of course. :) After all, how can anyone resist a fluffy Neopet with adorable, loving eyes? Whether Neofriends, neopets, or random strangers, everybody loves a cute neopet!

First Place: The Kacheek!

Awwwh... just look at that sweet little face. That tiny nose, that happy smile, those innocent eyes . . . and don't forget that fluffy little tail . . . how could anybody NOT like Kacheeks? They're absolutely adorable! Kacheeks love to play games - their favorite game is Kacheek Seek, of course - and are peaceful and quiet. These neopets are perfect for owners who like cuddling and calm games.

Second Place: The Cybunny!

Sweet and cute, these fluffy neopets are sure to please everyone. That little tuft of fur on their head and that fluffy little tail just add to their overall charm. The Cybunny also has these huge, loving eyes that could make any heart melt. These neopets may be a little harder to get a hold of, though, as they're limited edition neopets, which means that you can only make them on a certain day, but it's totally worth it! Cybunnies generally like the cold better, so if you would like to own a Cybunny, it's time to bundle up!

Third Place: The Shoyru!

These cute, adventurous neopets love to soar through the skies. They will always come back, however, so no need to worry! :) While Shoyrus can be fierce, as long as you treat them right they will repay you back with loyalty and love. These lovable little creatures can be sly, however - everybody's heard of Torshac, the Shoyru who flies around selling secrets to whoever will pay the most for them. Don't worry, though - Shoyrus are perfect for owners who like a little bit of adventure and excitement in their life. Don't worry - they don't breathe fire!

Fourth Place: The Gnorbu!

Look at those floppy ears! Gnorbus are kind-hearted and gentle. These neopets are great for owners who like a laugh. While they aren't very agile, they make up for it with their sociable nature. Gnorbus are fun-loving and good-natured. If you're looking for a good friend to share jokes with and play games with, the Gnorbu is for you! (Cloud Gnorbus are especially fluffy and cute, as well as inexpensive to paint!)

Fifth Place: The Poogle!

I'm sure you've heard of Poogle racing before, haven't you? Well then I'm sure you know about these cute and cuddly neopets. While they may be a bit moody at times, Poogles generally are kind and fun-loving. These neopets love to race around, so if you'd like to own a Poogle, be ready to chase them around the Neohome! You may have a little trouble finding these neopets as well, as they are also limited edition, but again, it's totally worth it. :)

Sixth Place: The JubJub!

There's simply no other way to describe them other than a sweet furball with eyes. These neopets are shy, but very loving once you get to know them better. They're quite fast when they want to be, but as long as you treat your JubJub with TLC, I'm sure your JubJub won't run away from you. JubJubs are perfect for owners who like to cuddle and are a little shy. By the way, cloud JubJubs are especially fluffy!

Seventh Place: The Tuskaninny!

These neopets love to swim and bask in the sun. If you're going to adopt a Tuskaninny, be sure to have a pool around! They have a sweet, lovable face that is simply irresistible. Tuskaninnies can be quite fierce and good fighters if trained appropriately, so they make good Battledome pets. These creatures are also very fun-loving. Good for owners who like frisky neopets.

Eighth Place: The Bruce!

Awwwh... look at that tuft of fur sticking out the top of their head. How adorable! :) Bruces are very athletic. They love to skate and play other sports. While they aren't exactly modest, Bruces are good-natured and generally won't treat you badly unless you do something to offend them. These cuddly creatures are great for owners who like to play sports with their pets. Baby Bruces are extremely cute in my opinion.

Ninth Place: The Mynci!

These mischievous creatures love to play pranks, but how can you ever hold a grudge against something so cute? Just look at those adorable eyes and that curly little tail. If you are mischievous and love to play pranks yourself, these cheeky neopets may be just the right ones for you!

And lastly...

Tenth Place: The Acara!

Acaras are happy-go-lucky creatures that love to swim. They're ambitious little creatures, but are also very gentle, kind, and loving. Rest assured, not all Acaras are spoiled brats. *cough* Princess Fernypoo *cough* In fact, they are generally quite independent. They are still quite sociable, though! :) Acaras make great companions, especially for Neopians who like to explore.

And that's the end of my list. There are many other cute neopets in Neopia with many different personalities, but these 10 are just the cutest in my opinion. You're free to decide yourself which neopet is the cutest, or even perhaps make your own list of the top ten cutest neopets in Neopia to help your friends decide which neopet to adopt. I hope my list helped you in deciding which neopet to adopt! :)

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