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Grundo Independence Day: The Top Five Grundos

by kadface


*BZZT* All Grundos to the recreation deck, please. Repeat. All Grundos to the recreation deck immediately, please. Thank you.

Yes, it's that time of year again. The 24th day of the month of Hiding is the time to celebrate the independence of Grundos from the tyranny that was once Dr. Sloth's reign over them. At this time of year the Grundos like to celebrate by the gifting of free items on the recreation deck. From Lifetime Membership cards, which draw bewildered looks from younger neopets, to rare commemorative Usuki Dolls! Every Grundo is excited for for the day ahead. Many events are taking place on the recreation deck today, so come on up and enjoy yourself.

During this day of festivity, all Grundos like to remember their most famous, and possible most loved Grundos. This article exhibits the top five most well known Grundos as well as a short biography of their importance to neopets everywhere. On Grundo Independence Day we cherish their acts and bid them a warm welcome to the Virtupets Space Station.

1. Midas

Midas is a very private Grundo, yet rumours of his wealth have spread as far as the Virtupets Space Station. Few now are allowed within his castle, and even fewer are allowed to see Midas in the treasury. It is rumoured that his fascination with gold turned this little Grundo from a friendly, interesting character to a miser, concerned with only achieving greater wealth and counting his gold. Platinum dubloons, hefty bags of neopoints and ancient maractite coins make up his vast collection. Midas still meticulously counts each piece individually every day.

Often used as a warning to young greedy neopets everywhere, the fame of Midas is nevertheless impressive, considering his reclusive personality. His private castle has been described as an architectural masterpiece; this may be due to the soaring towers glistening in the sky, but mostly due to the fact that the entire structure is made from first class, Kreludan mined, gold. Indeed it is a surprise that the Thieves Guild have not tried to dismantle the complex, though they may be dissuaded by the vast mercenary army that Midas has amassed.

2. Gargarox Isafuhlarg

Perhaps the most famous chef in space. Gargarox Isafuhlarg (also known as the Grundo Chef), is well known for his unusual recipes and mixtures of food items. Although somewhat limited by the low gravity, his restaurant has all the same become a must-see attraction of the Virtupets Space Station. Some of Gargarox's food has become a Kadoatie's favourite, most famously the Cryogenically Frozen Negg.

His café is often a meeting points for young, hip Grundos (including Zargold the COOL Grundo!). You can find Gargarox busily serving customers or in the kitchen creating recipes, but in his spare time Gargarox can be found on the Gormball fields, practising his art. After a successful third place finish in the Gormball championship, the Grundo Chef is determined that this year he will win the tournament with flying colours. Always willing to help young Grundos on the Gormball pitch, Gargarox is a masterful and patient teacher who should set an example to young Neopians everywhere.

3. Zygorax

*BZAP* Gotcha! This Grundo Maintenance Worker (3rd Class) defends the Virtupets Space Station selflessly from Evil Fuzzles. Can you help him in his endeavours? Take control of one of the adapted X-Scrub 4000 Walker Bots armed with laser cannons and help defeat these merciless enemies of Sl... Grundos on the Space Station. Should you fail, the Space Station will be overrun with the evil fuzzles, bent on revenge for a crime long forgotten.

Fear not, for Zygorax has vast experience in the defence of the station. He is quite capable of maintaining the safety of the Space Station, but any help would be a welcome to such a long-suffering Grundo. His efforts have been recognised with a stamp, but we feel we should congratulate Zygorax further for his meticulous work. This Grundo Day, will you help us allow Zygorax a day of respite and recovery? Come to the recreation deck and play Evil Fuzzles From Beyond the Stars; after all, even heroes need a holiday occasionally.

4. Blarthrox

Ummagine Collector extraordinaire, Blarthrox was once a prized member of Dr. Sloth tactical team. Unummaginably clever, this Grundo prides himself on now being an upstanding member of the Space Station community, albeit a very rich one. Known for his regular trips to the Lost Desert, the home of the ummagine, Blarthrox often donates vast scores of his favourite vegetable every year on this day. Meet on the recreation deck on the hour for one of his grand tours of his vast Ummagine Gallery.

See the sights of his collection, from the specially designed Rod of Ummagine to the regularly replaced collection of the seven stages of Ummagine rotting. Enjoy a light snack of a Grilled Ummagine Slushie with Grilled Ummagine following the tour and return to the Space Station deck with a full stomach and a happy mind.

5. Gorix

Gorix is by far the most celebrated and most appreciated Grundo on Grundo Independence day. In a story that beggars belief, he and the Resistance outwitted Dr. Sloth and provided Grundos with the freedom that they so thoroughly enjoy. A key member of the Resistance, Gorix was tantamount in the successful saving of civilians aboard the Space Station, as well as the successful retrieval of the Cybunny Scout, whose information revealed the full horror of Dr. Sloth's malicious plans for mutation.

Today, a dramatic theatrical production will be recreating the events of Gorix's life in the resistance, right from the escape of his cramped cell through his ascent through the Resistance ranks, right up to the defeat of the vile Dr. Sloth. Our star speaker of today, Gorix will be on the stand at 14:00NST. He will also be available for signatures and a talk following his grand announcement. Gorix is a prime example of what a Grundo can do with a spark of ingenuity and a high degree of integrity.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. We hope that you enjoy Grundo Independence Day, perhaps so much so you can adopt-a-Grundo!

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