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The Comprehensive Guide to Stick Fishing

by sphericalice


As you may or may not be aware, recently, Krawk Island was redesigned by the eccentric governor of Krawk Island, Gavril McGill. Islets from throughout the ocean were towed together to form Krawk Island 2.0 after the original was destroyed by what is assumed by many to be a giant giant squid.

However, if you take a trip to the Warf Wharf, home to the hustle and bustle of the island, the centre of theft and trade, gambling and competitions... and, anti-climatically... colouring pages? Anyway, yes, if you take a trip to Warf Wharf, you will notice that when there are no ships at the harbour, the occasional petpet or two will pick up a stick, tie some string around it and begin fishing.

This new fangled sport is known among the founders as "Stick Fishing". As any stick fishing expert would tell you (and the smarter population of Neopia), in order to stick fish, you will need a stick. As obvious as it sounds, that is not always an easy thing. There are a variety of sticks that you could use when stick fishing. Here's a brief overview of the top five sticks according to the best stick fishers around.

5. Kougra Pogo Stick

The amateur stick fisher may use the Kougra Pogo Stick as their first choice. It's sturdy, affordable, looks good and also serves as a pogo stick! Priced at around 100 NP, you'd be at no loss financially if you decide to use this as your weapon... well, stick, of choice. It does, however, have the negative side of having the decoration of a Kougra, which may scare away the more knowledgable of fish who are aware that Kougras, well, eat fish.

4. Orange and Lime Rock Stick

The sweet tooths among us will see this as a waste of a perfectly good stick of rock, but think of it this way. You want to catch the biggest, fattest, tastiest fish in the sea, right? Well, what better way to attract it then with some delicious rock? Not only is it irresistable, it will also give the fish a flavour, too! On top of that, you won't need to waste money buying bait! Your rod is your bait! Obviously, you don't have to buy Orange and Lime Rock Stick, priced at 500 NP; you could go for a more deluxe Tigersquash Rock Stick, priced at 1300 NP.

3. Scorchio Walking Stick

When your old Scorchio uncle with one eye is in the toilet, you could quickly nab his Scorchio Walking Stick and have a quick game of stick fishing. Worth a rather costly 4.5k (that's 4500NP), you may have to splash out (hahaha, see what I did there) if your uncle wants another one, but with its comfortable handle and sturdy build, it is perfect for a budding stick fisher.

2. Techo Cheeseroller Stick

While it may seem very cheap, and VERY difficult to use, this smooth Meridellian stick can present quite a challenge to the beginner stick fisher. However, once you have got some experience under your belt, this stick can prove to attract the best of fish, with its cheesey taste making it an added bonus for the fish. Also, if you're lucky, and manage to get a squid, you could sell it as a Squid on a Stick and make yourself a bit of money!

1. Carved Walking Stick

Similar to the Scorchio Walking Stick, the Carved Walking Stick is an advanced version and is not worth the money if you only plan to stick fish on occasion. Worth a whopping 250,000 NP, this is for the hardcore stick fishers. Captain Blacklace, the famous stick fisher pirate, once used this as his stick, and managed to reel up the all famous Titanic Giant Squid. Perhaps I shouldn't be advertising this. Especially with what happened to Blacklace's crew... er, no, nevermind, forget I ever said anything.

Okay, so hopefully now you've got your stick; you're almost ready to start! But! Wait! You're missing something vital! The string! As it is not as important an area of stick fishing as the actual stick, I won't do a top five section for string, but you should consider using items such as Asparagus String Lights or the string from a Spyder on a String. Alternatively, you could consider using some NeoCash options such as Dice String Lights or Skull String Lights.

Finally, you're all equipped to go Stick Fishing. Of course, you still don't know exactly what to do, but thankfully, this is a guide, and I'm going to tell you. In fact, I'm going to tell you in ten easy steps!

Step 1. Tie the string to the stick. Remove any lights and/or Spyders from said string.

Step 2. Go to Warf Wharf.

Step 3. Sit down near a body of water.

Step 4. Face the water.

Step 5. Lower your stick so that the string is in the water.

Step 6. Wait.

Step 7. Wait.

Step 8. Get frustrated with the little-to-no results you've gotten.

Step 9. Throw stick into water out of anger.

Step 10. Go home and sulk.

See! It's easy! Wait..? What? You don't want my personal experience? You don't think that will help? Fine, then, I'll give you Captain Blacklace's instructions... killjoy...

Step 1. Argh, me hearty, ye'll be needin' ya stick an' ya string. Tie the string to the stick, matey!

Step 2. Get yer body to Warf Wharf. Sit down near tha water.

Step 3. Tie some wee bait on your string n' put it in the water.

Step 4. Wait for the lil' nippers to start bitin' at ya string.

Step 5. When you feel a tug, pull!

Step 6. Aye, ye be getting some fish.

Step 7. If it be a squid, THROW IT BACK IN!

Step 8. Go down to tha Golden Dubloon.

Step 9. Get 'em to cook yer fish fer some dubloons.

Step 10. Enjoy, ye land lover!

See? Is that any better? I bet you're going to use my instructions now. Ahem. Anyway, that concludes my comprehensive guide to stick fishing! Maybe one day you can be as great as the amazing Captain Blacklace.

Whazzat? I still haven't told you about Captain Blacklace? Eh, that's for another day...

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