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What Type of Ice Cream Suits You?

by tingtingwu


You look into the crisp blue sky on a bright summer's day, hoping storm clouds would bring in a much needed relief to offset the scorching sun. Yet there does not appear to be a single cloud in sight. Sweat begins to coalesce on your forehead as the sun beats down relentlessly. A day like today requires something refreshing to eat... but what? Deep in thought, you walk past a colorful shop shaped like a giant scoop of ice cream.

Wait... a giant scoop of ice cream? Oh, but of course! Ice cream sounds like the perfect way to cool off!

As you open the door to the oddly shaped building, a cool breeze grazes your arm, and a mixture of sweet, delightful, yet mysterious smells greet your welcoming nose. Inhaling deeply, you let out a blissful sigh. Just thinking about the ice creams makes you salivate slightly. You quickly lick the driblet of drool from your lips and head towards the counter.

"Welcome to the Chromatic Creamery! What kind of ice cream would you like today?" A chocolate Blumaroo pops up from behind the counter, sporting a vibrantly patterned apron. "We have cones, sundaes, lollies, and sandwiches of all kinds!"

You stare blankly at the shopkeeper as he waves his hand over the wide selection. "I... I'm not sure," you say quietly.

"Not to worry!" the chipper Blumaroo said, "Our customers always have a difficult time choosing, so we made a short quiz to help them decide!" He hands you a pen and points to a neat stack of colorful paper at the end of the counter.

Feeling slightly unsure, you take the pen handed to you, walk over to the stack, pick up a sheet, and begin to read.


1. Where would you go on a hot summer's day like today?

A) To Mystery Island, of course! There's the beach, Tiki Tours, Tropical Foods, and of course, Mynci Beach Volleyball! What better way is there to spend a day in the sun than doing summer activities?

B) To Maraqua and beyond! There's deep sea exploration, exquisite food at Kelp, and maybe even pirates in the Maraquan Ruins! How exciting!

C) To Terror Mountain to cool off... where else are you supposed to go to avoid the heat?

2. What type of games do you enjoy the most?

A) Pyramids, Solitaire, Korbats Lab, Faerie Bubbles--classic games you know and love.

B) Luck and Chance games. You know what they say... go big or go home!

C) Puzzles and Brain Busters--games that require quick thinking and strategizing instead of luck.

3. Which Neoboard do you frequent the most?

A) Whether it's the Avatar, NC Mall, Games, Role Playing or Pound Chat, you go where your friends go.

B) The Seasonal/Plot boards where you always get to meet new people!

C) Battledome, Beauty Contest, Spotlights & Galleries, Neopian Writers, Stock Tips, or Trading/Auctions--you know, where the pros hang out.

4. If you became lost in the Lost Desert, what would you do?

A) It's probably best to find an oasis first and then make plans from there... that's what all the desert survival books say!

B) Lost? Who's lost? There's so much to explore! Exotic foods, cool petpets, and interesting locals! A bit of sand and sun never hurt anyone.

C) Find a cool shade somewhere and wait for help to arrive--this is no time to panic or work up a sweat.

5. What cold beverage do you like to drink?

A) Lemonade! The sweet and tangy flavors brings back good memories...

B) Pop! Any flavor will do, as long as there are fizzy bubbles-- those are the best!

C) Sugary drinks with artificial flavors? No thank you, an unsweetened ice tea with a slice of lemon will do just fine.


"That wasn't too bad," you think to yourself as you set the pen down.

"Are you done with all the questions?" the Blumaroo asks when he sees you looking up.

You nod yes.

"Ah, now turn over the sheet to see what type of ice cream suits you best!"


Mostly A. You like to have fun, but you're not the most daring person out there. You prefer to stick to things you're comfortable with, whether it's the same games, same friends, or same summer activities! You can't go wrong with a traditional ice cream cone! Since its inception, the ice cream cone has always been well received throughout the years!

Mostly B. You are carefree, adventurous, and a risk taker--always willing to go where no others have gone before. Ice cream lollies are perfect for you. They are great on the go, but can get a bit messy, especially in the sun. But you don't mind getting a little sticky here and there. It's summer and that's half the fun!

Mostly C. You are prim and proper. You don't always participate in the most popular activities, follow the most current trend, because, well, you know what you like, and what is sophisticated. A classy ice cream sandwich might just be your thing! They are easy to eat, come in classic flavors, and won't get your hands messy. Oh, and when you eat that ice cream sandwich, you most likely have your pinky pointing up.

Mostly... Everything! You are not picky at enjoy all kinds of activities in the summer. A little variety never hurt anyone! Your undiscriminating taste means an ice cream sundae is just perfect. You can mix and match anything to put on a sundae--tried and true flavors like strawberry and vanilla, or exquisite new creations!


You put down the sheet of paper, feeling confident in your choice.

"Well," says the shopkeeper. "So what will it be today? An ice cream cone, sundae, lolly, or sandwich?"

You grin and say, "I'll have a..."

"Oh wait a minute! I forgot to ask," the Blumaroo interjects. "What kind of flavor would you like? We offer 101 different flavors! There's vanilla, toffee, chocolate, banana, orange, peach, pork, carrot, tigerbuggle, pumpkin, dirt, lime, fig, mint, avocado, seaweed, cherry, thistleberry, gooseberry, blueberry, blackberry, loveberry, strawberry, lemonberry, raspberry, snowberry..."

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