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0 to 1000: How to Enter the Gourmet Club

by tokyo__nights_x


To the naive Neopian, the Gourmet Club may seem like the playground of the rich and of those with finer tastes. For any Neopian of any age, this is an easy, if not justified, opinion to come to. After all, not all of us can afford to spend 1,400,000 NP on a cake for our pets. Assuming that this article will ask you to is simply absurd! What I am here to prove is that the Gourmet Club isn't all that expensive; all that it takes is some searching around. Foods that are cheap can surprisingly earn you some points in this club.

For reference, a food can be considered to be a 'gourmet' food if it has a rarity between 90 to 100. To the average Neopian, they may not seem very appetising, but to someone who just adores the finer things in life, this is perfect for them. By eating one gourmet food, your pet can gain a gourmet point and if your pet has eaten enough gourmet foods, they may just receive a shiny trophy! I'm sure that's put some incentive to try this out in your mind.

For this article I will use 1,000 NP in order to try and gain as many gourmet points as possible.

1.)Cracked Keno Egg - 150 NP

This item may or may not surprise as you as being considered gourmet as it doesn't look like anything too special! In fact it looks just a little unsanitary. I'm sure you're pondering just how exactly this is gourmet, but please allow me to assure you it is. It has a rarity of 90 and and an estimated value of 1,397 NP.

After looking this up on the Shop Wizard, the cheapest price I found for this was 150 NP which, for a gourmet food, is a bargain! Whilst you may not appreciate the look of it, I'm sure that one pet of yours with a taste for the finer things in Neopia will; and it's without breaking the bank!

Current Total - 150 NP

2.) Deviled Eggs - 10 NP

How can this be gourmet? With a price tag so small it's barely bound to put a crack in your bank balance this will earn your pet another gourmet point towards a shiny, new trophy to add to their collection. These devilish eggs have a rarity of 92 and a estimated price value of 3,800 NP. Purely due to the price tag, they come highly recommended!

I once again looked this item up on the Shop Wizard and was greeted with this very small price instantly. Overall, these eggs are not expensively priced and they're something which everyone should be able to afford regardless if they're visiting the Soup Kitchen or not.

Current Total - 160 NP

3.) Evil Blancmange - 78 NP

Another gourmet food for under 100 NP, another gourmet point to add to our total. The third gourmet food I discovered was this Evil Blancmange, which hardly seems evil for the small price tag! You won't have to worry about the fearsome appearance of this food, as I was assured that it will not attack as long as I don't put it into water. This has a rarity of 99 and has an estimated value of 9,900 NP - almost ten times our budget of 1,000 NP!

A quick search on the Shop Wizard and I was able to purchase this at 78 NP - not bad. Definitely not as cheap as the Deviled Eggs but still less than 100 NP!

Current Total - 238 NP

4.) Flotato - 2 NP

Brace yourself; this may just blow your little mind. The Flotato is considered a gourmet food. For only 2 NP, it's so cheap it won't even break the bank. For a gourmet food, this is very cheap, so I advise that you snap this up as soon as possible! The Flotato has a rarity of 90 and has an estimated value of 903 NP.

To find this item, I did one search on the Shop Wizard, which showed me numerous places to buy a Flotato at very, very cheap prices.

Current Total - 240 NP

5.) Ghost Marshmallows - 25 NP

Not to be confused with Magic Ghost Marshmallows, these are also a bargain at 25 NP and help to lead the way that the Gourmet Club doesn't necessarily need to be expensive. If I were you, I wouldn't worry about these possibly winking at you, as the quicker your pet eats them, the quicker you will have the gourmet point.

These have a rarity of 90, which allows them to qualify as a gourmet food, and an estimated value of 192 NP. A cheap estimated value to match the cheap price! I used my usual source, the Shop Wizard, to look these up and was given a price of 25 NP.

Current Total - 265 NP

6.) Gnome Shroom - 5 NP

Whilst this may not look like the most delicious thing in the world, all things assured this is a gourmet food. It's believed that by consuming one of these at a certain time of day you can turn into a gnome for a small time, but nobody has proven this to be true - could it be you? For 5 NP, you can try and get a gourmet point!

This shroom has a rarity of 99 and has an estimated value of 600 NP. If you don't particularly feel like paying 5 NP to eat one of these, I hear that Jhudora gives them out for completing a quest for her.

Current Total - 270 NP

7.) Honey Blossom - 47 NP

Alas, we could not stay in the region of 200 NP forever. This honey blossom pushes us to over 300 NP, but once again it is an absolute bargain at 47 NP! Whilst it may not look too delicious, it is said to be one of the sweetest things you will ever taste. In this case, I think the taste more than makes up for the appearance!

With an estimated value of 3,740 NP and a rarity of 99, a mere 47 NP is not too much to pay for a gourmet food item.

Current Total - 317 NP

8.) Mynci Fruit Kebab - 250 NP

This is one of the nicer gourmet items in terms of appearance, especially if you adore Myncies! It's simple and not dressed up to be something that it's not. For 250 NP, it's a little pricier than some of the other items in this list, but most definitely worth it.

I paid 250 NP for this, but it has an estimated value of 1,200 NP. It has a rarity of 92. Once again, I will stress that this is rather cheap for a gourmet food and would purchase it - the more your pet eats, the more gourmet points he or she shall receive!

Current Total - 567

9.) Raptraphant Leg - 51 NP

Ugh, this is not one leg I would want to be eating. I'm sure your pet wouldn't want to either. However, for however unappealing this looks, this is a gourmet food. What is a Raptraphant? I sincerely do not know! All I can say is somewhere out there there are some Raptraphants without any legs.

Surprisingly, this item has a rarity of 99 and has an estimated value of 7,840 NP! The Shop Wizard gave me a price of 51 NP should I ever wish to devour this. So whilst you may not like the look of this, I must insist - you bite this first.

Current Total - 618 NP

10.) Zeenana Crepe - 350 NP

After the thought of eating a Raptraphant Leg, this Zeenana Crepe is more than a pleasant sight! This is the most expensive item on our list, but I do believe your pet would rather eat something like this than that one leg. For 350 NP, I'm sure you can spare it for your pet.

Our last item was found on the Shop Wizard after some searching for 350 NP. Providing you do multiple searches, I am certain that you too can find one of these crepes for the same price. This has a rarity of 92 and an estimated value of 1,800 NP. This may be the most expensive item on this list, but compared to other gourmet foods, it is barely anything.

Final Total - 968 NP

For less than 1000 NP, we have managed to accumulate 10 gourmet points, which is extremely cheap! It works out at approximately 97 NP per food item, which I'm sure you can afford.

If you now have the Gourmet Food Club bug, slightly more expensive foods for less than 5,000 NP which can also earn you gourmet points include Banana Achyfi and Braku Berry Juice, but if you're really feeling outrageous, why not try the Darigan Draik Egg, which may just break the bank at 15,000,000 NP? Or perhaps the Magical Red Starry Slushie for only 7,000,000 NP? Whatever you decide to do, the Gourmet Club will be there for you with their catchphrase, get chuffing!

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