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Proper Petpet Care

by jayceedee


Abominable Snowballs are some of Neopia’s most popular petpets. Few people actually realize how high maintenance these petpets are, though, so every year hundreds of these adorable creatures are abandoned. This article is to help you make an informed decision about whether you are one of the special neopians who can take care of these petpets. We will look at how to tell if an Abominable Snowball is right for you, the differences in the various colors, their habitat, food, and toys, along with tricks you can teach them and even the hazards of owning one.

Is the Abominable Snowball right for you?

To determine whether owning an Abominable Snowball is right for you, you have to ask yourself three questions.

1. Are you able to provide the medical attention they need? Abominable Snowballs have a very poor immune system, which means they have a tendency to get Reptillioritus, Neezles, and Chickaroo. In Neopets these are all relatively simple to cure; however, in petpets (especially Winter Petpets) they require expensive treatments that may take weeks before they start to work.

2. Do you live in or frequently vacation in Moltara or are any of your pets painted Fire or Magma? Seeing as Moltara has many magma geysers and hot springs and the Abominable Snowball is in fact made of snow, you can see that this might be a problem. Also, pets often like to handle their petpets. If your pets are painted Fire or Magma, then it poses a melting hazard to the Abominable Snowball.

3. Do you own a Melton? Abominable Snowballs and Meltons do not get along. They fight and are never peaceful around each other. The fighting results in stress in both the petpets and the owner. The stress on the Petpets makes them more likely to catch Chickaroo, and the stress on the owner makes it more likely that they will decide to abandon the poor little Snowballs.

Which color Abominable Snowball is right for you?

After you’ve determined that an Abominable Snowball is the right petpet for you after all, you need to decide which color is right for you. You need to realize that each color of Snowball has a distinct personality, and each individual Snowball has a distinct personality. For example, while all Purple Snowballs are daring and adventurous, not all of them have a suitable temperament to become pirates.

If you are unsure which color is right for you, you can find one of each color in a ranch at Happy Valley. The owner there will be happy to teach you all you need to know about the different colors. They also have a Snowball Seminar monthly to give you tips on how to keep your Snowball healthy and happy.

Where do Abominable Snowballs live?

Abominable Snowballs thrive in extremely cold temperatures. Seeing as they were first found on Terror Mountain, they also love high elevation and rocky terrain. To keep your snowball happy, it is best that they have their own cold room. (Don’t worry! The National Neopian Bank offers financing to build the cold room for those that qualify.) Of course, you can keep other species of winter petpets in here as well. The room should be equipped with several Neovision transmitters so that the petpet can see what’s going on in the surrounding house and doesn’t get worried about its owners.

Along with the other winter petpets in the cold room, Abominable Snowballs should be kept in groups if at all possible. They do best in groups of three to five. Although having a group of Snowballs means that you don’t have to worry about them being lonely, it is absolutely no excuse to stop playing with them.

Providing the cold room is the easy part of this little creature’s habitat! Now you have to figure out how to create high elevation and rocky terrain inside! It seems impossible, doesn’t it? Never fear! The Petpet Protection League and the Petpet Environmental Defense And Happiness (PEDAH) activist groups have teamed up to supply creative and affordable ideas to help you with your elevation challenges.

What do Abominable Snowballs eat?

You may think that Abominable Snowballs live off of Peach Snowballs and Slushies, but you are incredibly mistaken. They have a very complex diet. Like Neopets, they need eight to twelve servings of fruit and vegetables a day. Being made of snow, however, makes getting all of their fruits and vegetables much harder. If only there were some magic juice that gave them three servings of each, but all they could taste was the fruit! Oh well! That’s never gonna happen.

Abominable Snowballs love to eat snow grapes, and they also enjoy snow oranges and other snow fruit. Since Snowballs don’t have lips, they can’t drink Slushies, so they have to drink water chilled to 33 degrees Fahrenheit.

What toys do Abominable Snowballs like?

To keep your Abominable Snowball from being bored, you should supply him with several basic toys. To get these toys and to ensure that your Abominable Snowball is able to use them, I recommend getting a PEDAH catalog and ordering the toys from there. I recommend the Snowball Swing-set and the Lair of Snowbeast Adventurer Kit. This kit includes authentic replicas of the clothes and tools used in the first exploration of the Lair of Snowbeast. It also includes a blow up Snowbeast Toy and a free creatable map set to get you started on your hunt for the Snowbeast! All you have to do is find a makeshift lair.

I also recommend Mr. Snowball-Face. It includes the Mr. Snowball-Face body, three pairs of eyes, two noses, two different styles of mustaches, two mouths, and four posable limbs.

Other toys that Abominable Snowballs enjoy are ice cream makers, bouncy balls, airplane sets, and everyone’s favorite, Splat-a-Sloth!

Tricks to Teach your Snowball!!

You may not think that there are many tricks that you can teach an Abominable Snowball, but you would be wrong. They are experts at the tricks “sit” and “stay”. However, they aren’t so good at giving handshakes. They can roll over or play dead, and can even play fetch! If you throw a wet snowball, they will chase after it! But only downhill, which kind of makes it impossible to bring it back to you.

However, they excel at impersonations. They can make themselves look like whomever they are impersonating. They can also stretch or shrink their vocal cords to make themselves sound different.

They are surprisingly good at Ugga Smash and Tyrannian Minigolf. We aren’t sure when they ever practice, seeing as even in the winter Tyrannia is extremely hot, but for whatever reason, they are.

Hazards of owning an Abominable Snowball

Although not as hazardous as owning an Altachuck, Abominable Snowballs do pose some threats. Fortunately, however, most of these hazards are not very severe.

1. Playing with your Snowball for too long without the proper protection can lead to numb fingers, toes, accompanied by a red and running nose. The solution to this is a warm cup of cocoa and a toasty scone.

2. It is a little known fact, but Abominable Snowballs are often the cause of Neezles. Often young Neopets spend many hours playing with their Abominable snowballs. While they are playing, their gloves and their socks often get wet. This makes the young pets more likely to get sneezles. To prevent this, you should make sure to come inside every few hours and change into dry socks and gloves. If you already have sneezles, you can cure it with a simple Neezles jab. It may not seem very appealing, but wouldn’t you rather have just a few moments of discomfort from the Neezles jab than have several days, if not weeks, of discomfort from your Neezles?

3. Abominable Snowballs are quite reckless. They are not very careful about anything, so impressionable young Neopians are more likely to get injured when in the company of a Snowball. Almost none of the injuries are anything more serious than a scraped knee, however. The easiest way to prevent this is to monitor younger Neopians whenever they play with any petpet.


As you can see, there are many positive reasons to own a Snowball. However, I hope that this article has informed you about how to care for and decide if an Abominable Snowball is the right petpet for you. I hope that if you decide to purchase an Abominable Snowball that you have the knowledge to keep it happy and healthy for many years to come.

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