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Moon Rock Rampage - The Guide

by totosquirt



Moon Rock Rampage (or MRR for short) has two characters to choose from. They are Gorix the Grundo and Cylara the Cybunny. You control these characters to gather parts for their crashed ship and to destroy the enemies. There are different parts of the ships to collect with different points. They value from 1 point to 250 points.

Make these choices before you start playing. First, choose either Gorix or Cylara as your character. Your second choice is to decide what you want. Do you want to earn quick Neopoints? Or do you want to get a high score? (No guarantee that you will be on the Hi-Score Table) You make these choices so you can decide what methods to use while playing MRR.

First thing to learn about are the enemies. There are two types of enemies: The Rockies and the Droids. They get on the field by popping out at random places, so be careful where you step. There are three types of Rockies. The first type is the normal type that looks like the Rock Beast. The second type looks like a rock work. Unlike the first type, the second type can hide underground and pops out at a random spot. The third type appears round, has no feet and uses its hands for walking. It acts like the first rockie type. When you shoot any type of rockie, it turns into a moon rock. The second type of enemy is the droids. They look like robots. Unlike the rockies, the droids can push moon rock. When you shoot the droids, their metals stay and then disappear. If you walk on the metals before they disappear, you will lose a life. When you push a moon rock at any type of enemy, you will get a point. When you push the rock at two enemies, you will get 1 and 2 points. The pattern continues. Three enemies are 5 added points, four enemies are 10 added points, five enemies are 25 added points and so on. The more enemies destroyed by one moon rock, the more points added to your score. When you destroy three enemies, it is 1 + 2 + 5 making 8 points. When you destroy four enemies, it is 1 + 2 + 5 + 10 making 18 points and so on.

Moon Rocks and defense tactics are explained here. Moon Rocks are use to destroy enemies and to walk on lava. Pushing a moon rock over an enemy destroys it. Pushing a moon rock over lava will allow you to walk over it. Shooting at a moon rock using your lasers four times destroys the rock. Use parts of the field to defend yourself. You can hide behind the mini-volcanoes (don't worry, they won't erupt), the coloured blocks and lava spaces. You can shoot at those objects or places and the lasers will go though, so this tip is good if an enemy is following you. This tip can also be very helpful if you are on the droid levels because they can push Moon Rock. When you push multiple Moon Rocks in a pattern, you can also make lava spaces for defense.


Now that you have learned about the game, its characters, surrounding area and how it works, you have to decide how you are going to play (that was one of the choices that you had to make before you start playing). I will talk about two types of methods and how to use them to your advantage to get the points you wanted. The two I will talk about are Quick Neopoints Making and High Score Playing.

If you want to earn Neopoints, the number you will have to remember is the number 667. Get 667 points and you will earn 1000 Neopoints. To reach that score, keep these tips in mind while playing. First, at every level, only get the parts for the ship. Second, try to dodge or ignore the enemies. You can shoot the enemies if they are near you or if they are in the way, but do not waste time shooting baddies that are not in your way. You will save time by ignoring and dodging the baddies. If you continue blocking the enemies and retrieving the parts for the shop you will get 667 or more points. The level that you should get that score is around Levels 10-13 depending on how you played. You might have lost a life (if you are a beginner) but you should get 667 points.

What if you want to get more than 667 points? Maybe you want to get a higher score or maybe try to get on the Hi-Score table. If you do, keep these tips in mind. Instead of getting all the parts of the ship in the level, leave all but one so that you stay in the level. Make sure you have some rocks (or Rockies to turn into rocks). As more enemies come up, push the rocks. Reminder, hitting more than one enemy with a moon rock will get you more points, so try to hit them when they are in a row. Continue this pattern until the time says that there are 10-20 seconds left (you can stop earlier if there are no more rocks left). Get the last part for the ship and go to the next level. Continue these instructions for every level (20 levels in all) and you should have more than 1,500 points. If you become really good (and keep 3 of your lives at the end of the 20 levels), then you should note these down. Out of all 20 levels, note which level gives you the most points from the enemies. When you find out which level gives the most points, continue the pattern except let the time run out. Do these until you have 1 life left and then do the normal pattern (and follow it with the rest of the levels).

When you try to get more than 667 points of course you will get the 1000 Neopoints. I hope this game guide will help people improve their skills on Moon Rock Rampage. Good Luck!

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