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Six Things to Do on Fyora Day

by tiptoeboo


Flowers blossoming and weather warming, it’s that time of year again - Fyora Day! The Faerie Queen does so much for us Neopians and finally it’s the day she gets repaid for all her hard work throughout the long winter months! So how best to celebrate her long and fruitful rule?

1. Dress up as a faerie

What better day is there in the whole year to dress up as a faerie for a few hours? Who knows, maybe Fyora won’t even be insulted at your candy wings and plastic mask! The Lavender Faerietale Dress now available in the NC Mall is the perfect base for building your faerie outfit with flowers galore. If you don’t have access to the Mall, however, don’t despair – the Long Orange Dress is a regal yet cheap alternative worthy of a queen! A gorgeous background is an absolute necessity if your outfit is to work well. The Faerieland Gazebo Background, though a little pricy, is a great choice for all pets with pastel colours and tranquil setting. An Altador Cup Background - Faerieland would also work well with many colour schemes and it also flings you straight into the festive mood of the Altador Cup this year! For those not so competitive pets, I suggest a Faerie City Balcony Background or a Faerieland Cloud Background, a great choice for those naturally winged pets.

2. Bake a faerie cake

No, seriously, Fyora absolutely loves cakes of all shapes and sizes. Pink, purple, layered, with cream, iced, strawberry flavoured; you name it, she’ll eat it! Cakes are also one of the most simple recipes in Neopia to make. All you need is a sprinkling of flour (use an exploding variety for that extra fizzyness in the mouth), some butter, a shake of sugar and a pinch of faerie dust; then let your imagination go wild with icing and decoration! Castle cakes are very in fashion at the moment, elegant and refined, the perfect way to thank the queen of faeries! I can also highly recommend adding wings to your cake for that extra faerielike quality, and for extra points Lighted Faerie Bubble String Lights on top wouldn’t go amiss (make sure you take them off before serving, though; we wouldn’t want any nasty accidents). Finally, don’t forget the sparkles, sure to give your Fyora Day cake an edge in any competition and make it look extra appetising!

3. Get gaming faerie games

There are so many faerie themed games out there that it’d be a shame not to play one on Fyora Day. For pets who enjoy the classics, Faerie Cloud Racers is a great place to start, with thrilling chases and even a two player mode for twice the fun! Extreme Faerie Cloud Racers is a newer, yet just as fun racing game with an epic soundtrack and driver’s eye view to get the adrenaline pumping! Faerie Bubbles is slower paced but just as tense when you know each bubble could be your last. For those who prefer intellectual pursuits, however, all is not lost! The daily Faerie Crossword is a puzzle that’ll have even the brightest stumbling over the clues. King Hagan himself has been known to pronounce the Library Faerie a worthy opponent

4. Read a faerie tale

If your pet is not quite up to the Faerie Crossword yet, how about improving their intelligence by reading them a story? This is a rare treat that not enough pets get, but they’ll love you forever for. Some brilliant faerie themed titles are A Faerie Beautiful Day, an uplifting tale about a wish finally realised by the completion of one of Illusen’s quests, Faerie Tales, a story of pets who want to learn more about the mysterious magics of Faerieland, and for those pets that prefer a more visual style of reading, the Faerie Kadoatie Touch-N-Feel Book is a perfect choice.

5. Trust the gambling faerie

Now Fyora may not officially condone gambling behaviour, but there is a reason the faeries have the Wheel of Excitement and Poogle Racing in their beautiful magic filled country - they have to fund the rebuilding of Faerieland somehow! The Wheel of Excitement only costs 500 neopoints a spin, a speck of dust compared to the chance of winning a magical item, neopoints or the ever elusive avatar, perfect to go with your Faerieland themed neosignature! The wheel can be spun up to twelve times each day (every two hours) so there is no excuse not to go and have a spin. May the luck of the faeries be with you!

With races occurring every fifteen minutes, Poogle Racing is another great place to go if you have some spare change in your pocket and want to spend it in an exciting and unique way. There are five Poogles to choose from and with the opportunity to feed, bet and cheer them on in their bid to win the race, it’s an open competition!

6. Choose a faerie avatar

Talking of avatars, why don’t you change for the day? Refreshing pinks and bright purples are the way to go! If you have the money, “Fyora – Faerie Queen” is the perfect avatar for the occasion, as is “Queen Fyora”, a more sparkly version of the same faerie! However, if glitter isn’t all your thing, “The Darkest Faerie” goes with a lot of different colours from rainbow to navy, and “Xweetok – Faerie” is the perfect way to let your pet know that they are very special to you. So pick the avatar that suits you and your pets best and make it your own with some spiffy coding, fonts and words!

So there you have it, six things to do on Fyora Day! Whatever you prefer, gaming to customising, there is no excuse to miss the opportunity to celebrate the greatest faerie queen in all of Neopia. Have fun! –sprinkles faerie dust-

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