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Fyora Day Interviews

by chestnuttiger787


Every Fyora Day, the Neopian Times is pelted with articles and stories about this famous, wonderful queen. I wanted to write one, and I thought it would be a great opportunity to write my first interview article. But I didn't want to write an interview with the great queen herself, as that has been done many times. I had the idea of asking three famous faeries a few questions about their lovely queen and what she does for them. I decided to give the job of actually interviewer to my Maraquan Cybunny, Jicarillae. While my Eyrie, Slevende, dreams of being an author, Jicarillae wants to be a reporter. I acted as scribe, writing down what the faeries said. The first faerie we visited was Naia, the famous fountain faerie. We found her, as usual in her fountain, which was, as usual, drained of magic. She was happy to be interviewed and asked us to sit down beside her fountain.

Jicarillae: *ruffles papers* Okay, so, we'd like to ask you a few questions about the faerie queen, Queen Fyora. So, first of all, what do you think of the way Fyora rules Faerieland?

Naia: Oh, I think she's lovely, of course. She's very wise. She knows how to be just, but she's never cruel.

Jicarillae: Of course. If you could sum up Fyora's personality in three words, which three would you use?

Naia: Graceful, peaceful, and just—very just.

Jicarillae: Er, you seem to mention the word just a lot. What has Fyora's justness meant to you?

Naia: Well, I can depend on the fact that she will be able to determine—and perform—the best punishment if any faerie crosses the line and breaks the laws of the faeries. My sister was robbed by a malicious dark faerie. Queen Fyora knew exactly how to punish the dark faerie, and she returned the items the thief had stolen to my sister immediately.

Jicarillae: How interesting. Moving on, what is something you think Fyora could improve in Faerieland during the next year or so?

Naia: Well, I don't know about you, but I'd like to see some attempts to reach out to other countries, especially now that we're on the ground. Faerieland is a peaceful place, but we've always been separated from the rest of the world, and seeing as there are actually a fair amount of faeries living in other countries, it would be cool to make friends with other countries.

Jicarillae: Of course. What do you think is the one of the most admirable deed Fyora has performed?

Naia: Ooo, that's a tough one. Hmm, I'd probably have to say what the Queen decided to do to Xandra recently. I'm glad she didn't go soft on her and release her from the stone.

Jicarillae: Interesting. Alright, then, that's the last of our questions. Thank you for your time.

Naia: Of course. I'm glad to be of assistance.

We were pleased with Naia's interview, but we had a less pleasant task before us. We trudged through Faerieland up to Jhudora's bluff. We entered Jhudora's castle nervously, and when we reached the throne room, Jicarillae was trembling slightly. Jhudora wasn't at all pleased to see us.

Jhudora: Are you here for a quest or what?

Jicarillae: W-we're here for an interview f-for Fyora D-day.

Jhudora: *frowns* Fyora Day? Hmph. Phfff. I don't like interviewers. Nope, this won't do. Leave.

Jicarillae: Please, Jhudora! We want your opinion! Don't you want to be in the Neopian Times?

Jhudora: I've been in the Neopian Times so many times I can't keep track of them.

Jicarillae: But, Jhudora, don't you want a chance to express what you think of Fyora? Won't that be... er, interesting, at least? We only have a few questions.

Jhudora: *sighs* Well... I suppose I might as well... but be quick about it, okay? I'm sick of interviewers pestering me with stupid questions.

Jicarillae: Thank you. *cowers* O-okay, let's start with ... um ... *flips through papers*

Jhudora: Come on! I don't know WHY I'm bothering to waste my time with you!

Jicarillae: Okay, okay! What do you think of the way Fyora rules Faerieland?

Jhudora: *rolls eyes* Do you REALLY think I'm going to say something nice? Fyora is FAR too soft. She doesn't punish people NEARLY as hard as she ought to. Yes, she is FAR too soft. And she doesn't have an OUNCE of respect for dark faeries who don't like things the same way other faeries do. And also, sh--

Jicarillae: *cough* Okay, moving on, um, if you could sum up Fyora's personality in three words, which three would you--

Jhudora: *sighs impatiently*

Jicarillae: --u-use?

Jhudora: How about ANNOYING, GIRLY, and SICKENING?

Jicarillae: Please, Jhudora, it's her special day! C'mon, can't you say just THREE nice things about her?

Jhudora: *sighs* Fine. *grits teeth* Okay, let's try this again. Um ... Okay, regal, er, level-headed, and, um, sweet? I can't believe I just said that...

Jicarillae: Thank you. Now, just two more questions. Then I'll let you go. What do you think Fyora could improve in Faerieland during this next year?

Jhudora: Finally, a question I really like to hear! Hmm, well, a little more respect for us DARK FAERIES might be nice. And, of course, I'd like to see a bit of a darker air to Faerieland. It's so... sparkly. Fyora could really work on THAT point among OTHERS. Of course, she HAS t--

Jicarillae: AHEM. So, what do you think is the most admirable deed Fyora has ever performed?

Jhudora: Admirable deed? Fyora has performed MULTIPLE admirable deeds?

Jicarillae: Y-yes, of—of course. Of course she has. She's done amazing things. S-so which one do you consider the most admirable?

Jhudora: Oh, well, if I MUST. There WAS one thing that I MUST admit was a nice gesture to the dark faeries. I was happy when she kept the Darkest Faerie's statue in the palace for all to see. Not that any of us Dark Faeries SUPPORTED her, but we do NOT like it when other Dark Faeries are harmed. We thought the queen would smash her.

Jicarillae: H-how interesting. Well, Jhudora, that will be all. Um, have a very pleasant day!

Jhudora: Phffff. Interviewers.

We left Jhudora's bluff and traveled to Meridell, where we entered Illusen's peaceful glade.

Illusen: How lovely to see you! Are you interviewers for the Neopian Times?

Jicarillae: Yes, we're here to interview you for Fyora Day.

Illusen: Excellent. Here, sit down!

Jicarillae: *sits* Okay, so our first question is, what do you think of the way Fyora rules Faerieland?

Illusen: Oh, I think it's great. I'm not able to see her work in action that often, but it is wonderful to hear of all the goods things she does in Faerieland.

Jicarillae: *giggles* Yes, I can imagine. *giggles* If you could describe Fyora's personality in three words which three would you use?

Illusen: Sympathetic, graceful, and patient.

Jicarillae: What do you *chuckles* mean by saying she is sympathetic?

Illusen: Well, when I left Faerieland, I stated my reasons for them once and that was enough for her. She understood why I wanted to leave.

Jicarillae: Why did you le--

Illusen: *loudly* I am so glad you came to interview me about Fyora—I am so tired of being interviewed about myself.

Jicarillae: *giggles* Yes, of course. What are some changes you'd like to see within this next year in Faerieland?

Illusen: Well, I'd really like Fyora to accept their new situation of being on the ground. I know several earth faeries that are very happy about the change. The present climate of Faerieland is really much more compatible with the different types of faeries.

Jicarillae: I understand. *laughs* What--*giggles*--do you consider Fyora's--*giggles*--most admirable deed?

Illusen: She has done too many for me to choose from, really. I admire all the decisions she has made so far.

Jicarillae: Of course. *giggles* Okay, then, that's all. Thank you for your time.

I understand that many of you may be confused as to what Jicarillae was giggling about so much during the interview. Illusen had a small gob of green icing right above her lip during the whole interview, and she never noticed it. That concludes our interviews for now, so now there's nothing left for me to do but to wish you the best of Fyora Days!

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