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A Newbie's Guide to an Extravagant Wheel

by reissaldomort


Greetings! I am reissaldomort and today, I will be talking about the newest wheel in Neopia, the Wheel of Extravagance. Before trying your luck and gambling, there are certain things you must understand and know. You wouldn't want to gamble your Neopoints away without understanding the wheel, right? Well, luckily, you found this article! Now, enough with my rambling. Let's now go and look at the basics.

The Wheel of Extravagance is newly released and can be found in the scorching hot Qasala. It is in between the shops called Mystical Surroundings and Desert Arms. I advise you click on windows found in the buildings between those two shops. The Wheel of Extravagance awaits!

The basics:

One spin costs 100,000 NP. A big number for one spin, eh? I advise that you only spin this wheel if you don't mind risking losing Neopoints! There is a chance that you will lose NP. Before spinning this wheel, it would be safe to have a lot of NP, so you won't get bankrupt after spinning the wheel!

You can only spin the wheel once a day! That keeps it fair for everyone.

Although the price per spin is pricy, it is very much worth it most of the time. You can win Nerkmids, job coupons, pet statistics, paint brushes, huge amounts of NP, and so much more! Say goodbye to the burnt food, cheap fruits, ripped plushies and low amounts of NP you get from the other wheels! The Wheel of Extravagance is truly made for a king... or queen!

The wheel has twelve (12) spaces. The more, the merrier!

There is a chance that you will be left empty handed after spinning the wheel.

Getting to know the wheel better:

Let's get to know what each "space" gives you.

Space 1: This space is marked with an "X". This is one space you don't want to get! This spaces will you leave you with nothing, and there will go 100k out the window!

Space 2: This is a really nifty space! The second space is marked with a small Neopoint bag. This space will reward you with 25k. It will be a 75k NP loss but it's better than being left empty handed. *shakes fist at Space 1*

Space 3: This is a great space. When you land on this space, you will either get a job coupon (perfect for those who love taking jobs in the Faerieland Job Agency), a secret lab map piece (great for those working on unlocking this *secret* place) or a nerkmid (try your luck in the Alien Vending Machine)! These items can be sold for a good price. You can make 40k with the items, or if you're lucky, even 300k! All these items have different prices so keep your fingers (or paws!) crossed you get a nice item.

Space 4: This space is marked with a brush. When you land on this space, you will get a Paint Brush. There are many types of paint brushes. You can get Zombie, Faerie, Red, Plushie, and so much more colors! Go give your Neopet a well deserved makeover with a Paint Brush you won from this very extravagant wheel. :)

Space 5: This space is marked with a medium sized Neopoint bag. It will give you 50k NP. It will be a 50k NP loss, but at least you get half of your payment back!

Space 6: This space is in between the space marked with the medium sized Neopoint bag, and the space marked with background. This space is what all the avatar collectors like myself would love to land on! That is because this space marked with a box shape gives out a pretty sweet avatar. The avatar is animated, where you can see the wheel spinning. Good luck to all the collectors out there!

Space 7: This space is marked with a background. From the marking itself, landing on this space will give you a background called the Wheel of Extravagance Background. Once you put the background on your Neopet, it will look like your Neopet is just in front of the wheel, ready to spin! The background, as of now, costs about 50 - 90k.

Space 8: The eighth space is marked with a muscular arm. This space is perfect for those who enjoy training their pets. This space will give your pet a 5+ increase of one of the statistics, namely strength, hit points, intelligence, movement and defense. Instead of waiting for hours for your pet's course to finish or spending on books to read to your pet, why not spin the wheel and try your luck?

Space 9: This space is marked with a large Neopoint bag. When you land on this space, you will be rewarded with 100,001 NP. It will be like you never spun the wheel at all, because you get all your money back! Plus, you get an extra Neopoint. ;)

Space 10: The tenth space is marked with a stamp, with a star in the middle. This space will give you the Wheel of Extravagance Stamp. Once you put this in your stamp album, it will go into the Qasala category. The stamp, as of now, costs 70k - 90k.

Space 11: Lucky number 11! This space will be marked with not one, but two muscular arms! This is very like the eighth space, but instead of getting a 5+ increase on a random stat, you will get a TEN (10) stat increase on a random statistic! How great is that?

Space 12: And of course, the last space. The 12th space will be marked with the silhouette or lining of a scorchstone. This space will give you a rarity 100 item. There are many r100 items, and they can be worth quite a lot, depending on which item you get. There are nerkmids, books, food, toys, and so much more. The prizes given out on this space can be very profitable.

So, to sum it all up..

This wheel is a "high roller", meaning, gambling for high stakes. It's true, because you will put in a lot of money into a spin, and there is a chance you will lose NP. Although, there will be times you will get a profit, and leave the wheel happy. There is always a risk at everything, but taking risks can be fun and very exciting! I do hope you learned a lot through this article. Have fun spinning!

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