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Fyora Day Goodies

by foo_foo_face


Queen Fyora has ruled over Faerieland for as long as anyone can remember. Throughout Neopia's history, she has protected it from many dangerous enemies such as the Darkest Faerie. She has been there through thick and thin. When not too busy, Fyora also runs the Hidden Tower, which is stocked with an assortment of magical artifacts that are centuries old. At the moment, all of the profits gained from the Hidden Tower are being used to rebuild Faerieland. Because of Fyora's generosity and kind spirit, a large number of Neopians now look up to her. So, here are some Fyora-related items in celebration of Fyora Day!

Fyora Spring Soup

This soup is an absolute favourite of Fyora's! It is made from a variety of ingredients from all around Neopia and even includes a number of edible flowers. The bowl itself is also quite stunning! It is pink and purple – Fyora's favourite colours – and has an actual strawberry plant wrapped around it that is complete with ripe strawberries. A spoon that resembles Fyora's wand is even included and ready to be used!

Fyoras Magic Hairspray

Anyone who wishes to have hair as perfect as Fyora's will certainly love this hairspray. With just one spray of this, your hair will look great all day long. Even when out in the pouring rain, your hair will retain its shape, style and texture! This hairspray also comes in a cute little bottle that is perfect for those always on the go, because of its small size. That way you can use it to touch up your hair a bit no matter where you are!

10th Birthday Fyora Ballpoint Pen

This is the best pen to use when doing small tasks such as scribbling down a grocery list or even larger ones like writing an article for the Neopian Times! It is designed to look like Fyora's wand but even includes two small faerie wings. But, don't worry, the wings are just there for decoration! The ink itself is also of the finest quality and does not smear or skip. You can't deny that this is one of the greatest writing devices in all of Neopia.

Fyoras Pumpkin Recipes

It may surprise you, but Fyora actually loves Halloween along with the season of Autumn! This can be proven by the Fyora Halloween Wind Up Toy, Fyora Spider Cake, Fyoras Autumn Floral Bouquet and, obviously, this cookbook. Fyora's Pumpkin Recipes contains a number of – you guessed it – pumpkin recipes that Fyora herself thought up. You'll be amazed at how many delicious foods you can make with just the use of a pumpkin and a few simple ingredients!

Ultimate Fyora Day Muffin

This scrumptious muffin will satisfy the appetite of any Neopet! Even the pickiest eaters out there won't be able to resist this tasty treat. The muffin is baked to perfection by the most excellent bakers in Neopia. It is also topped off with a yummy raspberry icing and a light sprinkling of cinnamon faerie dust. There's a reason why this muffin has the word "ultimate" in its name!

Fyoras Castle Stamp

If you're an avid stamp collector who admires Fyora along with Faerieland's architectural works then you will surely love this stamp! It happens to picture Fyora's Castle after Faerieland crashed. But, even though not all of it remained intact and parts of it were destroyed, it is still quite a magnificent sight and is admired by many Neopians from all the different lands.

Fyora Print Bed

This beautiful bed is inspired by Queen Fyora and will definitely make the Neopian sleeping in it feel very regal indeed! The sheets, blanket and pillows are all made up of a luxurious, plush material that is sure to keep you warm even on the coldest of days! The headboard is shaped and coloured to look just like Fyora's crown. The same goes for the posts except they are made to look like Fyora's wand. The blanket also has a fun faerie wing design on it!

Chocolate Fyora Crown

I recommend this crown to anyone looking to have one just like Fyora's but is on a tight budget (it costs about 300 NP). The Chocolate Fyora Crown is also great for those that always seem to be in the mood for chocolate but are looking to try something a little more elaborate than just a plain chocolate bar. You can wear this crown anywhere you go and it doubles as a quick snack! Just make sure not to let it melt!

Fyoras Rule

Those looking to read up on the history of Fyora are in luck! This book contains hundreds, if not thousands, of pages; each one dedicated to the life of Queen Fyora. It includes quite a bit of information about her high times along with low times during her rule as Queen of Faerieland. You'll truly be an expert when it comes to Fyora, once finished with Fyoras Rule!

Vegetarian Fyora Day Taco

As you may know, many Faerie Foods are jam-packed with sugar and carbs. This causes some Neopians to avoid them. But, this Fyora-related taco is exactly the opposite! It includes a variety of succulent vegetables along with a very nutritious but flavourful sauce. This makes it a healthy alternative to items such as the Crazy Crisp Taco -- another Faerie Food. It even includes a couple of edible, sugar-free faerie wings.

Faerie Queen Snowglobe

This is a lovely addition to any snowglobe collection! On the outside, this darling snowglobe is made of pure gold and features a miniature crown at the top. The crown also includes a pink jewel embedded in it which adds a little colour to the exterior. Inside, there is a miniature Faerie Queen Doll and plenty of pink faerie dust which swirls all around Fyora, when the snowglobe is shaken. Despite its fragile-looking appearance, this snowglobe is actually quite durable and will amuse your Neopet for hours!

With all this newly gained information, you should now have an idea of what to purchase in honour of Faerieland's queen. So, go out and have a marvelous Fyora Day!

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