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10 Petpets NOT to Get Your Pet ([Un]Appreciation)

by skyerandom301


Also written by viperlina

It's that time of the year again, where we celebrate the lovely petpets of Neopia. Some are pink, some grey, lots are furry, but many are also sharp. However with such a variety of petpet species and colours around, it makes it very difficult to choose which one is best for your neopet. So HOW do you know which one to choose?

Well, here is an article to help you decide and to inform you about 10 petpets NOT to get for your precious neopet, and also WHY. What we are about to show you are some of the deadliest, sneakiest, crazy and alluring pets in all of Neopia!! But what secrets do they hold? Keep reading and we will soon reveal all!


This cute and cuddlesome petpet will lure you to buy him, with his adorable smile and lovely lime color! He may be playful and great fun for your pet during day, but at night, BEWARE! This critter turns into the ‘boogie man’ hiding under your neopet’s bed and when they least expect it, scare the living daylights out of your pet (and possibly you, too). You wouldn’t want your pet to walk around with the look of sheer terror for the rest of their lives, would you?


The very enthusiastic Cofferling enjoys having fun with neopets and is more likely to lick than to bite most of the time. However, if any of you owners have picked your pets to be ‘Hunting for Treasure’, STOP; don’t get this petpet! Cofferlings are definitely not the pet for you! This sharp-toothed petpet is VERY sensitive about his treasure and he will take a large chomp from your neopet if they so much as put a finger on the gold! So unless you want your Chomby to be turned into a ‘Chompy,’ I suggest searching elsewhere for your petpet!


I bet you were thinking of getting a Gnar for your pretty pet, eh..? They are loving and purple! What more could you want? No-one could resist! Well, there is just *one* problem with them, though; I must warn you. They are said to have a VORACIOUS appetite! A story, to relate with this: One day, a Kacheek was at the petpet store, in need of some company. She wanted a pet to match her room, which was filled with purple all around. She fell in love with the first purple pet she found, a Gnar. She was absolutely MESMERIZED. She took her new pet home (named him Gnawy) and made him a little petpet bed, right next to her own. They slept, as every good little pet does, soundlessly. Except the Kacheek slept so soundlessly that in the morning her owner became worried. When checking in her room, there appeared to be no-one in sight, but then out lurched a Gnar, from inside a small purple bed, with a giant grin on his face. Some people say the Kacheek ran away, but others say the Gnar ate the poor Kacheek. Which one do YOU believe?


He might love to be near neopets, but they sure don’t want to be around him. The reason is pretty obvious too, what with the large amount of spikes all over his body. Can you imagine the endless possibilities of frightful accidents that would lie in store for both you and your pet? Just consider, your pet just happens to leave the Urgoni under a cushion, which you just happen to want to sit on... Well, let’s not go there.

Walking Carpet

Awww, such a cute little guy right? You just want to hug him like a furry blanket? Um... no. He might be good for a cuddle now and then, but he does do a pretty good job of masquerading like a real carpet. One minute you and your pet are walking along, minding your own business when *slip* out goes the carpet from under your feet. Literally! The potential for so many injuries is very high with this little guy, so unless you are prepared to spend big at the hospital, then run along back to the store and get yourself a different petpet.


He is quite a jolly little guy, and you really just want to poke him a bit in the tummy, don’t you. There is one very large drawback to him, however, particularly if you like ice cream. Have you seen how much this little guy eats? The game Snowmuncher lays it all out pretty clear. One minute you have an inventory full of tasty Ice Lollies and Snowcones to give to your pet... the next *poof* they all disappear and all fingers are pointed at you know who. Suddenly your pet looks unhappy and everyone thinks you are a bad owner for not feeding them. Terrible, isn’t it?


Wow, so you bought your pet a rock; that’s very creative of you, isn’t it? Think about it. Put yourself in your pet’s shoes. You are about to get a lovely pet to look after; you have been looking forward to this day for ages! You hold out your hands and shut your eyes, excitement building inside you. You open your eyes and look at what is in your hands. What? A Rock? Are you kidding? Disappointment and anger builds inside. You pick up the rock and hurl it at your master's face! Oh no! See, you are now the owner in this illustration. If you don’t like heavy objects being thrown at your head, then no, this petpet is not for you.


Look! It jiggles! Doesn’t it make you smile? Well, yes, yes, it does. One problem, though; although this petpet doesn’t do any harm itself, it sure won’t last very long. Look at the incredible resemblance that it has to blackberry flavored jelly! Just saying, one day your pet is hungry, because you forgot to feed them. Then they see their petpet jiggling ever so jelly-like. Mmmmm, jelly. And considering the cost of a Blobikins, well, I hope you have plenty of spare neopoints to buy another one!


This peculiar fellow looks distinctly like a bomb... If this doesn’t already scare you enough, let’s just say he does not cope well with those neopets who have a very short temper, or if he himself gets into a bad temper. At the slightest showing of anger, Pofew will explode in your face, leaving your pet with a ‘Pile of soot’ type of style. I must remind you; pile of soot often gets mixed up with actual soot and gets dumped in the dustbin. Goodbye, precious neopet.


Part Pumpkin, part petpet, this cutie-pie is the messiest, silliest petpet of all. No, he does not do it on purpose; he tries to be like everyone else, tries to be a good petpet, but the problem is he’s SO clumsy that even if he sets a toe in your house, something bad will happen. This is probably due to the fact that he was created with a pumpkin instead of a head, leaving him with no peripheral vision. He bumps into walls, knocks over vases, trips over nothing and creates an absolute mess. It is advised not to get this petpet, unless you like to clean up... a lot! Steer clear of the Clompkin, especially if you are a cleaning perfectionist.

So there you have it! A list of 10 of the petpets that you really, really don’t want to get your pet. Now, please don’t think that this is all made up and that you are going to be clever and buy one just to see what happens. You will regret it and yes, you did know better. So please, heed our advice; instead, choose a lovely harmless petpet that your pet can play and cuddle with and then you will be happy, your pet will be happy and your petpet won’t nom on your toes while you sleep.

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