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Underrated Shops to Restock At

by shady1886


For most restockers there are 2-3 shops they are most likely to be in. Those include Kauvaras Magic Shop, The Neopian Post Office, and sometimes Merifoods. They are all great shops and they do have a lot of profit, but they aren't necessarily the best. I have come up with ten shops that are really good for restocking but are overlooked.

10. Peopatra's Petpets

Yes, this may seem like a weird shop, but it isn't. If you restock for a while you are bound to see an r99 petpet that will easily get you around a million extra neopoints. There are also multiple petpets here that are low profit, but profit is profit. Great if you have 150k because some stock for that much.

9. The Neopian Gift Shop

This shop seems to always be nearly if not completely full, so why restock here? If you clear the gift shop to only 3 rows, it can become an easy profit shop. Not many people restock here and there are a lot of items that are profitable. Take for instance a Bear. They restock for about 2.3k and about 25 at a time. If you get a lot of them, you can make 10k off of them. They sell for 1k more in your shop than at the Neopian shop. There are also multiple common items that are near UBs like the ink frames. There is a lot of profit to be had in this shop. Great if you have a couple of neopoints to invest.

8. Space Weaponry

This is a good shop for beginners because of the neocola tokens. They restock often and in groups. They will sell for 1k+ more then what they are in the store. They can sell rather fast too because people love gambling! There are also several UB items in here that can get you an extra 100k or too if you are in there long enough. Great no matter how many neopoints you have.

7. Mystical Surroundings

This shop isn't overlooked too much, but it is. People say it is not enough profit for a shop. Every time the shop restocks, there is always an item that is very profitable. They are very low rarity too, so they restock often. But the rarity still doesn't mean much in that shop. People love customizing their pets, and when a new background comes out, everyone wants it. Even though the rarity is very low, it still sells for a couple hundred thousand. Great no matter how many neopoints you have.

6. Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop

This shop is very good to restock at. The problem is it is usually always full. If you clear there may be people lurking the shop not helping, but that shouldn't be much of a problem as long as you are fast. There are items worth over a million neopoints that restock here. If you’re lucky enough to get one, it is a great shop. There are also kad food UBs in here that sell fast to people that are too lazy to kad feed buyable items. Overall a good shop if you have neopoints to spend.

5. Magical Bookshop

People will tell you that there are better bookshops. There may seem like a better one, but there isn't. The fact that this bookshop has Gourmet Cooking For Your Pet makes it the best for any restocker. If you are a pro or think you are, this isn't the best bookshop. The Gourmet Cooking For Your Pet can give you 40k profit for each book you get and since they come in groups of 20s you will be able to get at least one. The 2500 neopoint books are bad, though, and some are good, but most are losses. That is the only bad part. There are not many profitable books that are less than 5000 neopoints. A great place for bad restockers.

4. Brightvale Armoury

Very overlooked shop by many. The slowness of the restocks turns off a lot of people from restocking here, making it an amazing place to restock if you’re lucky enough. There are items that can give 7 million neopoints of profit from one restock. Why don't more people restock here? I don't know. The slowness does get boring, so it can be a good shop to have as a once in a while refresh shop. If you miss a restock, it takes a long time to restock again and so it may seem bad, but give the shop some time. A great place for patient people.

3. Usukiland

Usukis!!!! Yes, this place is overlooked. Many people do not know there are a lot of Usuki collectors out there that love Usukis. There are also multiple r99 Usukis that will sell for a lot to people on Illusen's Quests or Jhudora's Quests. They sell for over a million. There are more than 20 Usukis that are really expensive and there are also Usuki Sets that are extremely expensive too. Watch out for sets, though, because those are overlooked in the shops, so thoroughly look at the items after every restock. Overall a great place. You will need 150k to get all Usukis.

2 & 1. Defence Magic and Battle Magic.

I love these shops. I combine them because they are pretty much the same, but people will say Defence Magic is better, so that is technically number one. Why do I love these shops so much? Well, if you clear them out and no one else is around, that can be one million+ easy neopoints right there. There are a TON of r99s. They are also all VERY expensive and will sell for over 20 million sometimes. Yes, amazing shops for the extremely lucky people. Problem with these shops, though, is the amount of junk in them. There is a ton of junk items in there, so unless you have over a million neopoints, stay away. You will need to learn the shops well as there are very misleading items that give big losses. Not for the poor. So restock at the shops I have already mentioned, then come back to these and you can become super rich.

These will not make you rich quick but if you give them time, they will.

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