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Please DO Feed the Meepits - a Juice Break Guide

by blackpandy


A frequent topic of discussion in the Neopian Times, Meepits are feared by many writers. Not only is the excuse "Meepits ate my entry!" so very true, but the usual warning "please don't feed the Meepits" does need to be taken with a pinch of salt. In many cases, if you see feral Meepits, don't give them your food.

The best advice I can give if you're in this position is run and don't look back.

However, the "domesticated" Meepits, as they are termed, are seen in the popular game Meepit Juice Break. This guide will help you remain safe from Meepits, because if you don't feed them regularly, they will become feral again and wreak havoc!

So lock your doors and tape your Neopets to your back; it's time to do some serious Meepit feeding and contribute to the war effort.

Different Modes

In Normal mode, you start off with one Meepit of a primary colour. You control the Juice-O-Matic, which supplies fresh Juppie Juice for the Meepits. Each Meepit has a timer above it, and your goal is to feed the Meepit before the time runs out. You do so by linking the pipes together from the pipe-head to the pipe attached to the Meepit, and you can rotate the pipes by clicking on them.

When you progress in the levels during normal mode, you get more Meepits to feed - the most being 3 at a time - and less time to feed them. Each pipe is worth 1 or 2 points, depending if you feed a Meepit its corresponding colour (i.e. red Meepit, red Juice).

In Zen mode, you play for relaxation, since the Meepits don't come with a time bomb, although how relaxing a game with Meepits is I don't know...

The scoring in Zen mode is different as well, and you will only gain 1 point per feed, i.e. if you feed 1 Meepit, 1 point, but if you feed 3 Meepits at once, you will get still only 1 point.

Therefore, if you're playing for Neopoints, avatar or trophy, play on Normal mode since it takes less time to achieve these three things.

Different colours/ pipe combos

If you have played the game before, you may know that if you feed a Meepit its corresponding colour in juice, you'll score double the points you would if you simply fed it a colour juice that does not match its fur. There are 7 Meepit colours in total, and most of it's really basic as to which pipe combinations are suitable for which Meepit if you paid attention in art class.


The primary coloured Meepits each correspond to one pipe. There are red, blue and yellow Meepits and there are red, blue and yellow pipes. Simply make a chain of pipes leading to the Meepit of the same colour, and it will result in a happy and fed Meepit.


Secondary coloured Meepits are a mix of two primary colours, and to create juices for them, you need to mix two of the three juice colours.

Green - mix yellow and blue

Purple - mix blue and red

Orange - mix red and yellow

To mix the juices together, simply make the chains of the two coloured pipes needed meet each other. This is best done by linking into a pipe that has more than two openings, which will allow the two pipes to meet, and also for you to continue linking your way to the Meepit.


There is only one Tertiary coloured Meepit.

Pink - the "boss" of this game, so to say, as this pink Meepit is hard to please, and its pipe mix doesn't particularly follow your basic art training you received at school. To create pink juice, combine all three juices: red, blue and yellow.

For each pipe scoring 2 points, you must feed a Meepit the correct colour, so green juice for a green Meepit. You cannot feed it one of the colours for this, thinking that feeding it blue or yellow will get you 1.5 points per pipe. If you feed a green Meepit blue or yellow juice, you will get 1 point per pipe.

The Meepit won't be happy, but it'll be fed, which is your main goal in the later levels.


Level 1 - 1 Meepit, basic colours, 60 seconds/ 5 feed

Level 2 - 2 Meepits, basic, secondary & tertiary colours, 60 seconds/ 5 feed

Level 3 - 2 Meepits, all colours, 50 seconds/ 6 feed

Level 4 - 2 Meepits, all colours, 40 seconds/ 7 feed

Level 5 - 3 Meepits, all colours, 50 seconds/ 7 feed

From this point on, each level will just take 10 seconds off, until you get to level 9, where each Meepit will have 10 seconds each, and as you progress to level 10, it'll be 5 seconds. The number of Meepits you have to feed will increase as well, but by the time it gets to 15 (level 10) you don't really need to care about it.


When you proceed into the higher levels, your time gets scarce and it's wise to feed multiple Meepits simultaneously. Also, in these higher levels, you will be able to care less and less about corresponding juices with Meepits, and just feed them any juice colour which is easiest since your goal now is to feed before time runs out.

Multi-feeding will ultimately mean that you can't feed all Meepits the correct colour. For example, if you have green, blue and pink Meepits, you can only feed one Meepit the correct colour. If you feed all three Meepits blue juice, all your pipes will be worth +4 points. 1 point for green, 1 point for pink, and 2 points for blue.

Even in the lower levels, it would be good to practice feeding these Meepits in twos or threes, especially if they're the same colour, so you're prepared for the higher levels.


There are some berries in the game which will you give you +15 and +10 points - the blue ones give +15, the red and green ones give +10. Don't bypass these! They rack up on your score and give you a lot more points. However, your bonuses will remain the same while feeding multiple Meepits simultaneously, so even if you feed 3 Meepits at once, your bonus will not be 30 or 45.

If you clear all the pipes on your screen, you get a 50+ point bonus! Fantastic. However, from a veteran Meepit feeder, this is only worth doing in the earlier levels, and if you want your avatar earlier on, you should try to clear as many pipes as possible, rather than simply focusing on feeding the Meepits. This is also the key in getting a Meepit Juice Break trophy; try to clear as many pipes as possible whenever you can.

Yuck! Apple Cores! These give you -10 points from your score total. Avoid these if possible, since they can really undermine your score. In the later levels, when you're feeding quickly, one pipe will give you +1 or +2 points, and just one apple core will take away 10 points. That's 5-10 pipes per one apple core. But thankfully, like the bonuses the apple cores stay -10 if when you feed multiple Meepits at once.


A worthy thing to take note of: enough points will give you a shiny avatar of a Meepit, and will strike fear into your enemies on the Neoboards (not that we recommend having any enemies...)!

And ah, the music. While it's cute and fluffy to begin with, it's hypnotic just like the Meepits themselves, so watch out, people. If you're playing constantly for the avatar, neopoints or the trophy, it is wise to turn off the music for some of these games. It really saves your sanity.

Finally, there are two things you can type in the game in order to help you:

Meepits: gives you one bonus meepit life, so you have four lives instead of three.

Juice-o-matic: resets the times of all Meepits on screen.

I wish you good luck in your quest to keep Neopia safe. This is a community effort, and every bit will help. Lets hope we can keep these Meepits pacified with Juppie juice, and remain in their homeland of the Haunted Woods.

Very, very lastly, if you're extremely lucky, you might see a certain someone with an Orange shirt...

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