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Altador Cup VI: The Team Files Part 1

by zinkidy_dink


With the Altador Cup only a few weeks away and fast approaching, it’ll soon be time to whip out those team jerseys and get supporting! Last season saw the Lost Desert triumph as the 5th winners of the annual competition, beating Kreludor in a close final game; the most marvellous finale to date!

Just as Altador Cup fever hits the Neopian public and in great anticipation, I’m going to go through the predictions for each team for the up and coming Altador Cup VI!

  • Altador

The hosts of the game have never seemed to particularly excel at their national sport, which has been disappointing for their supporters all over Neopia. Achieving their lowest rank last year at 17th place, this season brings no high expectations for the team; it’s highly unlikely that the team will be very successful.

Captain “Trapper” Remis still holds high hopes for his team, eager to better their placement from last season’s.

“It’s been a tough year for us; we’ve been training intensely and constantly in preparation for the Altador Cup this year, our team is ready for the competition and it’s time to bring the Cup home where it belongs!”

Feisty words from the Centre Defender; perhaps Team Altador is the one to watch out for this June, we might be in for a surprise.

Though, despite the fighting talk, Altador will be in for a rough few weeks, “Trapper” Remis will need to get his team into gear, overcoming problems such as Winberto Seliz’s poor defending, improving Salaye Ritad’s agility and Timu’s scoring skills, but even the Captain’s passing could be better.

We’re looking forward to see how Altador will fare in a few weeks time and hopefully, Altador will climb up the ranks...

  • Brightvale

In the Altador Cup back in ACIII, Brightvale came in a comfortable 8th place, with room to improve the following year. Gradually dropping in ranks, King Hagan intervened and prohibited Team Brightvale from entering the ACIV tournament, explaining that the team could not find a “harmonious balance between work and play”. This devastated Brightvale supporters worldwide, leading them to accuse the King of being ashamed of their multiple losses to their rivals Meridell.

ACV saw their return to the Cup (along with original Goalkeeper Orie Dinelle replacing Erli Quinnock), but their recent records from last year’s tournament have been mixed, doing very well in their first games, even achieving a few sweeps, but slowly did Brightvale begin to fall in the rankings, losing several games in a row; it seemed that all hope was lost for the team. Yet somehow, the team managed to scrape 13th place, an improvement since the last time they had entered.

Things are looking up for the team, after finally restoring the balance between work and play, Y13 will seem the original team conquer their troubles. Their Captain, “Squeaky” Tressif is looking forward to next tournament, hoping to improve and become the unlikely champions of this year.

“With this coming season, we’re looking to do our King proud and bring the trophy home *cheers*! We’re stronger than ever and the other teams better watch out for us!”

Do keep tabs on the underdogs of the competition; they’ll be playing some interesting games for sure.

  • Darigan Citadel

Having come a spectacular second place in the first ever tournament, Darigan Citadel snatched the Cup from Roo Island when they thrashed their rivals in Altador Cup II. The second AC tournament not only gave them the Cup, but also several awards, including Most Valuable Player to their Captain, Left Forward Layton Vickles. ACII has been the best competition for Team Darigan Citadel to date.

The team hoped to make Altador Cup history by bringing home the Cup a year later, only to fall to 7th place and again the following tournament. Despite this blip, Team Darigan Citadel is still hopeful to win the Cup this year.

Tandrak Shaye, the current Right Forward and normally surrounded by fangirls /fangirlscream, is convinced that the team will take home the trophy for the second time.

“Without a doubt will Darigan Citadel be victorious this year. The other teams might as well not enter! We’ve got the most amazing support and there is absolutely nothing stopping us from crushing the competition!”

Ever confident that this popular team will succeed, we’re expecting big sweeps from Darigan Citadel this year and as strong contenders in the competition, I won’t be surprised if the Cup does end up in the hands of Vickles and his teammates.

  • Faerieland

A very friendly but not a particularly strong team, Faerieland’s best ranking through the entire running of the Altador Cup has been a disappointing 15th place. With several player changes over the years, Faerieland have improved slightly in recent games, winning far more than ever before in the 5th year of the Altador Cup, a major confidence boost for the team.

Kakoni Worrill, team Captain and self proclaimed perfect passer, hopes to break the trend and aims to get into the top 10.

“It’s been a tough year for us; we’ve been training nonstop to ensure that Faerieland supporters will not be disappointed. We’re determined to better our current ranking and hopefully you’ll see us in the top 10 for ACVI.”

If their hopes are ever going to turn into a reality, Faerieland’s team will have to put a lot of work into their games. Valtonous Rea’s slowness is holding back his spectacular goalkeeping skills and the cunning Delma Harrence also needs to work on her speed too; Ciona Broan is excellent at defending; however, she needs to improve when it comes to snatching the yooyu, whilst Left Forward Babolino also needs to persevere more. His lack of focus prevents him from scoring. Even the confident Captain Worrill has problems of his own to sort out too, his scoring skills are simply not up to scratch as a Right Forward.

However, even if they do fix their flaws, I strongly doubt any vast improvement from the team and perhaps their dream of being in the top 10 is a long way off.

This marks the end for part one but keep a look out for the next edition, which features teams such as the first winners of the Altador Cup, Haunted Woods; current sufferers of the Winner’s Curse Krawk Island and last year’s number two, Kreludor. ACVI is going to be a spectacular event, so don’t miss out on this year’s pre-tournament information!

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