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Rebecca's Best Friend: Part One

by mannequin_of_jack


Prologue: August 27th. Sunday before seventh grade

Rebecca and I first met the first day of second grade, back when nobody cared about Rebecca’s stunning beauty and my apparent ugly face. Well, my face is not particularly ugly. Though my fur is bright green and sometimes my Shoyru wings cover my ears, I’m pretty enough. I just hate this one permanent scar that runs from my left eye down to my lips that I got when I was four.

     Rebecca and I were seated right next to each other. I, of course, had no intention of making any friends that first day, but Rebecca started chattering with me and could not stop herself. We spoke, or I mainly listened while she spoke, throughout the entire day. When the first day of second grade ended, she invited me over to her house that Friday night and I gladly accepted.

     I remember walking in her house for the very first time, not knowing that this was the house where I would mainly spend my days. I remember staring at the chandelier on the ceiling and wondering how it got up there. I remember feeling the fluffy carpet in her room beneath my feet. I remember her owner serving us pumpkin cookies, smelling of pomegranate. I remember feeling an instant connection with Rebecca, a connection I still do not understand. We were best friends from the start.

     Now I do not remember a time without Rebecca by my side. She has been there for me, through thick and thin, and I have been there for her. Our hearts are intertwined, they have become one over the years, and I do not think that they will ever separate.

    August 28th

     My brother, Shawn, told me about the horrors of middle school this morning at the breakfast table. He told me stories about wandering through the long hallways, lit by unbearable fluorescent lights, not knowing a single Pet. He told me to be careful.

     I did not listen, I just ate my cereal. I knew that I would be okay at middle school. The one thing that I have now is the one thing that a person needs in order to survive middle school, also the one thing that Shawn did not have his first day. It is a best friend.

     Rebecca is a beautiful green Acara, probably the most beautiful Pet I have ever seen. She once told me that she is so beautiful because there was a rainbow when she was born. I have heard that rainbows cause good luck but nothing about causing beauty.

     We walked to school together today, talking about our expectations for middle school. We first said serious things like good classes and teachers and classes with each other but then we got crazy and decided that it would be perfect if all of the teachers gave out candy and slushies as a first-day-of-school treat. We laughed at the thought even though we knew that it would never happen.

     We obtained our schedules as soon as we got to our homeroom. The homeroom is assigned alphabetically by first name, so Rebecca and I, naturally, got to be in the same homeroom.

     “Let’s open them at the same time,” Rebecca suggested.

     We placed our paws over our schedules and said in unison, “Open!”

     “What’s your first period class?” Rebecca asked excitedly.

     I stared at my schedule. “English with a certain, um... Mr. Tucker.”

     “Me too!” she exclaimed. She swooped me into a hug. “This is good, Rae. At least we have one class together.”

     I smiled as we continued comparing schedules. It turned out that we have four classes together, not including homeroom and lunch. We would have first period English, second period social studies, fourth period P.E., and sixth period math with each other. I was so ecstatic. For more than half of the school day I am with my best friend, not alone at all.

     That is all that really matters. I was so happy, I did not care that none of the teachers give out candy and slushies.

    August 29th

     Today at lunch, I rushed to the lunch line to buy food. Yesterday the line was so long, so I had to avoid it. I picked up my tray, grabbed some food, and sat down at the table where Rebecca and I sat yesterday. Since we do not have third period together, the period right before lunch, I was separated from her.

     I sat alone in the lunch room at the table, waiting for my best friend to come. I kept my eyes glued at the door, waiting and waiting for her to appear.

     “May I sit with you?” I heard somebody ask.

     It was a red Usul. She was playing with her dress as if she were nervous talking to me.

     I did not want to disappoint her, since she looked very shy, but I said, “I’m sorry. I’m waiting for my friend.”

     The Usul’s face fell. “Okay,” she said, and she walked away.

     I turned back to the door, but was interrupted again when I heard somebody call, “Rae!”

     I immediately recognized the voice. It was Rebecca calling me. She must have slipped in the cafeteria when I was talking with the Usul, now that I think about it. I turned around and saw her at a table fully populated with Pets, waving at me.

     She quickly pulled up a chair for me to sit. I was squished between her and a yellow Scorchio I did not recognize. How on Neopia did she become so popular so fast? I wondered, digging into my lunch. Rebecca does have a lot of charm and can pick up a conversation with just about anyone; that is probably the reason. Her amazing beauty on top of that, along with her intelligence, makes her the epitome of a triple threat. No wonder she met so many friends.

     “So,” said the Scorchio sitting next to me. “You are Rebecca’s friend, right?”

     “Best friend,” I replied, putting my arm around the green Acara to my right. “We’ve known each other forever.”

     “Cool,” the Scorchio replied. “I’m Annie. Becca and I met yesterday after school. She is so cool. You’re lucky you’ve known her for so long.”

     Becca? I repeated in my mind. Rebecca has never let anybody call her Becca in her life. At least, as long as I’ve known her. She’s always hated that name.

     I smiled at Annie, but was really thinking, What happened to my best friend?

    August 30th

     I saw Annie in science class yesterday, it turns out we have a class together and she did not notice me. I waved to her, but she ignored me, continuing to talk with her friends.

     I walked up to her. “Hi, Annie,” I said.

     “Do I know you?” Annie asked. She was a bit rude, come to think of it. She did not have to seem so snobby about it.

     “Yeah, I met you yesterday,” I replied, my bottom lip shaking.

     “Oh yeah,” said Annie, finally remembering. I could practically see the gears turning in her head. “You’re Becca’s friend. I remember.”

     It had then occurred to me that Annie had never even learned my name. “Yeah,” I said. “That’s me. My name is Rae, actually.”

     “Okay,” Annie said. She continued talking with her friends, not even acknowledging me at all. I sighed, wondering how Rebecca got her social skills and how I could obtain them for myself.

    August 31st

     Tomorrow is Friday! I’m going to ask Rebecca over for a sleepover so we can hang out. It seems like we never talk, even though we have so many classes together.

    September 1st

     Well, I asked Rebecca over to my house today. I finally found her between first and second period and we talked on our way to social studies.

     Actually, I had seen her before school today, but she was talking with Pets I do not know, including the yellow Scorchio, Annie, and I did not want to interrupt her. I wonder why Rebecca likes hanging out with somebody so stupid.

     “Do you want to come over tonight?” I asked her. For some reason, it took a long time for me to get the courage to say those words. It’s funny; I felt scared talking to my oldest and best friend. How sad is that?

     Rebecca inhaled quickly, something she normally does when she has bad news. I braced myself. “I’m going to the mall with a few other people tonight,” she said. “I’m really sorry. If I had known you wanted to hang out with me, I would have said no.”

     “Can I come to the mall with you guys?” I asked. Now, as I’m writing this, I realize how stupid and rude that sounds.

     She inhaled quickly again. “You kind of don’t know them,” she said. “They’re from my art class, and you don’t take art this semester, so...”

     “I understand,” I said. “Have fun tonight.”

     “Thanks,” Rebecca said. We reached our social studies classroom.

     And here I am, alone on a Friday night, without my best friend by my side.

    September 2nd

     Rebecca came over today! It was really strange, I opened the door to get the mail, and there she was! We played Destruct-o-Match, our favorite game, all day. It only reminded me how much I love my best friend. I had so much fun!

    September 3rd

     I really have no events of note. It was just a boring Sunday. I went shopping with Shawn and my owner, Troy, but that was about it.

    September 4th

     Worst day of my life.

     I had to ask Rebecca a question about our homework, so I went up to her before school started. She was talking with Pets that I did not know, and did not even bother to introduce them to me!

     After she answered my question, she just ignored me.

     I have decided that I am invisible.

    September 5th

     Worst day of my life.

     I was sitting in music class today, minding my own business, when all of a sudden Annie and a red Wocky appeared out of nowhere. (It seems that I have music class with Annie, too, but I had never realized this until that moment.)

     “Are you Rae?” the Wocky asked.

     I nodded, wondering why she was acknowledging my presence. I had never spoken with her before.

     “That’s so cool!” she squealed. She sat down at the desk next to me. “So, tell me everything about Becca. I want to be best friends with her, too.”

     “Maybe we can all be best friends together!” said Annie.

     “How do you know Rebecca?” I asked the Wocky.

     The Wocky rolled her eyes. “Who does not know her? She’s, like, the most popular girl in school!”

     I wondered how I missed Rebecca’s instant popularity. How could she be so popular already?

     “I can’t believe you weren’t at the mall on Friday,” Annie said to me. “Everybody was there. It’s strange that you weren’t, being Becca’s best friend and all.”

     I puckered my eyebrows. “Huh? Did Rebecca invite everybody?”

     The Wocky nodded. “Yep,” she replied. “She invited, well, every single popular person.” She leaned her head in her hands. “Becca is, like, so much fun. She is the most amazing person I have ever met. You are so lucky that you’re best friends with her.”

     That first comment really stung. Not only did Rebecca not invite me, but everybody, including the Wocky that I had never met, thought I was unpopular.

     “Hush, Liz,” said Annie. She turned to me and said, “Well, we actually came here to ask what Becca’s favorite color is.”

     “Favorite color?”

     “Yeah,” Annie said. “We’re buying her a purse and we want to know what color she’d like.”

     “Well,” I said, “she really likes blue.”

     “Thanks,” said Annie. She dragged the Wocky, Liz, away from me and to another cluster of desks. The teacher started the lesson. Then it occurred to me that Rebecca was not asked to go to the mall, she actually invited people. And she did not just invite people from her art class, since Annie and Liz take music. Which meant she was lying to me.

     I don’t remember a time when she ever lied. Ever.

    September 6th

     Worst day of my life.

     I saw Rebecca today carrying a blue purse. I went up to her to comment on it, asking where she got it, but I knew exactly where she got it.

     “Some Pets from school gave it to me,” she said, running her hands across the new bag. “I really like it, except the color.”

     I froze. “Color?” I repeated.

     “Yeah,” she said. “Who told them that I like blue? I hate blue! I think it’s disgusting!”

     I did not listen to Rebecca ask me if she should return it. All I could think about was the fact that I do not know my best friend at all. I do not even know something as basic as her favorite color.

To be continued...

Woooo! First series. Thanks so much for reading, everybody. Neomail is greatly appreciated and encouraged.

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