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A Simple Guide For Playing Key Quest

by sportsandmusic69


Hello there, everyone! I'm back with you to give you another guide for playing Key Quest. In today's issue our focus will be on the Terror Mountain, Neopia Central, and Haunted Woods Key Quest board. Like in the last issue, these boards are generally all the same, the only difference would be the images. Also, let me strongly remind you that this guide is solely for people who wish to focus their Key Quest games on their Key Quest token's alignment. Now get your seat ready as we read on!

First off, you may be wondering what the differences are in the three boards? Well, here they are!

Neopia Central: This is the standard board. Nothing flashy about it. Around the Faerieland starter house, this corner looks as if you're in Faerieland itself! Around the Haunted Woods starter house, everything is dark and scary, like being in Haunted Woods one night. On the Neopia Central starter house, everything is normal, nice soft grass surrounding you. And around the Lost Desert starter house, everything is hot and sandy.

Terror Mountain: The entire board is one big, white winter wonderland. Brrrrrrr!

Haunted Woods: Oh dear! Oh dear! Everything on this board is so creepy and spoo-key! Lol, pun fail.

Now we shall start off with the token alignment.

Is your starter token the radiant Light alignment? Well, if so, I highly advise you to choose the Lost Desert starter house. Roll your dice and go left and go through the portal and pick up the Blue key. Hurry with a mad dash and pick up the Red key, then the Yellow key next. Finally keep hopping until you get the Green Key. Now hopefully you played a minigame and won the white Key or on your next turn you can get lucky and land on the treasure chest, quickly letting you win with this token. In order of starter houses with this alignment, I would pick Lost Desert, Neopia Central, Haunted Woods, and last would be Faerieland.

Muwhahahahahahaha! Is your starter token the evil Dark alignment? If this is correct, I highly advise the order of picking your starter houses to be Haunted Woods, then Faerieland; next is Lost Desert, and lastly is Neopia Central. Ok, so you're at the Haunted Woods starter house. Roll the dice and pick up the bright Yellow key; make your way over and grab the Red key and head down to pick up the Blue key. Then go through the portal if you don't land on the treasure chest, and go and grab the Green Key. Now hopefully you'll have pick up the White key by hitting the treasure chest or winning a minigame.

Did you pick the cool and relaxing Water alignment? Well, if so, I strongly advise these starter houses in this order: Faerieland, Haunted Woods, Neopia Central, and last is Lost Desert (I mean, come on, what water neopet really does well in a hot desert?). Anyways! So you've picked the Faerieland board; now if you roll a two, you can grab the powerup and bonus, but if you didn't, I would advise going up and getting the White key, then make a right turn only and get the Green key. Next we'll make a straight shot for the Red key and finally grab the Blue key. Now hopefully, if you're lucky, on your next turn you'll land on the treasure chest or have won a minigame and get the Yellow key.

Ow! Ouch! Hot! Hot! Hot! Let me guess, your token alignment is the Fire alignment? Yeah, I thought so. Well, if so, the order of picking the starter houses would be Neopia Central, Lost Desert, Faerieland, and dead last is Haunted Woods. Now with the Neopia Central as your starting house, go by and get the Blue key, next go up and make a left for the Green key, while then advancing to the Yellow key. Lastly, pick up the Red key and hopefully by now you'll have hit the treasure chest or won a minigame and got the White key. *Warning! Oven Mitts may be required when using these alignments!*

Whoa! Let's keep this lush Earth alignment away from the Fire alignments; they don't get along very well. Ok, now with the Earth alignment, I highly advise picking the starter houses in this order to be Neopia Central, Lost Desert, Faerieland, and then Haunted Woods. Roll your dice and pick up the Blue key, then move up and right and grab the Red key. Now advance and grab the Yellow key and then the soothing Green key. Now this time you will hope to have won a minigame or hit the treasure chest and got the White key from it.

And last but not least, the soothing Air alignment! With this alignment, may I recommend in this order your starter house to be Faerieland, then Haunted Woods, next is Lost Desert, and last is Neopia Central. Now with the Faerieland house, you will roll the dice and pick up the White key, then head for the Yellow key. Afterwards we'll head for the Red key and next is the Blue key. Now hopefully already you would have won a minigame or maybe got lucky near the blue key and hit the treasure chest?

Ok, so you're sitting there, thinking, "Ok? So I know what houses to pick for my tokens on these boards. But which ones do you recommend?" Well, not to fret, my readers, I have not forgot! I recommend using the Earth tokens the most. Next to use would be the Air and Dark tokens. Light tokens would also be alright to use on these boards. I do advise against using the Fire and Water based tokens on these three boards, but only as they are at a disadvantage and trying with these tokens for the alignment would prolong your game and throw the guide off balance, though these tokens aren't going to cost you the game if you do decide to use them.

Well, guys and gals, that's about it for this issue! I very much hope my knowledge in the game of Key Quest helps each and every one of y'all! Now remember to have fun playing Key Quest, but also play by the rules! Stay tuned for the next edition of my articles, which board will I feature? Nobody knows!

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