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More than Just a New Look

by burning_shadows_79


There is an abundance of different types of paint brushes in Neopia, both for Neopets and for their Petpet companions. If you've got the Neopoints, there's no shortage of choice when it comes to giving your pets a makeover - but they may gain more than a snazzy new appearance. Several paint brushes can change a Neopet's food preferences, their lifestyle requirements, and even their personality.

For the most part, your pet will not change at all, except on the outside. Paint brushes that bestow plain colours or patterns - Brown, Camouflage, Checkered, Cloud, Glowing, Invisible, Orange, Pink, Purple, Rainbow, Shadow, Skritchy Sketchy, Speckled, Split, Spotted, Starry, Striped, White, and the basic colours - will only alter the appearance of a Neopet, nothing else. The same holds true for Petpets, when they are painted with the corresponding Petpet Paint Brushes.

However, there are many paint brushes that will alter your pet in more significant ways. Some changes are only slight and the owner will barely notice the difference, while other colours bring dramatic changes to a pet's physiology and character. The Secret Laboratory's exclusive colours are even more extreme, and the Lab Ray can turn a pet's life upside down if it generates a colour-changing zap - although most "Lab Ray-only" colours only alter a pet's body, they produce much more dramatic physical changes than any paint brush is capable of, and those Lab Ray colours that affect the mind are capable of changing personality completely.

Here's a breakdown of the "side effects" you can expect if you take your Neopet (or Petpet) to the Rainbow Pool or the Lab Ray. (To make this guide easy to understand, we presume that the pet was a basic colour before receiving the makeover.)


* Alien (Lab Ray only for Neopets)

This colour is only for Aishas, and only obtainable from the Lab Ray. Its main feature is an extra pair of ears and a spacesuit, and it has no effect on personality - but it significantly improves an Aisha's agility and balance in zero gravity environments (such as a failure of the auto-gravity device on the Virtupets Space Station). Conversely, an Alien's sense of balance in normal Neopian gravity can be slightly impaired, making them more susceptible to tipping over. An Alien Aisha's agility is at its best on Kreludor.

* Christmas Paint Brush (and Christmas Petpet Paint Brush)

This paint brush offers a jolly, seasonal look; and with it comes a jolly, seasonal mood. Your Neopet or Petpet will gain a more cheerful nature upon being painted, and will be more eager to have fun and celebrate. In general, Neopets painted Christmas will take any excuse to throw a party. If your pet already had an energetic, cheery personality before being painted, the difference will only be subtle. But during ordinary life in Neopia, such as when your pet helps tidy up your Neohome, you will surely notice the difference.

* Electric Blue Paint Brush (and Electric Petpet Paint Brush)

Many people would categorise this paint brush as a Pattern paint brush, but there's a bit more to it than that. It also slightly changes the substances that a Neopet's fur or skin are made of, rendering them more prone to gather electricity. The effect of this is that your pet will be more susceptible to Shock-a-Lots, and on windy days you're more likely to get a jolt from static when you give your pet a pat or a cuddle. In terms of personality, the paint brush has almost no effect, but it does make its subjects a little more eager for physical activity.

* Royal Paint Brush

Only available for Neopets, the paint brush that transforms your pet into a Prince or a Princess is likely, though not certain, to cause your pet to adopt a more proper and refined demeanour. This depends on the species of Neopet, because some pets are polite and proud to start with - the biggest difference will be seen in Neopets whose natural character is cheeky and mischievous. It is not known how much of this change in behaviour is attributable to the effect is of the paint brush itself, and how much of it is simply the Neopet trying to live up to the dignified new look.


* Baby Paint Brush

This colour is only available for Neopets, and its main effect is to reduce a pet's size and make them cuter. (The reduction in size will not show up in a pet's statistics.) The Baby Paint Brush has no effect at all on personality, but it does affect a pet's dietary requirements - your pet's permanent teeth will be turned into milk teeth, so it's best for Baby pets to avoid very tough foods such as well-cooked meat or hard candy. This colour also changes a Neopet's voice, making it higher-pitched and squeaky. A little-known fact about Baby Neopets is that they also have more bones than their fully-grown counterparts.

* Biscuit Paint Brush

Only Neopets can be painted Biscuit. As well as a change in appearance, the Biscuit Paint Brush gives its subject a delicious aroma resembling that of freshly baked chocolate-chip cookies, which is sure to get other Neopets drooling. It does not actually transform a Neopet's body into cookie dough, but chocolate chips do form on some species of Neopet and it is painful to have them catch on something and be pulled off. Pets painted this colour need a lot more sugar in their diet than usual. Some Biscuit pets can become unnerved by other Neopets who stare at them with a hungry look in their eye...

* Coconut (Lab Ray only for Neopets)

This colour is only available for JubJubs. Unlike other Lab Ray-exclusive "food" colours, the colour Coconut only affects a Neopet's skin. When the Lab Ray's laser makes contact, it causes the Neopet's fur to thicken and solidify into a coconut shell, with holes in it for the eyes, mouth and feet. Within this thick, sturdy cocoon, the JubJub's skin becomes hair-free and milky white, and is separated from the shell by a slight gap so the Neopet can move freely inside. The shell is mysteriously capable of healing itself when damaged, and it is impossible to remove unless the pet's colour is changed.

* Darigan Paint Brush (and Darigan Petpet Paint Brush)

For many Neopets and Petpets, the most obvious change brought about by this paint brush is the development of a new pair of wings. But the colour Darigan also gives a pet a darker and more mischievous personality, as well as a liking for tough, nasty-tasting fruits and vegetables similar to the ones that grow atop the mountains of the Darigan Citadel. Your pet will prefer dark, quiet places after being painted with this brush, and you would be wise to watch out for tricks and pranks as well...

* Disco Fever Paint Brush (and Disco Petpet Paint Brush)

The Disco colour is distinguished by its eye-wateringly bright colours and the extremely energetic personality it endows. Your pet will gain an increased liking for crowds and noise, especially music, and a great fondness for dancing (as you might expect). Another effect is that your pet will not be able to tolerate the dark and the quiet nearly as well as before, and will prefer environments with lots of light and sound. Even pets who already have bright and bubbly personalities will notice a distinct change after being painted.

* Fire, Fire, Your Pants On Fire Paint Brush (and Fire Petpet Paint Brush)

Commonly thought of as a Pattern paint brush, there's more to this paint job than just a spiffy black colour and flame details. When painted, the pet's body temperature goes up to about 130 degrees Centigrade - this is about the normal body temperature for a Fire pet. (A fever would cause the temperature to rise a further 20 degrees.) Pets painted with this brush have a strong resistance to heat and a great dislike of water, and they risk becoming seriously unwell if they are left in the cold for too long. Fire pets require no change in diet (apart from laying off the ice cream), but their high body temperatures make them more active and as a result, they need to eat a lot more.

* Fruit/Vegetable (Chia Pops)

This series of colours is only for very brave Chias. If a Chia consumes a magical Chia Pop, they will transform into the corresponding Fruit or Vegetable colour, and not only will their flesh gain the appearance and aroma of that particular fruit or vegetable, but the Neopet's body takes on a similar shape. In some cases this can present difficulties - for instance, the tall and slender Pepper Chias have a huge problem with balance due to their curved bodies, and Thornberry Chias are very unlikely to receive a hug for obvious reasons. Most Fruit and Vegetable pets should steer well clear of Lupes, especially those who aren't getting enough vitamins in their diet, but Onion Chias are relatively safe.

* Golden Paint Brush (Lab Ray only for Petpets)

Gold pets experience no change in character upon being painted, but their skin transforms into a strange metallic alloy. Basically a blend of pure gold and normal skin, the alloy is rock hard, super shiny, and capable of twisting and bending with a pet's movements. To keep their metallic skin in good condition, Gold pets needs a lot of minerals in their diet (Solid Stone Pizza and Metal Cheeseburgers are good, if you don't mind the cost of fixing all those broken teeth!). For Petpets, the Lab zap that bestows this colour turns the entire body into gold.

* Halloween Paint Brush (and Halloween Petpet Paint Brush)

This paint brush is capable of producing a wide range of physical changes - wings, arrow-tipped tails, thick brown fur, mummification, or even a pumpkin body. The changes to the pet's body can be drastic, and so can the changes to personality and diet. As you might expect, Halloween pets have a great love for sweets, and giving them gifts of chocolate or other candy will always delight them. They also become night owls upon being painted, preferring to stay up very late and roam around during the night to play with their friends. Beware - if your Halloween pet doesn't like you, you may find yourself on the receiving end of some nasty tricks.

* Lost Desert Paint Brush (and Lost Desert Petpet Paint Brush)

Upon being painted, Desert pets experience a change in their lungs that makes them extremely vulnerable to sickness in high humidity. Contrary to popular belief, the Lost Desert is not always searing hot - with no cloud cover, it's freezing during the night, so Desert pets are perfectly capable of withstanding extreme cold. But moisture in the air is not something that Desert pets are accustomed to, so it increases the risk of developing Neoflu, Sneezles and other respiratory diseases. Other than the Lost Desert itself, the best place for a Desert pet to live is on the high plains of Tyrannia.

* Maractite Paint Brush (and Maractite Petpet Paint Brush)

This colour is relatively new, and was introduced for Petpets only a few months after the Neopet colour was released. As well as gaining the stylish dark blue colour and intricate patterns, the skin of the pet becomes extremely hard as a thin layer of actual Maractite forms on its surface. Because of this thin shell, the pet's resistance in water is reduced to almost nothing, and when a Maractite pet falls into a body of water, it won't even slow down. Falling into a deep ocean is very dangerous, because it is just like falling through air from a great height. Maractite pets can breathe underwater, so they are best suited to live in Maraqua.

* Mystery Island Paint Brush (and Island Petpet Paint Brush)

This paint brush has almost no effect on a pet's personality, although rest and relaxation will bring more enjoyment than before - but it does instill some changes to the environment they prefer to live in. Neopets and Petpets painted with this brush favour warm, tropical climates close to the ocean, and are very susceptible to discomfort or illness if they are exposed to the cold. Low humidity may present problems as well, as Island pets have a higher risk of developing Shaky Flakys or Watery Eyes when there is very little moisture in the air. Not recommended for residents of Terror Mountain.

* Silver Paint Brush

This colour is just like Gold, except that it is not available for Petpets at all. There are a few differences (other than colour, of course), but those differences are very slight. Silver pets have harder skin than Gold pets and the metallic alloy is much lighter, but they are harder to keep clean because unlike Gold pets, their skin can suffer corrosion from the air (similar to rust). To avoid having a Silver pet's skin turn black from corrosion, bathing must be more regular and it must include the application of special polish. In every other respect, Silver and Gold pets undergo exactly the same changes upon being painted.

* Skunk Paint Brush

It's probably a good thing that Petpets don't come in this colour. The Skunk Paint Brush gives your Neopet a black furry coat and a beautiful white stripe along the back, but it also causes the tail to release a nasty odour that is certain to be off-putting. The biggest problem with this unpleasant smell is that bathing only makes it worse, because water intensifies the stench rather than washing it away. It's all well and good for the pet's owner, who is on the other side of a computer screen and can't smell anything, but that awful aroma is no good for a Neopet's friends...

* Strawberry Fields Forever Paint Brush (Lab Ray only for Petpets)

The paint brush that bestows this colour is only available for Neopets, although Petpets can gain this colour with a lucky zap from the Petpet Lab Ray. Its effect is comparable to the Biscuit Paint Brush in several ways: Strawberry Neopets have a delicious fruity aroma, which has the effect of sharpening the appetite of those nearby (much to the horror of Petpets owned by Skeiths and Grarrls). Strawberry pets also attract unwelcome attention from other pets with a sweet tooth, although fortunately not quite as much as Biscuit pets do.

* Transparent Paint Brush

There is no change in personality associated with this paint brush, and the only physical change is that the skin and muscles become translucent. In other words, it has only half the effect of the Invisible Paint Brush - the muscles and internal organs are not affected, and the flesh around them does not become completely invisible. The "transparent" flesh closely resembles that of a Ghost pet, although it still has substance and does not glow in the dark. This colour is not to the author's taste, because when a Transparent Neopet swallows, you can see the food going down, which is rather gross. But it does make it a lot easier for the doctors at the Neopian Hospital to check a pet's pulse.


* 8-Bit (Lab Ray only for Neopets)

This brand new colour is so far only available for Chombies and Kougras, and in a nutshell, it removes the Neopet's third dimension. The body is converted into pure light which forms large pixels, set against the surface on which the pet is standing. Because 8-bit Neopets have no mass at all, they are unaffected by gravity and can walk up walls and stand on ceilings with no problems (although this may freak out their owners). It is unknown how 8-bit Neopets eat, and indeed why they get hungry at all, but they are able to convert their food into pixels as they take hold of it, and eat it normally. 8-bit pets are bound to the surfaces of three-dimensional objects, and are extremely difficult to interact with - though the colour does not affect a Neopet's character.

* Chocolate (Lab Ray only for Neopets and Petpets)

This colour takes the physical changes a step further than the Biscuit and Strawberry paint brushes - it actually transforms a pet's entire body into chocolate. This means that the pet must be kept in an environment of just the right temperature, to prevent the chocolate from melting or hardening too much. Meridell and Brightvale are ideal in the warmer months, although Neopia Central is suitable all year round. In battle, a favourite attack against a Chocolate pet is a hard bite, since their bodies are edible and delicious. It is wise to train your Chocolate Neopet, or the Neopet who owns your Chocolate Petpet, to defend against any hungry attack.

* Clay (Lab Ray only for Neopets) (and Clay Petpet Paint Brush)

While Clay pets look like reddish statues, the effect of this brush is not the same as it is with other, similar colours. While the pet's body does turn completely into clay, the pet's skin and muscles remain malleable so the pet can move around. In other words, the body is transformed into half-set clay, rather than solid rock. Washing a Clay pet in water would cause partial melting, so to clean them you must rub them vigorously with a dry towel. Clay pets need to eat foods containing mud and dirt in order to get the proper nutrients, so Dirt Pie and Mud Pizza are excellent snacks for them (although not for any other pet).

* Dung Petpet Paint Brush

At least this colour isn't available for Neopets. It transforms a Petpet's body into a large lump of manure. Litter trays are fairly useless for Dung Petpets because they drop dung everywhere just by walking around. When a Petpet is painted this colour, its dietary requirements change, and it has to be fed... manure. Dung Petpets give off a horrible stench which will attract swarms of bugs and flies, who will try to lay their eggs on the Petpet's body! Really, really not recommended.

* Faerie Paint Brush (and Faerie Petpet Paint Brush)

This brush does more than just give your pet a gorgeous set of wings - it alters personality in a striking way as well. Faerie pets develop a great sense of fun, a very cheerful mood almost all the time, and an obsession with beauty (to keep that pretty new body in top condition). There is also likely to be a change in your pet's preferred diet - sweet snacks and light, healthy meals are a Faerie pet's favourites. With Faerieland now grounded, Shenkuu has become a favourite place to live for pets of this colour, who are accustomed to higher altitudes and thinner air. This colour will turn any pet into a sweet and playful friend.

* Ghost Paint Brush (and Ghost Petpet Paint Brush)

As you might expect, Ghost pets have no solid body and are partially transparent, but this insubstantial physique also places many additional demands on the pet's owner. Light and heat should be avoided by Ghost pets, as they can have detrimental effects on health. There is also the issue of diet, because Ghost pets have difficulty eating foods that their teeth pass right through - the best foods for such a pet are, unsurprisingly, foods such as the Ghost Burger which are similarly insubstantial. The paint brush also affects personality, dulling emotions slightly and taking the edge off the urge to engage in physical activity.

* Grey Paint Brush (and Grey Petpet Paint Brush)

Widely regarded as simply causing a very bad case of the Neoblues, the effect of this paint brush on a pet's emotions is far more complicated than the look on their face seems to imply. While it does greatly reduce the pet's ability to have fun or to enjoy a happy moment, it doesn't necessarily make a pet as miserable as will look: it simply blunts all emotional response, causing the pet to feel flat and dull. This colour also has an impact on physical energy, causing a dreary, heavy fatigue and sharply reducing a pet's appetite. It is possible, although very difficult, to rouse a Grey pet's emotions - but a huge effort is needed to make them feel even mildly happy.

* Ice (Lab Ray only for Neopets)

Not for inhabitants of the Lost Desert, this colour is available through the Lab Ray and it transforms your pet into an ice sculpture. Every part of the Neopet's body - skin, bones, fur and internal organs - is converted into frozen water, which must be kept below zero degrees Centigrade to prevent heatstroke. The ice is completely solid, which prevents the pet from moving at all. The diet of an Ice Neopet should consist entirely of water for optimum health, because other foods introduce impurities that can cause serious harm (such as fractures in the ice). The best place for an Ice pet to live is on the dark side of Kreludor or in the Terror Mountain Ice Caves, out of the sun and in freezing cold conditions - too much heat and the Neopet is in danger of turning into a large puddle.

* Jelly (Lab Ray only for Neopets and Petpets)

This is another of those Lab Ray colours that turns your pet into a walking confection. Naturally, Jelly pets' favourite food and most important source of nutrition is... jelly. Just like the food, Jelly pets need to be kept at a temperature low enough to prevent melting but high enough to avoid freezing solid, so Terror Mountain is by far the best place for a Jelly pet to live. Your Neohome probably shouldn't be decorated with any fabric-covered furniture, because Jelly pets tend to stick to them. Because of their wobbly bodies, Jelly pets are naturally not as strong as Chocolate pets, so they may need additional training to fend off hungry foes in the Battledome.

* Magma (from the Magma Pool)

This colour may look hot, but the heat extends far beyond the pet's appearance. When immersed in the Magma Pool, a crust of partially hardened lava forms around the Neopet's skin, and the body temperature rapidly climbs to reach a blistering 1,200 degrees Centigrade. This necessitates some drastic changes in lifestyle: like Fire pets, Magma Neopets have to avoid ice-cream and other cold foods, and any exposure to water can cause the skin to harden completely, preventing the Neopet from moving at all. The bodies of Magma pets generate a tremendous amount of heat, enough to set fire to most everyday objects - so be sure to select fireproof clothes, toys and furniture for your Magma Neopet.

* Malevolent Sentient Plushie (Lab Ray only for Neopets)

Only Poogles can come in this colour. It transforms the skin into fabric, the flesh into cotton-wool stuffing, and the personality into something out of a horror movie. Some believe that this colour came about when the Lab Ray Scientist made a horrible mistake while trying to engineer the Ray to grant the colour Plushie, which cannot be created by a zap. MSP Poogles have a cruel, violent disposition and gain great satisfaction from bullying other Neopets. There are rare occasions when MSP Poogles are able, with strong support from their owners, to overcome the evil in their hearts - but it can never be eliminated entirely...

* Mutant (Transmogrification Potion) (and Mutant Petpet Paint Brush)

This colour produces perhaps the most dramatic change of all the available colours, in both character and lifestyle. When they are transmogrified, a pet's body changes completely, both inside and out, resulting in an unrecognisable appearance and an entirely new set of dietary requirements. Mutant pets must be fed with fruit and vegetables that are very over-ripe (that is to say, rotten), and meat that is far too old for other Neopets to eat, if they are to get the proper nutrients in their diet. The personality of a pet, however warm and kind, becomes cold and bitter once the Transmogrification Potion has taken its full effect. Taking care of a Mutant pet requires a lot of effort and patience.

* Pirate Paint Brush (and Pirate Petpet Paint Brush)

Pirate pets develop a strong craving for adventure, a great liking for seafood, and (unfortunately) a very aggressive demeanour upon being painted. However quiet and dignified they were before, they become rough and unrefined, preferring to sort out their differences with others through conflict rather than discussion. Pirate pets love to explore as well, especially on the sea. Getting into a tight corner and fighting their way out is a Pirate pet's greatest thrill - and their greatest luxury (apart from gold and treasure) is a freshly caught fish for dinner.

* Plushie Paint Brush (and Plushie Petpet Paint Brush)

This paint brush has the same effect on the body as the MSP colour described above, but fortunately it does not impact personality at all. However, the changes to a Plushie pet's physique and lifestyle are still drastic, even without a change of character as well. A Plushie pet's diet should consist mostly of fabric, such as Carawool or Edible Socks (although maintaining the proper "fibre" levels is much easier if your Plushie Neopet is a Skeith or Grarrl). Their skins are made of tough fabric and their insides are about 40% air, so Plushie pets can thrive in any conditions at any temperatures - although don't get them wet in very cold environments, as this might cause them to soak up water and freeze solid.

* Relic Paint Brush

Put very simply, this brush turns your Neopet into stone, which almost completely immobilises them. The skin transforms entirely into rock, but the brush also endows the whole body with similar substances. Fortunately, the outer covering is cracked in places so the Neopet can still move slightly, but the colour Relic makes it impossible for the pet to play games that involve any physical activity. Great meals for a Relic pet include foods made of stone, metal, or mud, because they satisfy a Relic pet's extremely high mineral requirements. An interesting fact: Relic pets have exactly the same substances in their bodies as Magma pets, but the rock is solid rather than molten.

* Robot (Lab Ray only for Neopets) (and Robot Petpet Paint Brush)

While its effect on personality is minor, the physical changes brought about by this Lab Ray-exclusive colour are among the most extreme of all. The skin becomes a tough metal casing, muscles and bones are replaced by motors and cables, and the brain is converted into a computer processor with thoughts and emotions reproduced by clever programming. Most of the internal organs become batteries, which have to be charged from power outlets in your Neohome. Robot pets must be bathed in oil, which guards against rust and keeps the moving parts from jamming. Foods for a Robot should be metal and oil, and nothing else, because other foods can cause rusting or other damage. Robot pets naturally have more strength and speed than basic-colour pets, so it is wise to train them to exercise their power with restraint.

* Snot (Lab Ray only for Neopets)

I am very glad Petpets can't be painted this colour, although there are a couple of Petpets (notably the Bogie and Snotbunny) that have the same characteristics. When the Lab Ray turns a pet Snot, the skin is replaced by membranes that constantly ooze a thick green slime all over the pet's body. These membranes are capable of detecting scents in the air around them, so the pet essentially becomes a walking nose. Snot Neopets are particularly vulnerable to diseases such as D'achoo and Sneezles because the surfaces of their bodies pick up germs, which are then easily transmitted to other Neopets. Not recommended, unless the owner has a strong stomach...

* Snow Paint Brush (and Snow Petpet Paint Brush)

Despite also being made up of frozen water, Snow pets differ from Ice Neopets in many ways. First and foremost, the body of a Snow pet is not completely frozen - rather than solid ice, the body is composed of tiny ice crystals, and the pet retains their skeletal structure so they can move their limbs. The necessary diet is different too - unlike Ice Neopets, Snow pets need minerals in their diet to maintain good health, so spring water is essential. Snow pets can survive in slightly warmer temperatures by wearing clothes, which are proven to keep heat from getting in (in the same way they keep normal Neopets warm by preventing heat getting out). Pets who enjoy a hot bath should avoid this paint brush.

* Sponge (Lab Ray only for Neopets)

Like the Lab Ray colours described above, the effect of this colour is to transform your Neopet's flesh into a rubbery foam, peppered with holes, like Swiss cheese. This substance absorbs water, so to bathe a Sponge pet you must first fill the bath with soapy water, then soak the Neopet in the bath before giving them a big hug to wring them out. Because the foam is made of plastic, a Sponge pet is better off eating a chocolate wrapper than the candy itself. It is vitally important that your Sponge pet gets enough to drink (which is an awful lot) or their body will harden, rendering them incapable of moving.

* Tyrannian Paint Brush (and Tyrannian Petpet Paint Brush)

Available for a wide range of Neopets and Petpets, the colour Tyrannian produces several distinct changes in both physical appearance and lifestyle requirements. Like Lost Desert pets, Tyrannian pets gain the ability to cope with temperature extremes. But their dietary needs become much more specific, because junk food commonly causes illnesses such as Bloaty Belly or the Grumbles. The paint brush changes personality as well, giving the pet a rugged demeanour, a preference for very simple forms of entertainment, and primitive language that relies on tone of voice, gestures and facial expressions rather than actual words.

* Usuki Paint Brush

Yes, this paint brush really does turn your Neopet into a giant Usuki doll. That means a tough plastic skin, thin strands of plastic for hair, a hollow body with no bones, and limbs that are joined together with hinges. (I know that sounds very wrong for a Neopet, but it is how Usuki dolls are made.) It is a mystery how Usuki pets get hungry, since they have no stomach, but it is thought that the food is somehow converted into plastic and keeps the skin and hair healthy. Usuki pets need a lot of fat in their diet, and peanuts are recommended since they are particularly good for strengthening the skin. Despite lacking brains, Usuki pets retain their intelligence and experience no change in personality upon being painted.

* Woodland Paint Brush

The colour Woodland essentially transforms a Neopet into a woody plant, with leaves and branches taking the place of furry tufts and manes. The skin becomes very dense and tough, which slows the pet down - but despite not being able to play Mynci Beach Volleyball, Woodland pets need a lot of sunlight in order to sustain their energy. Water is important, too, as are nutrients found in soil (so a slice of Dirt Pie is an excellent snack). Bone is also essential for Woodland pets, and can be bought as a meal from the Tyrannian and Spooky Food shops. Although Woodland Neopets shed their bark once a year, they have the ability to grow to enormous size if they are well-fed.

* Zombie Paint Brush (and Zombie Petpet Paint Brush)

Fortunately, Zombie pets don't attack other pets on sight and try to eat their brains, although Mutant Kacheeks should still be wary. Brains are a favourite meal of Zombie pets, and there are several types of "brain food" available at the Spooky Food Stall that can satisfy a Zombie's appetite - but other meats are also very important for a Zombie's health. Apart from the undead appearance, physical changes include a body temperature that roughly matches the surrounding environment, and a lack of muscle mass that slows the pet down. The pet also becomes much less emotional and harder to relate to. Petpet owners beware - Zombie Petpets have a tendency to bite!

To date, these are all the colours that affect a Neopet in more significant ways than just a change in appearance. There may be more in future, but for now, this is all the advice I can offer about the additional effects of paint brushes. Hopefully, this article will help you decide which is the perfect colour for your pet.

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