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Restocking, Part 1: the Basics

by toon_link_dancing


Restocking, in Neopets, is the sure fire way [for some!] to make neopoints. Some Neopians love it; it is a great way to make quick neopoint or two. On the other hand, a number of the populace blame restocking for inflation and making the Neopian economy head south. Me? I think it is a great thing! If you are patient enough to wait for the restocks and quick enough with the key board, then you will think it is great too!

Now let's start with the basic restocking terms, shall we? Here are some common terms in the restocking world.

RS = restocking

SW = shop wizard

SSW = super shop wizard

UB = unbuyable [not able to buy in SW]

k = 1,000 neopoints, ie = 1k

kk = 1 million neopoints

refresh = updating the page

RSer = restocker

TP = trading post

Now that we know the basic terms of restocking, let's get started!

1). Research

First you must do research! What shop should I restock at? What time is best to restock? How do I know what item to buy? Should I haggle? Let me answer those questions.

Q: What shop should I restock at?

A: There is no set in stone shop that you should restock all the time. If you are a beginner, I would recommend the pharmacy or book shop. These shops restock fairly often and have the possibility of making a slow but steady profit. Shops like the magic shop or post office bring items worth anywhere between 1 too 3,500,000 items! With that said, the shops move a lot faster and restock far less, so it is harder to net one of these gigantic catches.

Q: What time is best to restock?

A: The best time to restock is probably on week days from 11:00 NST to 7:00 NST. These are the times when the mass crowds are not online. On weekends, it is always busy so any time is hard.

Q: How do I know what items to buy?

A: There is no way I can list all the items in every shop that you can make a profit off of. Most items you find in shops are worthless to restockers, but in every shop there are items worth a lot. Here are two things that help. 1). watch a few restocks in a store [the one you want to restock!] and see what items sell fast. 2). Most items have random prices, but items that are worth more or are a higher rarity usually have set prices. So if an item is priced at 5k, then it is probably a rare item. Sometimes, though, it is junk, but don't worry; you will learn!

A: Should I haggle?

Q: NO! NO! NO! Haggling is the restocker's worst enemy. If you haggle with a rare item, chances are you will lose it. Always type an amount near the price and you will be all right, but haggling is not good. It can't be since the meepits put it there. *shifty eyes*

2). At the Shop

Now let's move on to the actual restocking. Here are some F.A.Q. I am at the shop, so now what? When do the shops restock? The shop restocked! Now what? What is the best way to get rare items? I missed a restock, what should I do now?

Q: I am at the shop, so now what?

A: Wait. Restocking is a game of chance, skill and patience. I usually listen to some music or talk to a family member. It can get boring waiting for the next restock so get ready to wait.

Q: When do the shops restock?

A: You never know; it is completely random. I have seen a restock and then another two minutes later and I have waited thirty minutes for another restock.

Q: The shop restocked! Now what?

A: Look for rare items! If there is a rare item, it will only be there for a few seconds so you do not have time to look around. You see a rare item; you go for it! I recommend having your number lock on and use the numbers on the far right of the key board; it is faster. I also suggest that you not type what the item amount is exactly. So if an item is priced at 4658 I would type 5000 and I usually get it. Beware that if you type too high an amount, that shopkeeper will say, "You don't want to pay that much," when, usually, you do.

Q: What is the best way to get rare items?

A: One word. Speed. You have to be fast refreshing the page. Then you have to be able to see the rare item quickly. After that you have to go through the haggling window. If you do all of this with speed, it will give you a better chance to get that item.

Q: I missed a restock, what should I do now?

A: You have to wait. There is no way to tell when the next restock will be, so just hang around. There are other fish in the sea.

3). Other Basic Stuff

Here are some other questions about restocking. Can I get Random Events while I restock? The shop says they are sold out, but I know items are there; what's that mean? What is the best way to sell my restocked items? Is restocking fun? How do I refresh the page?

Q: Can I get Random Events while I restock?

A: Yes. They are Random Events, though, so you might not get them. They are totally random.

Q: The shop says they are sold out, but I know items are in the shop; what's that mean?

A: That means you have been shop banned. This means you will not be able to restock at Neopian shops for usually a day but sometimes a few hours or a few days. The ban will be lifted sooner or later, so don't worry. This makes it so everyone has a chance to restock.

Q: What is the best way to sell my restocked items?

A: There is no way to that is perfect to sell your items. If you are looking for other items, I would recommend the Trading Post. If you are looking for pure, I would say the auctions. If the item is buyable, then I would say your shop. Remember to be patient; it will take some time to sell, but when you do, it will be pure profit!

Q: Is restocking fun?

A:For some like myself, yes, it is. For others [the ones who blame inflation on restocking!] no. They find it boring and tedious. If you are patient and want some neopoints, then you will find it fun.

Q: How do I refresh the page?

A: There are a few ways. You can click the shopkeeper and the page refreshes. You could press the F5 button on your keyboard. You can also hit the refresh button on the top of your browser [most internet browsers have it].

4). Summary

In summary, restocking is a great way to earn neopoints. Some find it great fun and exciting and others blame a bad economy on it. Restocking all in all is part of the game which some excel at and others not so much. I hope you have fun restocking and good luck!

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